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ABERDOVEX. [ THE NEW HOTEL DRAINAGE. — fiaety Thursday,, Mr Pickering of Nuneaton, the expert appointed by the Council, came down to inspect the septic tank system of drainage, proposed to be constructed by- Mr Edward Morgan. CHRISTMAS DAT.- Wednesday was spent vow quietly here, the majority of people attending the preaching meetings held by the Wesleyansfwhc had secured the services of the Revs Jarret Roberta; Aberffraw, and E Humphreys, Wrexham, who preached to large congregations. The weather was. wretched and gave everything a miserable appear-. ance. Some interest was attached to the attend- auce of the local Volunteers at the Church morniner service,^ an account of which will be found elsewhem in this issue. SHIPPING.-The Dovey Belle of Aberdovey and the Sarah Davies seeking. The Dora was expected Liverpool °" Tuesday with a general cargo from: ENTBRTAiNMENT.-On Friday evening an enter- tainment was held at the English Chapel when, some good carols were sung, after which lantern views illustrating foreign lands were shown. The lantern was manipulated by Mr R Griffith, the Rev J D Jones acting as lecturer. collection for the million guinea scheme of the' Wesleyan denomination was made last week in all the chapels in Great Britain, and here the record sum of zC12 6s was secured, mainly through the efforts of the ladies of the church in whose banda the collection has been from the start. This brings the total subscribed from Aberdovey up to £130. DEBATING SOCIETY.—At the meeting of this: Society held on Thursday at the Institute, a mock: election took place. The candidates were Mr Robert Griffiths (Liberal), Rev W D Evans (Con- servative), and Mr John Lumley (Labour). There' was a very large attendance. The different candi- dates were freely questioned as to what they were- prepated to do, and some of the replies created, much laughter. After a lengthy discussion the matter was put to the vote which resulted in the. Liberal candidate winning by one vote only. The- exact figures were-Liberal 17 votes, Conservative 16, and LabourS. This (Thursday) evening under- the auspices of the society a social evening will be held. A large number of invitations have been sent out, and it is expected that about 150 will be present. CHURCH PARADE.— The Aberdovey detachment of the 5th Y.B., S.W.B. on Christmas Day attended St Peter's Church. There were present on parade -Acting Chaplain the Rev W M Roberts, M.A., Lieut J M Howell, J.P., officer commanding, and 20 rank and file, a very good number for a small detachment. The Rev John Rowlands, M.A., preached an eloquent sermon from Luke ii, 15,, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem and see this thing which is come to pass." The choir, under [ the leadership of Mr Edward Williams, rendered 1 various anthems and carols, the singing being greatly appreciated by the congregation. After th e service was over the Volunteers marched back to the Armoury in Copper Hill street, where they were dismissed.




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