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t-7 5TH VOLUNTEER BATTALION THE SOUTH WALES BORDERERS. REGIMENTAL ORDERS By LIEUTENAWT-GOLONEL E. PRYCE-JONES, M.P., Commanding. Headquarters, Newtown, 27th January, 1900. DRILLS.—For recruits only will commence at Welshpool and Towyn next week and will continue until further orders. Parades at Welshpool will be at 8 p.m. every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, and at Towyn at 8 p.m. every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. APPOINTMENT.—The Commanding Officer has been pleased to appoint No 436 Cpl L M Jones L-Sergt in F Co. ENROLMENTS.—The undermentioned having been enrolled at the stations named are taken on the strength of the Battalion, posted to Companies, and allotted Regimental numbers as stated against their names:—"A" Co, Newtown: No 692 Arthur Bennett and 729 Ernest Richards. "B Co, New- town 707 Frederick Evans. C Co, Welshpool: 708 Hugh Blackith. D Co, Machynlleth: 709 James Jones, 710 William Sadlier, 711 Benjamin Pearce. 712 Ricaard Randolph Coggon, 713 Taliesin Cule, 714 Roger Howell, 715 Charles Perkin Pugh, 716 Thomas Williams, 717 Evan Robert Evans, 718 William Llewellyn Davies, 719 Thomas Bowen, and 720 David Pugh. "F" Co, Towyn: 721 Morris Evans, 722 William Parry Jones, 723 David Lewis, 724 Robert Griffith Richards, 725 George Dale Williams, 726 Thomas Edwin Morris, 727 Samuel Davies, and 728 Richard Ferryman Smith. REVERSION.—No 245 Sergt R T Evans, D Co, will revert to Private at his own request and 426 Sergt E L Jones, F Co, will revert to Corporal at his own request. CYCLIST.—No 708 Pte Hugh Blackith, 0" Co, is appointed Cyclist from this date. SECTION FOR SOUTH AFRICA.-No 558 Bugler W Clayton, A Co, No 197 L-C Latham, B Co, and No 218 Pte James, C Co, will be included in the Sec- tion proceeding to South Africa. RESERVE (JOMPANY. -Captain Sir W L Napier, Bart, commanding C Co has been selected by the Officer Commanding 24th Regimental Distiict to command the Reserve Company of the South Wales Volunteer Infantry Brigade for service in South Africa. STRUCK OFF.—The undermentioned are struck off the strength of the Battalion :-No 476 Pte Tallis C Co, 247 Pte Jarman and 241 Pte Edwards D Co, No 5&5 Pte Tannant and 285 Pte Williams E Co, and No 487 Pte Williams F Co. I ""i CONSTITUTION OF DRILLS.— Members over two years are reminded that the following drills are necessary for efficiency Must attend at least 12 drills, three of which must be Battalion drills. To constitute a Battalion drill, 80 of all ranks (ex- clusive of band) must attend, and not less than 16 must be Officers and Sergeants. To constitute a Company drill, 16 of all ranks (exclusive of band) must be present, and not less than two must be Officers or Sergeants. Squad drills at which not less than four rank and file are present, may be reckoned when necessary to complete the number of Company drills, but when so reckoned they can only be counted in the proportion of three Squad drills in lieu of one Company drill. Drills must be of one hour's duration at least before being allowed to count. MUSKETRY RESERVE SECTION.-The rifle ranges will be open this day (weather permitting) for any men who are not yet qualified and are desirous of joining the Reserve Section. By Order, C WALKER, Captain, Adjutant 5th V.B. South Wales Borderers.





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