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MERIONETH COUNTY GOVERNING BODY. The quarterly meeting was held at the Police Station, Barmouth, on Thursday, Dr Edward Jones, Dolgelley (chairman) presiding" The other mem- bers present were-Mrs Burton, Bala; Hon C H Wynn, Rhug; Dr Roger Hughes, Bala; Mr H Haydn Jones, Towyn Mr John Davies, Dyffryn; Mr E P Jones, Festiniog; and Mr J Lloyd Owen' Corwen with Mr R Jones Griffith, clerk Mr T Lloyd, assistant clerk; and Mr E D Jones, M.A headmaster of the Barmouth County School. LLANEGRYN SCHOOL BUILDINGS. It was stated that these school buildings were under the control of the County Governing Body and that the school had only been insured to the amount of £ 100. Mr Haydn Jones said the property was worth at least z6600, and £100 was much too little.-The Hon C H Wynn concurred, and it was decided that the school buildings should be insured to the amount of £ 500. THE SURPLUS MONEY. A communication was read from the Charity Commissioners relating to the surplus money. They said that the County Governing Body were not entitled to draw upon the sum of X63 surplus money which should be kept on account.—The Chairman said that sum was spent in connection with the school buildings, and surely it should be paid as had been done to the building fund.—The Clerk said he also participated in the same view.-The Chairman It is the reasonable view.-The Chair- man said an application had been received from the Barmouth School managers for the sum they had now in hand, and he believed now was the time to consider that application. As to their right to dis- pose of this money the section said that any money standing to their credit and not required for build- ing purposes should be transferred to the general account and treated aa capital. The money might be required as all the school buildings in the county were not completed.-The letter of Mr W J Morris, on behalf of the Barmouth Governors, stated that it had been unanimously passed that an appeal be made to the County Governing Body for the balance of the county building fund now in hand as a grant to the building fund of the school. He pointed out that the grant given them under the scheme was considerably less than that of other school districts in the county. They had been obliged to tax their local resources to the utmost in order to build a school large enough to [meet the demands of the district. They were providing accommodation for 120 scholars. A sum of £ 1,025 had already been collected, andX600 was realised by means of a bazaar. The school contract amounted to £2,070 without extras and the site cost £ 550. He therefore trusted that the application would be favourably enter- tained.—The Chairman said he could at once dis- abuse the managers as to the money as it was impossible for them, to give the money as a grant. They could not grant any more money but at the same time as they happened to have something in hand they could put it at the disposal of the Bar- mouth managers for a nominal interest, say 10s. In reply to the Hon C H Wynn, it was stated i-hat the sum in hand was S124 12s 6d.—Mr Haydn Jones proposed that the Charity Commissioners be written to stating that the sum of X63 128 6d was part of money expended on the school buildings and that in regard to the balance of X120 odd that it be given as a loan to the Barmouth managers upon payment of a nominal interest in order to assist them.—The Hon C H Wynn seconded the proposition, which was carried. PUPIL TEACHERS IN THE COUNTY. A notice of motion stood in the name of the Chairman to consider some method that would secure the instruction of pupil teachers at the different Intermediate Schools of the county and to secure the co-operation of School Boards for this purpose. The Chairman said that since he had given notice of his motion be had received a pamphlet from the Principal of Aberystwyth University College, in which some suggestions were made, and as they were all aware, this was a question which very much agitated the country at the present time. It was found, he believed, that the present method was quite unsatisfactory and that some other system would have to be adopted. There was one thing to be said, and it was cer- tainly a complimentary statement to make, that one School Board-he referred to that of Blaenaa Festiniog-had for years been carrying out a system upon which Principal Roberts based his suggestions. As it was rather a complicated ques- tion he suggested that a small committee be ap- pointed to go into the matter.-This was adopted and the following were elected on the committee: Dr Edward Jones, Mr Haydn Jones, Mr Lloyd Owen, Mr E P Jones, and the Hon C H Wvnn. In reply to the Hon C H Wynn, the Chairman said that no provision was now made in the county for the instruction of pupil teachers in the county schools except at Festiniog. EXAMINATION FEES HEAVY CHARGES BY THE CENTRAL WELSH BOARD. The Central Welsh Board wrote claiming £3319s in respect of the inspection and examination of Dr Williams's Endowed School, Dolgelley. From cor- respondence read it appears that'uhe Central Welsh Board wrote to the Charity Commissioners, and in reply they were informed that Dr Williams's school was not a county school within the meaning of the Act. They therefore made a separate charge for inspecting and examining the school, the sum charged, as already stated, feeing £ 3319s as against about P,15 for examining the county school.—The Chairman said there was no doubt as to their liability to pay for inspecting and examining the school, but the question was whether they would have to pay the z633 193, or a percentage on the endowment of the school.—Mr E P Jones asked if they were bound to accept examiners from the Central Welsh Board, and the Chairman replied that they ought to according to the scheme. He should be sorry to do away with the Board.—Mr E P Jones said that before the Central Board took it up the charge for examining the school only amounted to £10 or so.—Mr Haydn Jones said the charge was enormous; it was simpiy preposterous. He suggested that the Central Welsh Board be asked to reduce it.—The Chairman remarked that a communication to the Charity Commissioners would be more elective.—The Hon C H Wynn and Mrs Burton pointed out that this was one dis- advantage which followed the school not being acknowledged as a county school within the mean- ing of the scheme.—Mr Haydn Jones then pro- posed that they should write pointing out that the school had been examined at the same time as the other schools and that they failed to see why the extra charge was made, and that they intended to apply to the Charity Commissioners to have the school inspected by another body next year.—Mr Jones pointed out that the Central Board was a body supposed to further and encourage education but the schools were simply robbed of their money by charges of this kind.-The Chairman said that if they could prevail upon the Board to accept the rate of 5 per cent on the endowment it would be better than any other terms tfiey could get.-Mr Haydn Jones said he was afraid they would have to pay ultimately but thought no harm would be done in applying that it should be reduced. It should be represented also to the Central Board that unless the application was granted the Body would make a representation to the Charity Com- missioners to be allowed to make other arrange- ments for examining the school.—It was agreed to make an effort to have the amount. reduced, failing which the clerk was directed to point out that the charges were exhorbitant and to endeavour to obtain a reduction. AGRICULTURAL SCHOLARSHIPS. There having been only four applie itions for the five agricultural scholarships offered by the County Governing Body they were awarded to the follow- 1-1 ing:—Thomas Davies, Llanuwchllyn Cynwal H Hughes, Bettws-y-Coed; Lewis E Davies, Llan- dderfel and Ellis W Jones, Berthlafar, Bala. A J0KE. The Clerk said he had received a letter from Mr T Mortimer Green, Aberystwyth, giving notice that at the next meeting he would move that a certain sum be devoted to the provision of instruction in dyeing, at the University of Wales.-Dr Roger Hughes: In dying! (laughter).—The Clerk Dye- ing.-Dr Roger Hughes (who appeared greatly re- lieved) Oh (renewed laughtei). AUDITOR. Mr John Lloyd, solicitor, Towyn, was re-appoint- ed auditor on the proposition of the Chairman, seconded by Mr Haydn Jones.