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— NEWS IN BRIEF. who ?at ifc waa Sir Ernest Cassel £ 200,000 fo"yWritable d\V+™- °f th° This sum if- vtr..9 oi utilitarian purposes." oided L d^nT I remembered, the King has de- the onen air t- ° <° 6 P™™*011 °f a sanatorium for tae open-air treatment of tuberculosis. South .actions upon persons desiring to sail for Sou LtnT WTPuat iQtoforce on Saturday at miss orw °a]ythosf had received the per- pSL <hea?th°"ties being allowed to book passages. Twenty stowaways who were found on Thi n JT L°ndon were sent ashore, and C,is°h St matCh i,6tWPen the Australian Melbourne rr.fVen? ,WaS finished on Saturday at the F ™r\ The W10kefc was spoiled by rain, and Anni- r 18^irnen gave a feeble display The Australians won by 229 runs. fche VeiSn5t0 n telegram received in New York, h08tilifcies Th erTeDviS bad!y PreP^ed for engines are ^f^i3 8 5.a*e D° coa1, and fcheir money anri ,-f Government has no Varies _f,r six months recehed their and B" Saturday a tobacconist th° Act^of cTar?riI f 0P,P ,WaS Bummon'ed> Mder solicitor for the d J tradlng ™ Sunday. The ancienfc Act beintr Zf ° ridiculed tbe idea of the P«sed the marZL « rCfd' bufc the Ben«h im- <*four days' imprisonment With redaCed C08fcs' Ihft T7"*<.n M 0p T l attention of the King to the case of Mrs El lis', the bpp6 a shepherd lesidenfc in his parish, who had U&S naother of three children, and His be rem!f?a7? d^ections that the sum of £ 2 should feagW S Mr! Ellis- The Vicar, in acknDw- description of the"resnng dure in Parsm> nt ara8hlPa the husband had to en- the recent hM 18 Vocation as a shepherd during directions a? Snowsfc™, and His Majesty gave Ellis wkh thl a 8Um °f £ 2 should be sent to Mr be of assistance^him.1011 °f h°P6 that might Ruthin^on11 J?uarfcer Sessions were held at trial a nnmk^ /here were ten prisoners for customary. conslderabIy in excess of what is general^ ailnojlnced of Colonel Wilkinson, in Mortmn n "vJ United National Colleries 1 ateaTT ahl16 and Glamorganshire. He was The ^PPorter of the volunteer movement. ove.„„n ■, saPh guardians on Friday discussed the aeci^V p^ndition of the workhouse, and conniri 4-u a sPecial committee meeting to man 1uestl0u of enlargement. The chair- an said the accommodation in the sick wards was n°ttung less than scandalous. The Marquis Ito, ex-Premier of Japan, who will shortly bring his tour of Europe to i- close, was entertained at luncheon on Friday by the Lord Mayor of London. The Marquis spoke of the oordiat relations which have existed for many years between England and Japan, and expressed a hope that it would continue. th Jh^King has aPProved of the issue of medals to Jie officers and men-British, Indian, and Colonial ln uaval and military operations in China between the 10th of June, 1900, and the end' of ti rj^e,ar' dasPs will be added for the capture tio»<!e S' the defe°oe of the Pekin Lega- Mr w reKef of tlie Legations. gr Winston Churchill, M.P., has been gazetted (jm -1? Queen's Own (Oxfordshire) Hu ssars Churp>i;ii Ye°m.any for home defence). Mr the Sonf-Vi SAfV- In Africa as a lieutenant in w»6 South African Light Horse. who for *S aDnouuced of Prebendary Tucker, fied wifV. ^ears has been prominently identi- SpWef be Society for the Propagation of the lilic toc^a'y0f f/ew York, in his first message to blackmafllinl' tZT" hha suhi°ct of sav« v, ?' stamping out of which, he y he wants the co-operation of the people. the T i'tt 6 re8^ a collision off the Spanish coast ffenn i erPool-owned steamer Alfonso, from Carlha- canfc- ° ^yP01"^ has been wrecked, and the a prp m r-eP°.rfc8 himself as the only survivor out of Snnn^i,0 nineteen, mostly Liverpool men. The Spanish veseel was also sunk, but only one life was lOllt from her. Ma^ German Non-commissioned Officer, Sergeant jor issler, wh° Was arrested recently by the m J.ry authorities on suspicion of having sold a B ,1 I8ation plan to a French spy, has been enced to twelve years' penal servitude. tW T/ra-8 aun°nnced at the White House on Friday Miss Alice Roosevelt would christen the erman Emperor's new yacht, in compliance with s Majesty's invitation, which was received through Dr. von Holleben, the German Ambassador. d^ard Pearce, of Woodchurch, Kent, last week ired from the postal service. During the thirty seven years he held the office of rural postman he walked 228,840 miles, equal to nine timps round the world. His daily walk for over twenty years averaged seventeen miles, and he had never missed a day's delivery of letters for thirty-seven years. The late Andrew Simon Lamb, of Southampton, has bequeathed five thousand pounds to the Church Association, and by the will of Edward Roden ottingham, of Burghfield, a legacy of five hun- dred pounds has been left to the fame Society.