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DOLGELLEY. OF INTEREST TO EVERYBODY.—On.ce again the annual Clearance Sale, previous to stock-taking, is on at Commerce House, Dolgelley. This season, the extraordinary mildness of the weather, has caused the demand for warmer clothing to be very small, and materials to be marked lower than usual, with the result that the Stock in these Departments are naturally somewhat heavier. The consequence is that those who have not yet procured their regular supplies are now offered Greater Inducements than have before been possible both in regard to Sterling Value and Cheapness, and present purchasers are assured of reaping the full advantage by securing these Goods at Greatly Reduced Prices. This un- precedented opportunity should not be missed without first seeing these Bargains, which are offered at comparatively nominal clearance prices. -John Griffith, proprietor. [Advt. RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL.—SATURDAY. Present: Mr John Evans, Barmouth, chairman, presiding; Messrs Charles Williams and Ellis Williams, Llanenddwvn; E Pughe Jones, Llan- ddwywe-is; John Roberts, Llanfachreth; Hugh Evans, Llanenddwyn; H S Roberts, Talyllyn Richard Jones, Llanelltyd; Howell Pugh, Llan- fachreth; and Owen Jones, Llanymawddwy; wLh Mr W R Davies (clerk), Mr W R Richardson (assistant clerk), Mr W Jones (sanitary inspector), and Dr Hugh Jones (medical officer of health). LLWYNGWRIL WATER SUPPLY. The Clerk stated that at the last meeting Mr David Gillart, engineer, was authorised to treat as to all claims for compensation, subject to the approval of the Council. Mr Gillart now wrote acknowledging the receipt of the letter and re- minding the Council that, while he was desirous to render every assistance in his power in carrying out the scheme, he hoped the Council would excuse his saying that the arrangement proposed to be made with the riparian owners was one which necessarily involved the acquisition or extinction of certain legal rights, and which would more pro- perly fall under the province of the clerk to deal with. If, however, the Council preferred to leave it in his hands as they proposed he thought he should be given an allowance in addition to his agreed remuneration.—The Clerk suggested that the most effective way of dealing with this matter was to appoint a committee to meet on the spot.- The Board accepted this suggestion, and the following were elected on the committee: The Chairman, Messrs C Roberts, Wm Lloyd, Charles Williams, and E Pughe Jones. TROEDYRHIW, DINAS MAWDDWY. Mr G H Thomas, estate agent, Bala, wrote in regard to the above house in respect of which he had received an extract of the medical officer's report pointing out that the house was in an in- sanitary state. Mr Thomas said that the state- ments contained were not correct. Sines the first communication he had been to the farm several times. A great deal had been done there-more than was ordered. The work bad not been com- pleted owing to the had weather. That was the excuse given him, and he submitted it to the Council. It was evident to him that the medical officer had not been there for some time, or else he would not have reported as he had done.—The Medical Officer said it was some time since he had visited this place. He, however, was satisfied with that letter, as it showed that something had been done. COMPLAINT AGAINST THE BARMOUTH URBAN COUNCIIL. The Clerk said he bad written to the Local Government Board complaining against the action of the Barmouth Urban Council in allowing the refuse cart to proceed through the streets un- covered, thus causing a nuisance in the district of the Rural Council. He had not received a reply to the letter. FOR THE SAKE OF THE TENANT. Mr Lawford (Lord Harlech's agent) wrote that he was prepared to spend X 150 or X160 on Tyddyn. pandy, Llanaber, in accordance with the desire of the Council, for the sake of the tenant. He, how- ever, would not care to go beyond that figure. If the estimate exceeded that sum he would prefer to have the house closed. In that case there would be no necessity for the Council to apply for an order to have the house closed.—Mr E P Jones proposed that the matter be left in the hands of Mr Lawford, with a request that the work be carried out.—Mr Chas Williams seconded and the proposi- tion was carried. GARTH ISSAF, ARTHOG. Sir Richard II Wyatt wrote stating he had re- ceived a letter purporting to come from the clerk, but which he was satisfied ha never wrote or sanctioned, and the extract from the report of the Medical Officer of Health enclosed therewith was simply a libel, and if he made any such report it was in concert with the tenant, who was a very troublesome and ungrateful person and who he must get rid of, and it was only at his earnest request that he allowed him to enter upon the tenancy. The house had been occupied, he should think, quite half a century without any complaints from the tenants and he had very recently laid out a considerable sum of money in substituting a brick for the old flagged floor and new windows, &c, but he need not trouble them with these details, as he was determined to give the medical officer the opportunity of proving on oath what he had ventured to state in his report, and he would thank them to send him his name and inform him whether he had made any report upon the many other houses in the district which suffered from the recent floods—The Medical Officer had not arrived when the letter was read and on his arrival it was handed to him.—Subsequently, the Medical Officer said that after reading the letter he felt the same as before. On word and conscience his report was a true one.—The Chairman We have decided to leave the matter for a month.—Mr E P Jones Oh, yes, adjourn it because he is a gentleman.-The Medical Officer said he and the Inspector would visit the place in the meantime. DYFFRYN WATER SUPPLY. After some discussion it was resolved to make application to the Local Government Boaad to hold an enquiry at Dyffryn into the proposed loan foi carrying out the above works. NEW BYE-LAWS. The Local Government Board returned the bye- laws prepared for the regulation of new streets and bye-laws with marginal notes. At the same time the Board observed that many of the additions which the Council proposed making to the model bye-laws were based on slauses which were origin- ally intended to meet the case of districts of a dis- tinctly urban character. The Board would be glad to know, therefore, whether the Council had satisfied themselves that the series as revised was one which could reasonably be enforced throughout the rural district of Dolgelley. Speaking generally the Board would say that any bye-laws which might be made by a Rural District Council with respect to new streets and buildings would properly be restricted to those portions of the district in which building is developing or likely to progress and in the pre- sent instance the Council might perhaps be advised to take into consideration how far the circumstances of their district would not be better met by adopt- ing a less comprehensive series, at any rate, as regarded the more rural portions. The letter sug- gested a conference between officers of the Board and representatives of the Council.—The matter was left in the hands of the Bye-Laws Committee with the Medical Officer, Inspector and the Clerk. CLOSING ORDER. The Inspector's report having been read, it was decided to take proceedings to have Esgeirian closed. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. Dr Hugh Jones, the medical officer, reported that the epidemic of measles at Talyllyn and Llanfihan- gel parishes were almost at an end. He had there- fore advised that the Abergynolwyn Board School should be re-opened. There was a very extensive epidemic of influenza, in a large portion of the dis- trict. The type was not severe and no deaths had occurred in uncomplicated cases. The mortality was somewhat considerable in those cases in which respiratory complications occurred. He had again in- spected the sanitary convenience at the Inn, Llwyn. gwril, and no proper privy had been yet constructed. The large cesspit in the village which had been already condemned was still being used for the reception of the contents of privies, and was cer- tainly most unwholesome and constituted a serious nuisance.—Report adopted.