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THE WELSH CUP. THIRD ROUND. R.W.W. v CHIRK. Newtown seemed to be full of football enthusiasts on Saturday when the replayed tie between the R.W.W. and Chiik in the third round for the Welsh Cup was played off on the R.W.W. Recreation Society's ground, Pool road. Before the match betting ran at three to two on Newtown. Though the weather was not the most adapted for lovers of football the ropes were very thickly lined by a large number of spectators. Mr R T Gough, of Oswestry, was the referee, and his fairness and knowledge of the game won for him the admiration of all present. Punctually at 2.30 Mr Gough sounded his whistle and ithe teams lined up in the following order:— R.W.W. Goal, A Edwards; backs, E Rees and J Harper; halves, M Pilot, E Davies, and W Rathbourne for- wards, W Parry W Tudor, R Morris, W Nock, and J Miller. CHIRK: Goal, J Morris; backs, Morris nd J Mates; halves, G Williams, G Jones, and J Millership; forwards, E Roberts, W Jonei, W K. gus, E James, and T Harris. Linesmen, Messrs T Evansand E Davies. Newtown won the toss and ran straight away to- wards the visitors' goal, but Mates cleared. Chirk came up the field a little way but were driven back by E Rees, who put the ball nearly into goal, and the R.W.W. forced a corner which proved fruitless. Play began to be fast now, and a free-kick was given Newtown near the visitors' goal, but the home left shot wide. R.W.W. again kept Chirk on the defen- N'VO, and W Parry had hard lines in not scoring, at after a bit of nice play Tudor scored for the lomesters with a beauty. From the centre. Nock aid Miller were conspicuous for some play, but finally the ball was sent wide. From the goal-kick Chirk made a breakaway bat Harper proved a stubborn obstacle and cleared, giving to W Parry who sent over to the right and Nock securing gave to Miller who scored the second for the R.W.W. amid loud cheering from their supporters. Chirk again brought the ball to mid-field but did net seem to get along, for Dicky Morris was not long before he secured and a lovely run was made by him for over half the field and he sent in a hot shot which the Chirk' custodian saved magnificently. Harris, for Chirk, next made a breakaway down the right, but Rees again proved sound. E Roberts and W Jones were next prominent, the latter send- ing in a stinger which A Edwards cleared. A foul was given against R.W.W. and Miller soon found Chirk quarters again but shot over the bar. W Parry was next responsible for a nice performance just tipping the crossbar, and soon afterwards missing the upright by inches only. The homesters again forced a corner, the Chirk custodian having to give another to clear but the ball went behind. Mid-fteld play ensued for a while when Dicky Morris got hold and raced away giving to Tudt r, who had the goal at his mercy but shot wide, thus failing to score what seemed to be a certain goal. Chirk men now had a try and put the R.W.W. men on the defensive side for a little while, and a foul was given against M Pilot, but Harper clearing, gave to W Parry who raced away in fine style, but when near in, slipped, and the ball went outside the posts. Dicky Morris next had the ball, giving to Nock, who was ruled offside. The ball now seemed to be kept right in the visitors' goal, and the Chirk goalkeeper had two or three rather hot shots, which he dealt with marvellously. James and Harris made a very fine run up the right, but the first-named player was fouled. From the free-kick, the R.W.W. goal looked very danger- ous, the visitors giving them a very warm time, but Rathbourne, with a clean shot sent down field to Parry who looked like scoring, when he was fouled. Chirk again secured from the free-kick, and ran to the home quarters, putting the homesters again on the defensive. Rathbourne again cleared nicely, but the Chirk men seemed to press, and were successful in forcing a corner, which was played very nicely by Harris, and after exciting play, Negus sent in a nasty shot thus scoring for Chirk a splendid goal. Chirk now seemed to be encouraged and ag nn raced away, but Rees cleared splendidly. Even 1, ay was witnessed from now until half- time, Rathbourne playing a splendid game for the R.W.W., but no further scoring bad taken place when the whistle sounded for half time, the score standing—R.W.W., two goals Chirk, one goal. The re-start opened more tamely, and neither team for a while seemed to go much over the half- way line. Newtown at length got away nicely, and simply penned the Chirk men in, giving them a warm five minutes, but Mates cleared, and Rath- bourne returned to Dicky Morris who shot wide. Roberts and Jones were conspicuous for a very fine run up the left, but failed to pass Rathbourne, who was playing a splendid game. Parry again securing made tracks for the visitors' goal, and gave to Tudor who, after a fine bit of play between himself and Dicky Morris, sent in a splendid shot only just missing the upright. A free kick was next given to Chirk, but T Davies and Rathbourne kept the ball well out of the goal's mouth, and Rathbourne gave to Miller who, along with Nock, was a prominent feature on the field now and who raced awny finely. Unfortunately Miller stumbled and the ball ran behind the posts again. Chirk next made a dash for the homesters' goal, but the R.W.W. backs proved to be sound and firm. Tudor next got the ball and went down the field nicely, and gave to Dicky Morris, the latter player sending oyer the bar. Harris and James now looked dangerous, but Rees returned. The Chirk custod- ian was next seen to excellent advantage, saving a shot from W Parry in very fine style. Chirk were again put on the defensive, and had it not been for the splendid play of Mates and Morris, the goal would have fallen to the mercy of the R.W.W. men. Nock next got the ball and after a bit of very tricky play gave to Miller, who sent in a shot which Mates returned. Miller again secured, and after neat play sent in a stinger which beat Morris, thus securing the third goal for the R.W.W. amid cheers. The Warehouse kept up the pressure and Miller was again offered a splendid opening but was ruled offside. The free-kick relieved the Chirk men who ran away towards the homesters' goal, but Rathbourne again drove them back. Things looked rather awkward round the Chirk goal and Miller had splendid opportunities but was ruled offside three times in succession. Soon afterwards a free- kick was awarded the R.W.W. but Mates cleared ^louaiujy, sending over to tne outside lett wno, after a good run centred capitally in front of goal. Unfortunately, the Chirk men were very much I y behind and there was no one to meet it. Dicky Morris again found the leather and went down in fine style, sending in a warm shot which the Chirk goalkeeper again saved splendidly, his form raising the cheers of the many spectators. Nock next got hold and pretty play was witnessed between him and Dicky Morris, both of whom at this point worked well together, but were stopped by the visitors' left half, and Negus securing ran off smartly, but was fouled near goal. An exciting minute or two was the "outcome of the free-kick, but the leather finally went over. Mates being hurt in this encoubter, left the field for a short time. Dicky Morris was next responsible for an excellent run over half the field, forcing a corner which proved fruitless. W Parry again secured, and a fine bit of combination was gone through by the R.W.W. forwards, Dicky Morris giving to Tudor who sent in a hot shot which beat his opponent hollow. From the centre kick the homesters again soon got possession of the ball, and made a determined attack, Miller finally letting the ball spin finely in the net, thus scoring No S. The ball was again brought to mid-field, and scarcely a minute had elapsed before the Chirk goal was visited again, and Nock, turning round in a marvellous fashion scored the sixth goal for the R.W.W. After this the game became of a very nasty character, but no further scoring lesulted from the play of either team. When the whistle sounded the score stood R.W.W., 6 goals,; Chirk, 1 goal. The R.W.W. have to meet Wrexham on Saturday (llth), at Newtown, to decide which is to enter for the semi-final.