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REVIEWS. Cassell's Magazine for January contains amongst other interesting matter an article on The Scene of Action All about the Boers," which well describes the scene of the present war, of which several illustrationf1 are also given. Many interest- ing reminiscences are also given in an article on Famous Regiments." Little Folks for January has several most amusing little tales, and must prove most interesting to the little ones who are privileged to see it. We ha vo received for review from Messrs Raphael Tuck ani Sons, Ltd., a stamped and signed Britannia" Remarque Proof of the Photogravure Sons of the Empire." The picture depicts four typical representatives of English, Scotch, Irish, and Welsh Regiments, of whom an officer of the Guards, holding aloft the Union Jack, occupies the centre. Ranged round in its defence, with weapons "at the ready," are stern stalwart men representing the various contingents contributed by the different Colonies to the fighting forces in South Africa, the other branches of the Imperial Service, Artillery, Engineers, and Infantry being separately repre- y 11 sented, while the Blue Jackets and Marines also occupy a deserved position, the whole forming a group which, in its picturesqueness, its power, and its concentrated force, well typifies the vastness and solidarity of the Empire. Reproduced in high- class photogravure Messrs Tuck have decided to issue this beautiful work of art at the price of 5s, relying entirely upon an unprecedented popular demand throughout the whole of the Empire, for realisation of a handsome addition to the Transvaal Fund to which the first year's profits will le devoted. A limited number of double and single Remarque Proofs and Artist's Proofs, on India, each one stamped and numbered, will be issued. Copies may be obtained direct or from local fine art dealers or stationers. Weldon's Ladies' Journal (3d).—The fashions for this month are many, though colours are restric- ted ly quiet. Tailor-built gowns incline to the Etonian cut, while the pleated skirt continues much in favour. Mourning toilettes necessarily receive their due meed of attention, regrettedly, and some becoming styles are depicted for matrons. Mil- linery and its etceteras are net forgotten, and of fancy dresses there is a pleasing variety. A col- oured plate of the latest novelties for early spring is presented with the number, while a host of in. teresting topics too numerous to mention are dis- cussed in its varied pages. Weidon's Practical Knitter (2d.), contains clear and concise directions for knitting quilts, borders, and insertion for same. Weidon's Knittet and Crochet Comforts (Id.), has been received with marked favour, and theincreas- ing interest taken by women ail over the country in making Balaclava caps. Tam o' Shanters, socks, belts, and flannel articles for our troops has called for further recipes and instructions.