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MARKETS. WELSHPOOLGEXERAL,Monday.—Wholesale prices Butter Is 3d to ls4dper lb eggs 0 to 12 for Is fowls Os Od to 3s Od p,r couple chickens, 4s Od to 5s Od; ducks, 4s 6d to 5s 6d; rabbits, Is 6d to Is 8d per couple. NEWTOWN GENERAL, TUESDAY.—Eggs 0 to 12 for Is butter Is 3d to Is 4d per lb; fowls 3s Od to Os Od; chickens 4s Od to 5s Od ducks 4s Od to 5s Od rabbits, Is 6d to Is 8d per couple. LIVERPOOL CORN, TUESDAY. Wheat, only small business, about Friday's rates. 1 Californian, 6s 2d 1 Duluth (new), 5s lOJd to 5s lid Northern 2 spring, 5s 10Jd to 5s lid. Beans, 6d turn better 2 —Saidi, 28s 6d to 28s 9d. Peas, 5s 6jd. Oats, 2 little more inquiry at late rates. Maize, only slow business-old mixed, 313 5d to 3s 6d new, 3s 5!d 4 to 38 5d. Flour, unchanged. 4 BIRMINGHAM CATTLE, TUESDAY.—Slow demand for cattle. Prices ruled as follows:- Beef, Here- fords, 7d; shorthorns, Od to 6d bulls and cows, 4-ld to 6d calves, Od to Od wethers, 8d to 8jd ewes and rams, 5d to 6d per lb. Short supply of pigs, but trade active-bacon pigs, 7s lOd to 8s Od porkets. 8s 6d to 9s 3d sows, 5s 9d per score. LONDON HAY AND STRAW, TUESDAY.—Prices: — Good to prime hay, 70s to 87s 6d inferior to fair, 55s to 65s good to prime clover, 75s to 100s inferior to fair ditto, 60s Od to 70s mixture and sainfoin, 60s Od to 85s Od; straw, 24s to 36s per load. SALFORD CATTLE, TUESDAY. At market :— 2,426 cattle, with trade strong at full prices; sheep, 8,136, only choice weights in demand calves, 126, all but fat and choice animals dull. Quotations as follows :—Cattle, 5d to 8d sheep, 5d to 8d calves, 5d to 8d per lb. 2 2 LIVERPOOL CATTLE MARKET, HO N Dky.- Numbers: Beasts, 1,022; sheep, 4,532. Quotations Best beasts, 6d to 6jd second, Ed to 5gd third, 4id to 2 2 4 5!d best Scotch sheep, 7:j to 8d other sorts, 6d 2f 1 2 to 7d per lb. The supply of stock was smaller than last week, showing a decrease of 591 beasts, and a decrease of 1,187 sheep. Slow demand for all classes at about late rates. CORK BUTTER, Thursday.—Primest, —s prime, —s firsts, —s; seconds 93s kegs, s thirds 77s kegs -s fourths —s fifths —s choicest —s; choice -s; superfine —s fine mild 96s kegs—s mild —s choicest boxes —s choice boxes, -13 In market 38, which were classified as follows:— Primest 0, prime 0, firsts 0, seconds 19, thirds 8, fourths 1, fifths 0, choicest 0, choice 0, super- fine 0, fine mild 3, mild 0, choicest boxes 0, choice 0, unbranded 7, kegs 1. Fresh butter A, 101s to—s; ditto B, 89s to 88s. OSWESTRY CORN MARKET, WEDNESDAY. The following were the quotatiors:- White wheat (old) Os Od to Os Od white wheat (new), 3s lOd to 4s Od per 751bs red wheat (old), Os Od to Os Od; red wheat (new), 3s 9d to 4s Od per 7blbs old oats, 13s Od to 14s Od new oats, 10s Od to 11s Od per 2001bs; malting barley, 14s Od to 16s Od; grinding barley, 13s Od to 14s ad per 2801bs. OSWESTRY GENERAL MARKET, WEDNESDAY.— Quotations -Butter, Is 2d to Is 3d per lb; eggs 8 to 9 for Is; beef, 6d to 8d per lb; mutton, 7d to 9d; lamb, 8d to 9d veal, 6d to 9d pork, 6d to 8d fowls, 4s 6d to 5s Od per couple ducks, 5s Od to 6s Od per couple; rabbits, 2s 2d to 2s 4d per couple geese, 8d to 9d; turkeys, lOd to lid per lb; potatoes, lOd per score. OSWESTRY WEEKLY CATTLE FAIR.—There was a good supply of stock at 'the Smithfield on Wednesday, and a good sale was effected, prices remaining about the same as last week. Messrs Whitfield and Son sold 195 cattle and calves, and 844 sheep and pigs; Messrs Hall, Wateridge and Owen, in conjunction with Mr Doody, sold 90 cattle and calves, and sheep and lambs; and Messrs Whitfield and Batho had their usual sales. Prices ruled as follows :— Beef, 6d to 7d per lb; mutton, 7d to 8d per lb.; veal, 7d to 8d per Ib pork pigs, 8s Od to 8s 4d bacon pigs, 7s 6d to 7s 9d per Ecore. ELLESMERE, TUESDAY. —Quotations as follows Wheat (new) 118 6d to 12s Od per 225 lbs barley (new), 16s Od to 17s Od per 280 lbs; oats (new), 10s Od to lls Od per 200 lbs; butter, Is Id to Is 3d per lb eggs, 10 to 12 for Is; fowls, 3s 6d to 5s Od ducks, 4s 6d to 5s 6d rabbits, Is lOd to 2s 2d per couple apples, 2d per lb. WHITCHURCH, FRIDAY. —Wheat, 3s lOd to 4s Id per 75 lbs; barley, 3s 6d to 4s Od per 70 lbs; oats, 2s 6d to 3s Od per 50 lbs; eggs, 10 to 11 for Is; butter Is 2d to Is 3d per 16 oz fowls, 3s 6s to 4s 6d per couple; ducks, 5s Od to 6s Od per couple; potatoes, Od to 9d per score; oeef, 5d to 8d; mutton, 7d to 9d; lamb, 7d to 9d; veal, 7d to Sd; pork, 6d to 7d per lb rabbits, Is lOd to 2s Od per couple apples, Id to 2d per quarter. BRADFORD WOOL, THURSDAY.—As might be ex- pected, the check to prices administered at the wool sales in London has not been with effect here. It would be hardly possible to-day to obtain such prices as on Monday for any wool which is of short or inferior quality, and the tone generally is cer- tainly less confident. Nevertheless it is claimed by sellers that all good qualities of new wool are as dear as ever. Under existing circumstances users are naturally wholly disinclined to come into the market except for what they are forced to buy, but sellers, on the other hand, are not greatly disposed to press matters and still express some belief in a reoovery. English wools are quieter and less firm also because of the check, but mohair is firm, with a good demand, especially in the lower qualities.