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DOLGELLEY. THE IMPERIAL YEOMANRY.—Mr Reginald Hughes, son of Mr J Charles Hughes, solicitor, of this town, whose offer to join the Imperial Yeomanry for service at the front has been accepted, is attached to the Wiltshire Company. LIBRARY.—The committee met on Tuesday even- ing to appoint a librarian for the existing room, and to make other alterations with the view of improving the present condition of the room pending the fur- ther progress of the permanent building. ACCIDENT.—On Thursday evening an accident was caused by a runaway horse. As Dr Jones' Brynffynon, phaeton was being driven from the station, the horse got frightened by the smoke from the train, and galloped away. Mrs Clarke, Bod- lendeb, was knocked down and sustained rather severe injuries. The horse afterwards dashed into the window of Mr J C Hughes' office. The horse put its head through the window in front of which a young man was working, and so frightened was he that he swooned straight off. Mrs Clarke is pro- gressing favourably under the care of Dr H Jones, Caerffynon. OF INTEREST TO EVERYBODY.—Once again the annual Clearance Sale, previous to stock-taking, is on at Commerce House, Dolgelley. This season, the extraordinary mildness of the weather, has caused the demand for warmer clothing to be very small, and mateiials to be marked loiver than usual, with the result that the Stock in these Departments are naturally somewhat heavier. The consequence is that those who have not yet procured their regular supplies are now offered Greater Inducements than have before been possible both in regard to Sterling Value and Cheapness, and present purchasers are assured of reaping the full advantage by securing these Goods at Greatly Reduced Prices. This un- precedented opportunity should not be missed without first seeing these Bargains, which are offered at comparatively nominal clearance prices. —John Griffith, proprietor. [Advt. THE COUNTY SCHOOL.—At a meeting of the Governors on Monday the result of the recent examination for five entrance scholarships offered by Mr William Evans, of Birmingham, was made known. The examiner, Mr J C Evans, headmaster of the Bala County School, placed the candidates in the following order of merit and by a resolution the five were ordered to be admitted :—G Edward Evans, Brithdir Board School Moreton James Davies, Dolgelley Boys' Board School; R W Jones, Brithdir Board School: J D Williams, Dolgelley Boys' Board School; E R Brown, Dolgelley Boys' Board School.—At the same meeting it was unani- mously agreed to elect Mr Wm Evans of Birming- ham a Governor of the School. The offer of the same gentleman to contribute C50 in furtherance of Evening Continuation Schools also received due consideration and the steps to be taken in the matter were agreed upon. PETTY SESSIONS.—TUESDAY. Before Dr Edward Jones, Major Scott, and Mr J Meyrick Jones. THE LATE MR FRANCIS EVANS, J.P.—The Chair- man announced the receipt of a letter from Mrs Evans acknowledging the vote of condolence passed by the Bench at their last sitting. THEFT OF A FERRET.—William Roberts, English Terrace, was charged with stealing a ferret on the 7th inst. the property of Chi-xies Jones, Cefnmaeian. --Ser.-t Breeze said as the result of receiving in- formation he went to the Cei'nmaelan. lie saw Jones, the son, and asked him if he had lost any- thing. He replied that he had lost a ferret from, the stable. On his return to town he went to English Terrace, saw the accused, and asked him for the ferret. He said it was upstairs. Bright, a son-in-law who was in the house, said it belonged to William Roberts. He charged Roberts with stealing it. Accused replied, "No. I did not steal it. 1 bought it from a farmer at Islawrdref." He knew the man and he had a strong voice.— In answer to the usual charge accused pleaded guilty and pleaded for leniency.—The Chairman said they would that time be lenient with him, but in future he must be very careful. He would be fined 10s and costs.—Two young lads who accompanied the accused were subsequently brought forward and received a reprimand from the Chairman. A BRUTAL ASSAULT.—Richd Bright was charged with having assaulted Rowland Jones, Cefnmaelen. —Supt Jones explained that the complainant was the young son of Mrs Jones, Cefnmaelan. Last Saturday he saw the defendant and others on his land and went up to them. After some few words Bright struck the young lad with a stick on his head and he became for a time unconscious.—Defendant pleaded guiltv.-Supt Jones said he had before been fined for an assault.—The Chairman said that it was a very brutal assault on a young fellow who only simply asked for his own property. A fine of £ 1 and costs would be imposed or 21 days' imprison- ment. The fine would have to be immediately paid. No LIGHT.-Evan Roberts, of Mallwyd, was charged with riding a bicycle without a ligbt.-De- fendant admitted the offence and was fine Is and costs.