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MERIONETHSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. MEETING AT TOWYN. A meeting of the local members of the above society was held at the Corbett Arms Hotel, Towyn, on Friday last. The chair was taken by Mr Richard Jones, veterinary surgeon, Pall Mall, and there were present Messrs M Roberts, Cefntreforisaf (general secretary), Robt Roberts, Rhydygarnedd (local secretary), Henry Evans, Escuan, Robert Pugh, Cynfal, D E Hughes, Llanegryn, William Jones', Tynybryn, J Lloyd, Penybont Hotel, W Davies, Fronewydd, E Howard Daniel, Brynhyfryd, Jno Evans, Dolaugwyn, J Jones, Hendre, and Owen Jones, Bryngwyn. LOCAL COMMITTEE AND OFFICERS. All the members present were appointed, together with the followingMessrs II Pugh, Penybryn, Silvanus Evans, J Lloyd Hughes and F Thomas, N. & P. Bank, J D Latimer, Dr Lloyd, W Thomas, Tynewydd, W Parry, Crynllwyn, J Roberts, Per- feddnant, Meyrick Roberts, H Thomas, Rhosbefain, J Tudor, Glanmachlas, II Robinson, Bodtalog, D N Kirkby, Gwyddefynydd, E Gabriel, E Roberts, Dyffryngwyn, W R M Wynne, Peniarth, H Kirkby, Talgarreg, and Captain E W Kirkby.—Mr E M Roberts remarked that it would be better not to have too many on the committee, but to have a smaller and more effective one. It was very important that those who bad been appointed should appear regularly at the county meetings. The members heartily concurred, and it was decided to leave the matter of ensuring regular attendance in the hands of Mr Robert Roberts the local secretary.—Letters were read from Capt E W Kirkby, Mr D Gillart, regretting inability to attend, Capt Kirkby suggesting that the collectors in the Towyn district had not been very energetic of recent years and that more could be done in this direction. The next matter was the appointment of a chairman, and Mr Owen Tones Bryngwyn, was unanimously appointed, f.n«of.W-with Mr R Jones. Pall Mall,.as vice-chair- man. ivir Kooerc rcoberts was re-elected for the eleventh time as local secretary, and a warm tribute was paid him by Mr E M Roberts, and by a large number of other members in the room for his efforts on behalf of the show. The appointment of four delegates to represent the district at th.e general meeting in Dolgelley on December IlAb waS j then made, and the following were appointed :—Messrs E Howard Daniel, Brynhyfryd, J Evans, Dolaugwyn, R Pugh, Cynfal, and Henry Evans, Escuan. The matter of electing a president, who this year, must be drawn from the Towyn district, was left to the General Committee.—Mr B M Roberts, said that the show was in a flourishing condition, the receipts at the last show amounting to £ 271, which was .Ell more than had been received at the previous show in Towyn, and they had about £ 100, roughly speaking, in hand, after all the subscriptions would have been called in. He would like to propose a vote of condolence with Capt Kirkby, who had always been most energetic and faithful on behalf of the Society. This was unanimously agreed to.—Mr Lloyd drew attention to the fact that there were no collectors in the Corris district. It was stated that as very little was given there, that it was hardly worth while appointiug any.—Mr Lloyd remarked that he would go round himself.—On the paoposition of Mr E M Roberts, seconded by Mr J Evans, a hearty vote of thanks was passed to Mr Robt Roberts, Rhydy- garnedd, for his work on behalf of the Society, and also to the Chairman for presiding.-The latter having suitably responded, themeating terminated. ANNUAL MEETING. The annual general meeting was held at the Lion Hotel, Dolgelley, on Tuesday. There were present Messrs John Williams, Bala, presiding; Robert Roberts, Towyn; R Williams, Maesgadfa; E Griffiths, Brynadda; J Hughes, Felinnewydd, Dolgelley E Howard Daniel, Towyn; C E J Owen, Hengwrtucha; J Williams, Gwernhefin; J Evans, Dolaugwyn. Towyn; R Williams, Fronfair; J Edwards, Goetre; W R M Wynne, Peniarth; Thos Griffiths, Cefngwyn R Jones, Pall Mall, Towyn R Pugh, Cynfal, Towyn; Tom Parry, Dolgelley; Henry Evans, Towyn Jones Morris, Tycerrig; and Dr John Jones. THE BALANCE SHEET. The first matter was the reading of the balance sheet by the secretary, who stated that the total receipts amounted to £660, the subscriptions from the various districts being as follows Harlech, 140 17s 9d Bala, E69 4s 2d; Dolgelley, £ 49 10s 2d; Towyn, P,26 5s Od; admission to show field, il46 10s Od; admission to jumping field, £10;1 5s 6d. The payments came to X558 4s 8d, leaving a sub- stantial balance of X102 2s 101, which was considered highly satisfactory.— Messrs Griffiths, Brynadda, and Morris, Glaullyn, were re-appointed auditors, and the Chairman re- marked that the best thanks were due to them for time and trouble taken (hear, hear). He was glad of the opportunity to propose a hearty vote of thanks to last year's president, Col Burton, which was unanimously agreed to. A similar vote to the vice-president, Mr J Owen, Talsarnau, was pro- posed by Mr J Evans, Dolaugwyn, and carried unanimously. DATE OF THE NEXT SHOW. The Chairman then said that as there was no more general business they would proceed as a Committee of Management. The first matter was the fixing of the date for the next show which was generally held on September 11th. Mr Howard Daniel said it was important that the show should not clash with that of Welshpool, which would be held either on the llth or IGth, and the Aberys- twyth show was held somewhere about that time. The Chairman said it was out of the question to have it on Saturday. After some discussion Mr C E J Owen proposed that it be either held on the 11th or 12th after the Secretary had received information of the exact date of the Welshpool show. —This was seconded by Dr John Jones and carried. APPOINTMENT OF OFFICERS. The appointment of president was left to the discretion of the Towyn local oommittee.—The appointment of vice-president was then considered, and the name of Mr William Gwerclas, Corwen, was proposed and carried. The Cheirman said that owing to the Corwen district having a show of their own they had kept rather distant from the county show and it was hoped that the appointment would help them in this direction.—Mr W R M Wynne observed that Mr Williams was very highly esteemed in the neighbourhood and he had been unanimously appointed by the local committee at Corwen. He urged his appointment, and if le could be induced to accept it would certainly be most satisfactory. The fact that there was a local show at Corwen should not be the means of loss of support to the county show (hear, hear). The Clerk said he had received a communication from Mr J P Jones-Parry, the late treasurer, stating that having retired from business he did not wish to be re-appointed—Mr W R M Wynne proposed that the resignation be accepted with regret and that a vote of thanks be accorded Mr Parry for his valu- able services and that Mr Richards, his successor at the Bank, be appointed. Dr John Jones seconded.—The appointment of general secretary was then considered.-The Chairman said there was no need to flatter Mr E M Roberts, his work for the society was too well known for that, and he had no doubt that Mr Roberts would continue in the office.- Mr W R M Wynne seconded, and observed that Mr Roberts had done sterling work for the sccietv, and his services were very much appreciated.-Mr Roberts suitably responded and said he was always ready to do all he could for the good of the show.



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