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THE VOLUNTEER MOVEMENT AT MACHYNLLETH. To the Editor. f; Sir,—If not trespassing too largely upon the space of your good paper, may I be allowed to say how very pleased I am to hear that the above move- ment is looking up a great deal since the war com- .aenced. We are not much ahead of the times here as a rule. But either education is making headway and opening the understandings of the people, or -or else the war is beginning to convince the thick- skinned "that it is about time they moved and exhibited some signs of patriotism, and a spirit of thankfulness for the many and varied blessings of a country like England, and a monarch like Her Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria. The Chairman of the Urban District Council, Mr W M Jones, a leading Calvinistic Methodist, has set a noble example to his fellow-townsmen, and I shall be much surprised if his good example does not bring forth much fruit, not only are numbers of men joining the Volunteers, but also in enlarging the dull comprehensions" of some of his fellow- townsmen, and compelling them to perceive that the fact of a young fellow putting on Her Majesty's uniform is not an index of moral destruction, nor is it in any way a sign of drunkenness and immorality, but rather is it an opportunity for self-government, severe discipline, the control of one's will and temper, and the developing of those finer and more lasting qualities which make a man manly, and a soldier brave and patriotic. I am delighted to find that a number of young men of position have joined the colours. This should have a soothing effect upon the minds of the nervous and irritable ones, and should be the means of making the local corps a very strong one. I congratulate the officer in command, Lieut Wakefield, upon the latest addi- tions to his Company, he should be proud of them. Their influence upon their comrades should be great, and if there has been a tendency amongst any of the Volunteers of MachynlIeth to drink beer to excess, or to do anything unworthy of a soldier of the Queen, then what I would desire to say is this: Let the dead bury its dead," let us hear no more about this cursed drinking and swearing amongst Volunteers-let there be no more taking of God's holy name in vain-nor any signs of intemperance in the ranks, but rather let the Volunteers of Mach- ynlleth so conduct themselves that they may be a uoble example to the youths of the town, a source of comfort and pride to their parents, and reflect credit and glory upon their religion and town. Wishing the movement from the bottom of my heart God-speed.—Iam,&c., D. T. HUGHES, Curate of Machynlleth.




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