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THE WELSH CUP. DRUIDS v. OSWESTRY UNITED. FINAL TIE: VICTORY OF OSWESTRY. There was a record attendance on Wrexham Racecourse on Monday afternoon to witness the final match in the Welsh and Border Counties Cup Competition, there being about 7,000 present, who had been beguiled by the promise of a capital game and the bright sunshine and fair weather to tread their way to the Racecourse. Specials were run on the Cambrian and Great Western Railways and about 1,000 were booked from Oswestry, and much more than that number from Chirk, Ruabon, Ac. As the trains discharged their loads of enthusiastic beings (who were glad of fresh air after making a journey packed like sardines) the approaches to the ground entrances became blocked and the entry of the people was slow. It would have been a great improvement had another entrance been made. A broken gate bound with barfeed wire at one of the entrances caused much annoyance and in the crush the appearance of the clothing of many were not improved by coming into involuntary and unwilling oontact with it. But it was a case of nolens volens; those who were unfortunate to get near the gate had to take their chance. Once inside the walls it was noticeable that the ground was in capital condition, despite the recent unfavourable weather. The stands were packed, and around the ropes people stood four or five deep, and patiently awaited until the teams made their appearance, and then rousing cheers rolled from one end of the ground to the other when the Oswestry United with red and blue quarter shirts stepped on the field just before three o'clock. There was no sign of the Druids at the call of the whistle and the word was passed round that they must be waiting a player who probably had missed his train. Ten minutes after three, the Druids in white shits stepped in the arena, and were loudly cheered. i Oswestry United have played a capital game throughout the season. They hold a good position in the Combination table, and besides being in this final tie, are in the final for the Shropshire Senior Cup (against Wellington) and in the semi-final for the Denbighshire and Flintshire Charity Cup (against Broughton). The Druids have sought experience in fresh fields and pastures new by this season for the first time, joining the Birming- ham and District League, in which they have created some surprises. Oswestry and the Druids had never before met this season and the relative merits of the teams could not be judged. Betting was in favour of the Druids, the representatives of Wales, and only a few favoured the chances of the border counties representatives. Captaine Thomas and Parry tossed for choice of ends, and the Salopian captain and Welsh Inter- national named the coin. Being successful in the toss be placed the Druids to face the sun and a strong wind, and the teams, with Mr Roberts, of Crewe, as referee, lined up as follows: OSWESTRY FITTED. Goal, Tracey Morgan; I.^ KS, J Edwards and H Jones; half-backs, G Richards, Jarman, and Butter- ton; forwards, Hodnett, Watkins, Storey, T Parry, and Goodrich. DRUIDS. Goal, Rooses backs; C Thomas end A Hughes; half-backs, T Davies, Price, and J Hughes; for- wards, Kelly, Butler, Ll.yd Davies, W Davies, and E Williams. „ m The game started in favour of Oswestry, Watkin netting the ball in the first minute, but he was declared off-side. The Salopians kept up the pres- sure. Following a long kick by Edwards, Good- rich and Parry raced away and the former forced a corner off Roose, which resulted in another corner and from this a hot shot was sent in from the Oswestry right and the ball went over the goal-line before Roose cleared. This success was greeted with frantic cheering by the Oswestry supporters. From the centre kick the Druids raced through by nice combination and a miskick bv Edwards looked dangerous, but Jarman came to the rescue and the United went to the other end when Thomas cleared and the Druids forced a corner which was got away and Hodnet and Watkin spirited in fine form to the other end. It was only foul play that checked their movements, and the free-kick was no compensation. Roose was now troubled by Goodrich, Parry and Storey, but he cleared with his usual style. Kelly made a grand run for the Druids and crossed over but E Williams ran the ball over the line as he received too much attention from G Richards. A freekioktothe Druids was cleared by Richards, and Thomas in clearing "skied" the ball and the wind carried it over goal, a ccrftfer resulting from which Parry hooked the ball fe the bar. After a temporary visit by the Druids Watkin made a fine effort which was frustrate,by Roose. Then the Druids went away toaethef^W got around the Salopian's goal. Jarman removed danger, but J Hughes secured and return^, with a wide shot. Hodnett and Watkins made a Capital pair and repeatedly beat the defence. but were matched by Roose. Good- rich put in a' grand centre which Storey headed under the bar, Roose bringing off a fine save amid applause. The .United put on the pressure, but the defence was equal to the occasion. The Druids then had a go and L Davies had an open goal but failed Tracey and Butterton brought the ball away the United again being prominent in the attack. A feature was that there was no fluster or unneces- sary hurry on the part of the United and they looked like playing a confident game. Jones, who kept well down^sent in a hard shot, and Hodnett made strenuous efforts to reach it before the ball rolled over the g&al line, but he was knocked off. A minute later the United forwards were again in evidence, following grand work by Richards. Hodnett planted a capital shot across goal month wkich Goodrich met, but Hughes relieved. The ball,however was returned by Butterton and Roose J niftar a stiff shot from Watkin. Thomas subsequently gave a corner when hard pressed, and Jarman landed the ball over the crossbar. A free kick to the Druids changed the venue, and Kelly «mfc nerilously near goal, but was beaten by Butter- ton who ran him the whole way. Half-time arrived with the score 1 to 0 in favour of Oswestry United. After the adjournment the Druids, having the ad- vantage trf t&e wind pressed but Jarman relieved. Hodnett and Watkingefctiug away, Hughes, how- ever finely STOPPED* Hodnett and cieared,' and near the Oswestry goal the Dnuds secured a free.kickfi but this caused no concern. Richards worked like a Briton and gave his opponents no chance. Several good attempts by Parry were spoiled by Goodrich lying offside. Then the Druids had an advantage and pressed, Tracey saving finely from E Williams. Lloyd Davies obtained possession and Oswestrians breathed freely when they saw the ball sailing over the bar. A free-kick to Oswestry took play the other way, and from Hodnett s pass Storey headed in and Davies just cleared, Williams getting away on the left in fine style, but his shot was too hard, and the ball went out. Soon after, Tracey made a grand save. The United backs were kept busy, hut they stuck to their work we 1. Watkins got away on his own, and probably would have got clean through but for foul play. The free-kick gave Oswestry no advantage Thomas clearing, and Williams getting away. Lloyd Davies, however, shot wide. A corner was conceded, but the Druids could gain no advantage from it, H Jones playing a grand game. Richards and Hod- nett made a supreme effort to capture the Druid s goal, and as they dodged through the defence there was much excitement, Richards put in a grand centre, and Thomas gave a corner just before Parry could settle on the ball. Thomas almost put the ball through his own goal. From the corner kick no advantage accrued, Hughes clearing, Lloyd Davies and Williams got away, but the latter was beaten on the goal line by Edwards. The Welshmen persisted in the attack and secured a corner which Butterton cleared, Goodrich getting away nicely, but Hughes met him, and m t e struggle the ball went out. Watkins and Hodnett could not be held in another run, and they got well near Roose, then Watkin was foully brought down amid the hoots of the supporters. Following the free-kick play was even, but the Druids got away and pressed, Tracey cleared and was well covered by the defence. Parry then got away and gave to Storey who was brought down. Five minutes off time, a dangerous scrimmage took place in front of Oswestry goal, but danger was averted, and Oswes. try beseiged the Welshmens' goal, but no scoung took place and the whistle sounded leaving Oswestry the victors of a hard fight, amid ringing cheers. Through the window of the dressing room, Mr Parry, Bangor, presented the Cup to Captain Parry amid ringing cheers. Captain Parry suitably replied, and was loudly cheered. The news of the victory was received in Oswestry with the greatest satisfaction, and the appearance of the team and cup on a 'bus was greeted with hearty cheering. The cup is a handsome one and stands on a pedestal, around which are the names of the teams who have won it, Aberystwyth was the team that last won it, and now Oswestry's name will appear. It is sixteen years since the Cup was won by an Oswestry team before.