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ABERYSTWYTH. TOWN COUNCIL.—TUESDAY. Councillor R J Jones (mayor) in the chair. T'ETTER FROM YORK HOUSE Sir ArtZ-W»l», the W T^I°GTL,E R',01 C aided "t theR^ D»S0» of wit had been added to the arms of His Royal Highness. APPLICATION. An application from Mr J B Lewis for the right referred to theI on fche south shore was reterred to the next meeting of the Council. ROCKET FIRING. In reference to the complaints as to rocket firing- ktterlaTreadV 'r' l™™* °f ll» a Tecmatv °;,°.aP?',n Uc'"«hr'> ">e loci y, stating that he would lav the letter before the next meeting of fche committee. POSTAL ARRANGEMENTS. thaf «?!r WaS read fr0m the postmaster stating branchTffiTe°'8trM,,beinS ,aad» '» °P>" • d ran on ofhce on the Marine Terrace—On fha C°MWnifiaCmrtf l0TSalm°n'the May°r. Councillor Davie, M P Clett' and Mr ^MghM upon the PoBfn f aPP°iDted a depatation to wait PS'a^R/nt Ge°Mal Wit" refa" » MISCELLANEOUS. Terrace in Mr Green's fr, w n°j86 made by a gas engine to the Public W L" N^' ^e^'er was referred readfng of": °Ut °f fche house in PorM»f /i tenant of a ware- thaTti°™r„ltr™h; Tp",inine of 41,0 state °f the paving and channelling of the town.-In reply r"*i food condition before the °! ? ;"U>IC'1 decided to vi.it Portland road'-thee onohision of the business.-Councillor —A letter was read from Mr W P Owen, solicitor, upon behalf of James Ellis who ha.d injured his eye whilst working on the new promenade.—The Town 6hat the matter was under the consideration of the committee. PROPOSED TRUNK TELEPHONE. Councillor J P Thomas presented the report of this Committee which stated Ithat Mr C S Denniss, secretary of the Cambrian Railways Company, had agreed to communicate with the local authorities of Machynlleth, Newtown, Welshpool, AberdoveyAand Montgomery, to inquire whether they were prepared to join in a deputation to the Postmaster General for the purpose of obtaining a reduction in the guarantee required by the Post Office authorities before a trunk line of communi- cation can be effec..ted. -Councillor R Doughton seconded acd it was carried. LIBRARY COMMITTEE. The report of the Library Committee stated that the Rev Geo Eyre Evans had been appointed chair- man. The committee refused to lend a part of the old Assembly Rooms to the Working Men's Com- mittee. The report was adopted. FINANCE. Alderman E. P- Wynne presented the report of a meeting of the Finance Committee held on Friday, December 20, when the following labour sheets and bills due frem the Corporation were examined and passed: Revenue Account: Labour Sheet. £ s. d. Town Department 85 19 11 Waterworks 2 14 0 Burial Board 2 12 0 Bills. Pwllheli Granite Company 37 2 1 Ellis and Williams 3 0 0 Hudson and Kearns 1 0 9 Thomas and Jones 11 16 5 John Smith and Co., loin cloths 1 10 0 Cambrian Railways Co., carriage of stone 53 14 5 Edgar Allen and Co., springs 9 12 9 Negretti and Zambra 0 10 5 Meteorological Council 0 15 1 Lloyd and Lloyd, tubes 15 1 5 J. T. Jenkins and Sons 0 7 6 Rees Jones, one month's salary 17 19 6 Richard Felix, do. 8 19 4 £ 252 16 7 Capital Account: Promenade Extension. Labour Sheet, Promenade extension 137 0 5 M. & M. Railway Co., carriage of stones 39 8 5 Workmen's houses, labour sheet 32 6 0 Thomas and Jones, bricks, So. 50 7 10 Thomas Jones and Co., cement 312 9 1 £824 9 1 ihe report was adopted. SEA TRIPS NEXT SEASON. The following letter to the Town Clerk was read at the meeting of the Harbour Committee. Dear Sir,-We are considering whether it would be practicable for this company to run a steamer next summer between Aberystwyth and New Quay, and in order that we may have the fullest possible in- formation to enable us to determine whether we could undertake the risk, will you kindly inform me what charges would be incurred for the use of the harbour at Aberystwyth for the purpose of landing passengers at high water, and aa a berthing ground in rough weather. I presume it would be advisable in calm weather to berth off the Promenade, and to load and unload by boat from the shore. If your Harbour Committee could give me the benefit of their ex- perience on any of these points, also the informa- tion required with regard to charges, I should be much obliged, yours faithfully, C S Denniss.-The Harbour Master having furnished Mr Denniss with the particulars asked with respect to berthing, &c., the committee recommended that the Railway Company be allowed the use of the harbour free of charge for the period of 12 months.-Agreed. PLEASURE BOATS. The revised by-laws dealing with pleasure boats have been passed by the committee appointed and they will at once be submitted to the Local Govern- ment Board for approval. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE, The report of the Public Works C mmittee was presented by Alderman Peter Jones, The medical = e c„mn,°tS't:„tr„ee'„ITthDa' ,t b*bi,a'i0"- proceedings be taken. The meLf} ( sanitary inspector r9ported that n U officer13and place was overcrowded ThJ „ °vf m Bryn mended fhnf -^he committee recom- Z' otX s \lTJS7titep'-h''token mittee recommended,™r ThV°m' medical officer that th» suggestion of fche Schoo, and"L'aTd'tchoTTfaTkel' f" Moaa' medical officer fco mulmw £ • aPPomt a children attending the school* v £ SpeC-10nS °f fche prevention of thJ^ .cxus with a view to the -A Tetter ai-ease.. Rural District Council'"askine Se r" A'f PStw-"h neighbourhood of p<f n Council to supply ~f-.Se. T!w cation upon term* n)rD Srantidg of fche appli- CounoilCa Lnnlv f^agre6d Up°n the each branch from tl! the Borough, viz., minimum charge of "S a meter Wibh a Surveyor furnifLd f P6r ^rfcer. The ing the ioad scarifier'"and* tPhartlculars. resPeofc- cided fco defer tho £ the committee de- A scheme for flushing tSmT" UQtil the 8pring-~ the borough survevof wat ? 8ev!er8 Prepared by Salmon thought scfmett,- of-—Councillor stop to the nuisance caf 4d° bv th e°T merchants.—Alderman • J* p potafco report of fche medi<^f S& m f&0e °f the —Councillor i cou!d nothing, were thankful for "mall 6 W^ T °f th°8? who think that fche table <" ,.tr,'erc^8' but he did n°t went far enough He f h arrangemenfcs port of the medical men'oft e t oninion thai- tu town who were of because a flushing^an coild tanka had hoDed thai- th ° co"!d not do the work. He baths would have6 be^n °f the PttbHc flush should be all the or S ,;ir"er so that the discharged. Shortly h wafcer was table so improved 866 the be made known when the fl, V J 8h°Uld place so that fu f flushing was to take So that if the Surveyor is not there you can go 1 and see that it is done.—Councillor Samuel: "Xe&. Councillor Peake Can't you trust the Surveyor? — Councillor Samuel replied that he had the highest regard for the Surveyor but they all knew how much work he had to do.—Alderman Palmer agreed with Councillor Samuel that the scheme was not good enough. They required a system wherebv a, larger quantity of water could rush through the sewers (hear, hear). Something similar to what they had in other towns, and they would find that little flushing of little use.—The Mayor reminded Alderman Palmer that be was present at the meet- ing of the Committee but did not object.—Alder- man Palmer: I was in the minority. — Coun- cillor Samuel: But that does not prevent us taking part in the discussion at the Council.- Councillor Salmon said that be was prepared to refer the matter back.—Councillor W Thomas waa of the same opinion if they ceuld have a flushing tank whv then let them have one.- Councillor Peake was of the same opinion but thought flushing vans better than tanks.—Alderman Palmer You go elsewhere and see them.-The discussion was continued by Councillor J P Thomas and Alderman Jones who said that they ought to give the system drawn up a fair trial before adopting any other. He quite agreed that they should defina a time for flushing and also for testing the main sewer.-The Surveyor explained that he could not fix the day or the hour because the work was regulated by the tides. -This report was then adopted and the Inspector will be asked to bring in a report every fortnight. NEIT SKASON'S AMUSEHENTS. Acting upon recommendation of the Grjneral Pur- poses Committee, whose report was presented by Councillor J P Thomas, the Council agreed to con- sider this question in committee of the whole Council. CENTRAL BOARD AND UNIVERSITY OFFICES. In the event of Aberystwyth being selected for the offices of the Welsh Central Board and the University Court, the Council resolved upon the motion of Alderman Peter Jones to provide them with sites. MEDICAL OFFICER'S SALARY. In moving that the Finance Committee consider the advisability of increasing the salary of the medical officer, the Mayor referred to the excellent wuxk. duuo by Dr Thomas, Sinoo ho bad bQQD appointed to the office his work had increased four- fold. It was a matter of the greatest importance to them, having regard to wkat had occurred the last few months, that they should have a well-paid medical officer. At present the salary was only £50, and cf this Dr Thomas only netted £ 32 2s 6d, which he was bound to say was a ridiculously small sum.—Councillor C M Williams seconded the pro- posal, which was carried. -Alderman Palmer sug- gested that they should write and ascertain what was paid in other towns. -Councillor Salmon Let us pay him according to his work and set an example to other towns. WORKMEN'S DWELLINGS. There were three resolutions on the agenda in the names of Councillors Salmon, Williams, and W Thomas.—Councillor Salmon moved that six new houses for working men should be erected along- side the other houses in Smifchfield road at the same cost as heretofore.- Councillor Williams seconded this instead of moving his owu.-Councillor Samuel moved that the work be donej by contract. The snrveyor could not proceed with the work of paving and channelling the town because all the masons were engaged on the workmen's houses.— Alderman Palmer said that before they finished with the subject they ought te consider whether they were building the right sort of house. What they wanted was a brick house costing from £ 100 to zE120, and it must be a house in which a working man could live who earned 18s to 20s per week (hear, hear). They had passed a resolution that day to turn out certain families in Bryn place, and where could they go P He went on to say that the villa. residences put up in Smithfield road and called workmen's cottages were more crowded in the summer than the houses in the older parts of the town, because the people -ffe took in visitors. He would like to see thirty houses erected and let for about 3s a week to work- ingmen on the understanding that they did not take victors.—Councillor C M Williams said that to'vtj''hX-e0"?.' 1° h,"« laid Rector, t0, now ^2°"™"™fd Boa5 tht were none too good for the workin,. ,„f j'S towns the'.WeTh ti,ne in otber ran from 3s to 7s 6d"per w^eL-Ooanc'Sor'Satoott of opinion that they ooald not bnM hc"J £ i iS "J'V0/ *100it tlw Corporation ch,S qnUe atrreed'thnt ih '•■"»-0«inoaior Pef £ w g k the bouses were no*e too eood t fchey wanted the rents brought within reach of M,ON AND HA BE,I"^ AZT TH.RS»W bnild a house for a rent of 38 a week.-After some CommIfc £ eCnSSI°n W&S referred *> THE COUNCIL MEETINGS. CounCIllor J T Davies proposed that the Counoil meet onoe a month. Alderman Peter Jones the0vote fched & foliowed- When put to voi;°to sihxe Pr°P0Slfci0n Wa8 d-feafced by seven The Council then went into committee.