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VOLUNTEER NOTES. [By Rxst-EMAN/J The meeting at the Corbett Arms on Friday last was a great success, but I was sorry to see such a poor attendance of townspeople. Some of the speakers made allusion to this fact, as being significant of that interest taken in the volunteers, by the town. I fail to agree with this myself, and consider that although much support is not given, there is not much opposition. This may appear a strange view to take, but, it is needless to reiterate the petty annoyances which members of the VolunteerS have to put up with in some places, mainly due, as has been before noticed, to old-fashioned -notions and crass ignorance. The class, who to my mind, were conspicuous by their absence, was that of young men, who are practically afraid to join the Volunteers, but are very willing to come and spend a pleasant evening with them, provided their own pockets are not touched in any way; which is probably the reason, why the smoking concerts in previous years, were so well attended. It must not be forgotten, however, that the prizes given at the annual shoot, ware provided by the trades- men and well-wishers of the corps, so that a good deal of support is given by a large number, whose assistance I can assure them,is very highly esteemed, and of course these remarks do not apply to them. I do not see that many more recruits can be expected in this company which is, as the instructor stated, the strongest in the battalion, and with the new regulations there will probably be no little difficulty in maintaining the corps at the present strength. The Government have evidently come to the conclusion that volunteers will have to under- go stricter discipline, which, after all is the first necessity for a soldier, and which in my opinion has been the direct cause ef the failure of the Boer army to gain any really good victories. It is gen- erally expected that there will be a reduction in the strength of the force, but that a more highly trained body will be turned out. Well, now, let me go back to the concert. The tug-of-war cup has, it was announced, been finally secured by the "F" Company, and it was decided to hold a parade on the next day, to take it up to Captain Kirkby, the C.O., and present it to him, but information was received that he was unable to see them, as he had a relapse. He was said to be leaving for the Cape on Monday, where it is expected be will pull up more rapidly, and I trust that next time he will return as sound as when be first went out. The sectional cup and prize for this year fell to Cpl Daniel with No 1 Right Sub-section, but there was not much in it this time, the results being very close indeed. The best all-round shot proved to be Col-Sergt Edwards, and he benefited a good deal thereby. The remarks made by Inspector Lichfield regarding the number attending the club shoots are too true, but of course the chief reason lies in the expense under which members are laid. The best way to obviate this difficulty is, I think, to do away with the silver spoon and have a smaller priza, or no prize at all, for rifle shooting is suffici. ently interesting in itself, without the need for a prize. RIFLEMAN was mentioned at the meeting, more especially by the bandsmen, but unfortunately they got hold of the wrong end of the stick, as he was net present. I should like to agree with the hearty vote of thanks due to them for their regular appearance at the parrades. There is no question, as was stated by the band master, that they were an example to the remainder of the company. A good deal of plain speaking was indulged in, which was necessary, and I trust that the effects of this highly satisfactory meeting will be well digested and result in lasting benefit. --+