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BARMOUTH. THE LIBRARY. — £ 1,150 has been promised to- wards the erection of a free library in the town. Of this sum X300 was contributed by Mrs Talbot and X630 general subscriptions has been paid into the bank. The plans, which were submitted to Miss Cobbe, Hengwrt, have been returned and ap- proved. PETTY SESSIONS. The monthly sessions was held on Friday when the magistrates were Dr Charles Williams, Messrs Edmund Buckley, Lewis Lewis, M J Morris, and J Evans. John Hughes, Yigra, Bontddu, was charged by P.O. D Roberts with having been drunk on the 16th December on a public highway at Bontddu. This was his first appearance. Fined 5s and costs.—John Powell, gardener, Llanaber, for being drunk and disorderly on the 23rd December was fined 5s and costs.— David Jones, Hendreclochydd, Llanaber, for a similar offence was fined 2s 6d and costs.—On the application of David Owen, rate collector, the case against Philip Jones for non-payment of rates was adjourned. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL.—TUESDAY. A special meeting of the Council was held on Tuesday, Mr Edward Williams presiding. CARTING OF HOUSE REFUSE. The General Purposes Committee recommended the Council to purchase a horse and two carts, and that a stable be erected on site adjoining the Re- creation Ground, the cost of the stable not to exceed £ 50.—Mr 0 Williams proposed that the surveyor should prepare a plan of the stable and that the same be referred to the General Purposes Committee for approval and with power to act.- Mr 0 W Morris seconded the proposition, which was carried.—Mr William Owen said he had on another occasion asked for the reason why it was intended to buy but one horse when it was well known that two horses were absolutely necessary to cope with the work ?—Mr E Davies Will Mr Owen be satisfied if the answer is given him privately in committee after the Council ?—Mr Owen Yes, but I do not see why a reply was not given me last week.—The subject then dropped. THE PARAPETS AND THE PROMENADE. The Surveyor submitted a report of his visit to Rhyl, Llandudno, and Colwyn Bay, to make in- quiries as to the best mode of making parapets. He explained the proceeds by which macadam was made, and said that the above places found it worked very satisfactorily.— Mr Evan Richards What is the difference in price between macadam and concrete ?-The Surveyor: It is less than the half. I do not think it is possible to make cement pavement under 3s a yard.—Mr Hugh Evans (who accompanied the Surveyor) said that the Council's object in sending them to make inquiries was not in order to know how to make parapets, but to find out which was the best and cheapest way for the ratepayers. As the result they recommended the Council to adopt the system in vogue at Llandudno. The parapets and the parade at the latter place were of asphalt, which looked very well. It also lasted for a long time and went very hard. They, in Barmouth, could pave the streets at a cost of 2s per yard, which did not include the curb stones, or 4s with the latter. The Llandudno Council were prepared to sell them tar for this work or to give the services of a capable workman to assist in carrying out the work.—Mr J Richards proposed that the Council proceed on the lines of the report and that application be made to the Llandudno Council for tar, and that the Works Committee report as to the progress of the work.—Mr D E Davies seconded.—Agreed. THE PIPE LINE. A long discussion took place in regard to this matter. At the last meeting the contract of Mr Evan Williams was accepted, but in the meantime death took away the Engineer (Mr T Roberts, Portmadoc). The contract was thus not signed and the Council found itself in a difticulty.- The Clerk advised the Council that they could not proceed without having somebody to supervise the works. He understood that Mr R Joces (Mr Roberts's late assistant) was engaged for the next three weeks with another work. It was of im- portance for the Council to proceed at once or else the work would not be completed for the next season.— Mr Hugh Evans proposed that the matter be left in the hands of the Clerk to have the con- tract completed and ready to be signed, and that a special meeting be held in a week.— Mr J Richards seconded.—Mr W Owen proposed an amendment that the matter be left in abeyance until Mr Roberts's successor be appointed.—Mr Owen Wil- liams seconded the proposition, but on being in- formed. that the matter would come before the next meeting the amendment was withdrawn, and the original proposition carried. THE INQUIRY. The Clerk stated that in reference to the inquiry to be held next Friday, he had written to the Local Government Board endeavouring to get the inquiry into the application of the Council for loans held at the same time as the inquiry into their applica- tion to borrow money for carrying out work of water supply. His brother (Mr Lloyd George, M.P.) had also called at the Local Government Board Office. No reply having been received he wrote again pointing out that the engineer (Mr T Roberts) had since died, which placed the Council in an awkward position, and urging that as an additional reason for delaying the inquiry. How. ever, a reply had just been received stating that the inquiry would have to be held next Friday, and that they could not take both applications at the same time.—The Clerk said the only thing for the Council to do now was to prepare for the inquiry. The Chairman, Mr Wynne Williams, Owen W Morris, Edward Williams and Captain E Richards were appointed in addition to the officers, to appear and if necessary to give evidence.—The application of the Rev Arberth Evans for the extension of the sewerage works to his place was referred to the General Purposes Committee.—It was decided to sell 3,000 bricks from Eithinfynydd to Mr D E Davies at the usual price.