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ABERYSTWYTH. BOARD OF GUA.RDIANS.—MONSAY. RESIGNATION OF AN OFFICIAL. Mr D Morgan, assistant relieving officer, wrote resigning his post as assistant relieving officer, and it was accepted by the Board. CHRISTMAS IN THE HOUSE. Mr B E Morgan presented the report of the com- mittee. The inmates enjoyed their 'Xmas dinner very much, the addition of a goose being a welcome change.—The gardener was leaving and the master was empowered to appoint another.—Gifts for the inmates had been received from by Mrs McFie, Mrs B E Morgan, Mrs Evan Evans, Mrs Morgan (Caergog terrace), Misses Ward, Mrs T Owen (Llanbadarn road), Mrs Mallory, Mrs Jack Owen, Mrs Mansell Lewis, Messrs R Fear, L Bearne, R Peake, J Roberts (Terrace road), and E H Shat. The usual votes of thanks were passed. OUT-RELIEF. During the past two weeks the following amounts were paid in ont-relief Per Mr T Vaughan, £62 17s, to 188 recipients per Mr J J Hagbes, X49 14s to 148 recipients; per Mr T Morgan, E59 10s 6d, to 165 recipients. MASTER'S REPORT. The Master reported that there were 31 in the House as compared with 25 during the same period of 1900. During the past two weeks 43 tramps had been relieved as compared with 50 in the same period of 1901. THE PROPOSED ALTERATIONS. Mr Edwin Morris brought in the report of the committee appointed to consider the suggestion that the present house and land should be disposed of and a new one built. They had called in Mr D Lloyd to consult with them and another gentleman had advised them that a new house would cost £8,000 to £ 10,000. The committee recommended that the rooms be re-arranged and that plans be prepared.-Mr Salmon: I don't believe it will cost 410,000 to build a new hou.e. We don't want a mansion and a model workhoase can be built to satisfy theLocal Government Board for about .62 000 How did the committee arrive at the valuatio. p- Mr Morris: We found that the field next to the Vicarage could be purchased for £2,000 to £ 2 500 -Mr Salmon It is ridiculous. That field is not to be compared with this site. I move that the matter be deferred and a return prepared showing bow much money has been expended in alteration dur. ing the last ten years.—Mr B E Morgan The Committee found that Minffordd Union had lately built a new house at a cost of £8,000 and the man who built it failed.—Mr J B Morgan: Are VI e bound to carry out these alterations? These Inspectors of the Local Government Board receive b'g salaries and they have to do something to show they earn their money. If we are determined I don't believe the Local Government Board will press the matter.—Mr B E Morgan said that the alterations demanded were equal to the building of a new house.—Mr D M Williams thought that the matter should be further considered by the committee.—In answer to a query Mr B E Morgan said that the alterations would cost £ 700. Mr J B Morgan I shall fight tooth and nail against spend- ing any money on the house.—The report of the committee was adopted but Mr Salmon said that this did not settle the matter.

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