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TOWYN AND ABERDOVEY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. Iph T 0,1 Frida mef^D^ of the Council was held siding r ^-)an^e^ Edwards (chairman), pre- EvansVv" fe •Were also Present= Messrs J D ^omlinn 1P?"cl:i?,.irnian), J Maethlon James, Arthur ^uKhea' i>ern Jones, D C Davies, W Jones Howell T P "°e Morgan, John Roberts, J M ^irkbv'yd< ^ones' Henry Evans, D M tant clerk £ *avies, clerk R Bennett, assis- WilliavV,„ Yaughan Edmunds, surveyor; Edward DIYFRJ1 °*m Jones, sanitary inspectors. ING THE BOAD AT BBYNCRUG DECIDED Mr w • AT 1AST' cil iu reJa1^eV^>emarfcl1' aPPeared before the Coun- at Brynf., r Pr°P0sed diversion of the road Very U^' ^"e sa,id he had offered the land at a aild wastP 8UI?' The Presenti road was on a rock There wa ery .angerons; being close to the school, frosty w children there nearly at all times. In dav^ 'u1' WaS exceedinff'y dangerous. Even aU thev 6,j met a carfc the sPot arid it was a 'Wa»DT,>COlu Pass each other. If there was have bee ifi*"6 ^ns^eac' ^he cart they would not have been able to pass at all. He was prepared to ^eJino- ;na?. n)a^e the road. The universal carried m f ° ^s^r'°k was in favour of having this carried out. Mr R Price Morgan had most gener- alises „f ^berally offered te give up the site of two and to val«e of £ 45 in order to give access I Whether r<^ tIie new roac^ ^he point was offer of i-h f CoUDcil was prepared to accept his Portion f !tn^' sfcone ^or the foundation, and some 1 carta§'e- He would remind the re?enn« f 7i? contributed Pretty largely to the ^as rfn -0 j as 110 less than about £ 90 Verv „"ve* from his five or six farms, and it was *ould h •8Uefifc they derived- He thought it "Well a(1 f°r the Council to lose his offer as Korean V r^an'Si If the offer made by Mr aKain n n°^ accePted it could not be made The ol intenfcion to build at that spot. Ie clergyman in charge of the parish had also ^Qd ifj ? wi^ingness to give a small angle of Therpf6 0n^^ri^ ^0 the churchyard at Bryncrug. 8ion nf>r^.a^ those who could object to the diver- Wvn« loa? were in favour of it. He (Mr he fav the Board to understand that H0t f0°this in the interests of the district, and ^as 18 0V5,11 Per8°nal interest solely, as the place to PJ^v^frous t° children who played there and also ^Dst-nf1, "^r .^•"oe Morgan, as one of the DPon rePresenting the Council who waited to eiVpi FT yPne' sa^d -^r Wynne was not prepared Play»r P^ece °f land adjoining the road for a Previa*0^ the school children free, but he was iw*d to se'i it for one-third its value, viz.. £ 5 that off °r Chairman asked if held r, j'sWhich was made sorne time aS°, still He w °° r .Wynne said that was the case. ■^aethT 8e^^n^' it at less than 2d a yard.^—Mr Mr w 0n ^ames proposed that the offer made by I he ha J uDe be accePfced- This was the first time event heard of the nominal sum of £ 5. In the the p° Board deciding not to purchase C0qn -°Und for £ 5 he would propose that the ^eroa' Pur°hase it at that sum. Their thanks the bv. U6 t°_Mr Wynne.—Mr D N Kirkby seconded he inp?P?siti.on'—Mr Wynne said Mr Morgan should e Included in the vote of thanks. He had been xiery eberons.-The motion was carried unani- 1110uslY.-Mr J Geufronydd Jones asked where the Wynn °r f°ulldation was to come from, and Mr He w^6 Saic^ the nearest quarry was Cilcemmes. t e was very pleased that the Council had decided o instruct the road. JG PONTFATHEW BRIDGE, BRYNCRUG. the the room Mr Wynne referred to I Papers°H? 'or^dS9i and said he understood from the c°ntrih • unty Council expected a large the br.r°» from the parish towards rebuilding Was th f' He waS under the impression that it Clerk 6 vllty of the county to build bridges.—The C°UncT that after makin^ inquiries of other Wag v, ? 8 In reSard to contributing certain sums he duty 'fTJed adv^8e the Council that it was the Mr \\r County Council to maintain bridges.— the Q^n,le said he would not cease to represent to Wa8i °jfnty Council how dangerous this bridge k°ttnd f U0^ attended to very soon an accident was tyyUn 0 0°cur.—The members agreed with Mr p YlIne, and it was subsequently decided to re- Dv ° C?unty Council that the Pontfathew tra0ic -^r^dSes were dangerous for heavy The T MATTERS BEING ATTENDED TO. The Inspector stated that the works in connec- alreadvK the Aberdoyey National School had c°ttaepa comTnenced. In regard to Brynhyfryd the Con m nsPe°t°r said that the instructions of Officer n<\ Would also be carried out.—The Medical sPecial >• ^r,sPeetor were instructed to prepare a the housj6^0!17^ °n Bryn§las with the view of having ^°hn Tlr,^ c osed-—As regards Penparc farm, Mr referenc ^ad seen the tenant with ^ch Kali- ° matter complained of and it was was H Gr- ?°w>—The Inspector concurred, and ^^vino- v, 6 ed to leave the matter.—No reply avilig been received from Mr Hall (Mr Corbett's Passed rP re^ai!d to Hendy Farm, a resolution was ^tender) to be informed as to what was that thev K f°ne'—^ Morgan remarked ^ettheCou. 7&^8 ^ouna the agents ready to COM T1AI.LORS' WORKROOM AT TOWYN. ^nsPector^ having been received from the tailors> t°ries in regard to the state of the 0vv)ier wrof- r(^0m at the back of London House, the t'le place \i& that was under the impression that ^rote tjj a warehouse. Messrs Davies and Co J^diate atr .cotnPlaint would receive their im. e carrie,j eution and the necessary repairs would t^at the r°Uf'^ Clerk said the complaint was £ UsPector aun^ ^00r were a had state.—The the Medical*Off; place had been cleaned out.— ° v'sit the vYi, er and Inspector were instructed ^stlUctioti p a°e when completed and see if the 0< e factory Inspector were attended SANITARY SRATE OF PENNAL VILLAGE.—INTERESTING IN REPLY F STATEMENTS. LeP]y had ve? ^uestion, the Clerk said that no p,eQt Boaid in6611 rece'yed from the Local Govern- ouUcij response to the application of the J age of Penna^ai^7 into the sanitary state of the Ohe Members k J~ Chairman asked if any of CU decided .t0 Say" When the atter Wa 0 send the application the £ C0^pla?nt waS:dered-of urgency. The cause sPector • Thn i 011tside their district. — The elementary school at Peimal baa since the last meeting been opened. — Mr R P Morgan Our district has been affected by the out- break. Have any more cases occurred ?-The Clerk No; our interference has been instrumental in having some very old things cleansed.—Mr R P Morgan Yes, and in the night, too, I understand (laughter).—Mr D C Davies said the first case of diphtheria was brought from Pennal to the rural district. He understood that since the Council had taken the matter in hand a cart had been borrowed at Machynlleth for the purpose of clearing the drains for two days. What guarantee had the Council that the village would be kept in a sanitary state ?—Mr A Tomlins believed the Local Govern- ment Board inspector would see to that when he came down.-In reply to Mr W Jones Hughes, the Clerk said the inspector would probablv invite the medical officer for the Council as well as the officer of the Machynlleth Rural Council to see him.—Mr D C Davies said if the matter was not attended to another outbreak might occur.-The Clerk said that what the Council had to do was to write to the Local Government Board pointing out the gravity of the case and to express a hope that a case of diphtheria would occur at their office in order that they might realise the importance of sending down an inspector (laughter, and hear, hear). — After some further discussion it was decided to make another application to the Local Government Board and to express disappointment at not having had a reply at an earlier date. INSPECTOR'S REPORT THE BANITARY STATE OF BRYNCRUG. Mr Edward Williams reported that the drains of the houses occupied by Messrs John Davies, Robt Roberts and Jacob Davies, Dysynni terrace, Bryn- crng, caused a nuisauce. A house in Gwyndy row, occupied by Mrs Catherine Jones, was also in the same state.—Mr R P Morgan said that these houses had drains connected with them, but there were many houses in Bryncrag which had no drains at all. Some time ago he (Mr Morgan) constructed a privy which the other houses were to copy. That had not been attended to yet.—Mr W Jones Hughes: Is not Bryncrug in a similar state to Pennal ? Mr J M James said it was only that it was situated in a more healthy vicinity.—Mr Morgan observed that the whole district should be inquired into, and proposed that the Medical Officer and Inspector should send in a special report on the village. Mr W J Hughes seconded.-The motion was carried.-The Inspector having reported on the premises occupied by Mr G Pearse, Aberdovey, it was decided to serve him with a notice as to the drain under the shop. He had during the month disinfected and fumigated the Aberdovey National School and the Pennal Board School.—The report was adopted.-The Towyn Inspector (Mr John Jones) reported on the house of Mr Howell Jones, Frankwell street, and the Council decided to call upon him to provide proper sanitary arrangements in connection with his house.—This report was also adopted. ABERDOVEY MATTERS. The Aberdovey Committee reported that they had considered the suggestion of the Medical Officer with reference to the proposed isolation hospital when it was resolved that, inasmuch as suitable premises for the purpose had not yet been found, the matter be adjourned. The consideration of the proposal to construct a small service tank below the old reservoir was deferred to the next meeting. The Surveyor was directed to make the necessary arrangements for laying the new water main to Balkan Hill as early as possible, and to obtain tenders for the labour in carrying out the work. It was resolved to procure a i\ inch meter for the purpose of recording the quantity of water supplied to vessels reqniring them. Plans of a house at Balkau Hill for the Rev W M Roberts appeared to be in conformity with the bye-laws.— The report was adopted. TOWYN MATTERS. The Towyn Committee recommended that plans of stables for Mr John Davies, wheelwright, Towyn, be approved. The suggestion of the Medical Officer with reference to an isolation hospital was favourably considered, but, as no cottage suitable for the purpose bad yec been recommended, it was resolved that the matter be delayed pending such recommendation. A letter from Mr Hall (Mr Cor- bett's agent) was read with leference to the requirements of the Council regarding Rhydyronen water supply, and it was resolved that the Clerk be instructed to write to Mr Hall informing him upon several matters respecting his letter. A letter was read from the Dysynni Gas Company with reference to the lamps required for additional lighting, and it was resolved that four lamps be ordered and that the Gas Company be requested to fix them without further delay.-The Surveyor reported that the requirements of the Council re- garding the Pall Mall slaughter house ha.d now been completed with slight exceptions, the work for which was also in hand, and it was resolved that a licence be now granted for the use of such premises as a slaughter house to Mr G D Williams. The plans of the proposed new Baptist Chapel appeared to conform with the by-laws.—As to Rhydyronen water supply, the Surveyor said that Mr Hall had seen it at its best. Now there was plenty of water and no stagnant pools, but in summer when the water was scarce it presented a very different spectacle.-In reply to a member, the Clerk said the purport of Mr Hall's letter was that he had visited the place, drank two glasses of the water, and would be grateful if the water in his district was equal to it.—The Clerk said the animals did not come to it now, nor were the geese to be found disporting in the pools at this time of the year.- Mr Maethlon James said the reason there were no geese there now was because it was so soon after Christmas (laughter). Mr Hall did not visit the place at the proper time.—It was decided that the clerk should write to Mr Hall pointing out these matters to him.—As the plans of the new Baptist Chapel were not received seven days before the Council meeting, it was resolved that they should be considered at the next meeting. STEAM ROLLER. It was decided to apply for the use of the Mont- gomery steam roller, which is now at Machynlleth, to roll the roads in the district. It was said that the County Surveyor for Merioneth had little hope of bringing the roller to this district for sometime; besides the bridges were unsafe. PURCHASING BWLCHGWYN FARM. The Aberdovey Committee recommended the purchasing of Bwlchgwyn Farm for £1,050 for the purposes of water supply. The Clerk said that this matter had been considered by the committee for some time. It was necessary for the Council to buy the land in order to prevent any possible pollution of the waterworks, to make which the Council had gone to considerable ex- pense. The land was to be sold, and it was advisable for the Council to secure it. The Aber- dovey Committee were unanimously in favour of acquiring the land at the price named. With the exception of one clause relating to the payment of fees of both sides by the Council he approved of the conveyance.—-Mr A Tomlins said that in many points of view it was most desirable that the Council should acquire this land.—Mr J M Howell said that the acreage of the farm was between 60 and 70 acres.—The Clerk said he was sure it was a good purchase for that sum.—Mr R P Morgan asked if the Aberdovey sub-district had power to borrow.—The Clerk said that in a matter of this kind they must count on the whole district and not upon a sub-committee. — Mr W Jones Hughes said that the purchasing of that farm would extend the borrowing powers of the Aber- dovey sub-district.—Mr D C Davies said they could let the farm and get the money from some local persons. He understood the rent was about 'T-Cn the proposition of Mr A Tomlins, seconded by Mr J M James, it was decided to purchase the rarm and to apply for a loan. POST OFFICE AT TOWYN. The Clerk stated, in reply to Mr R P Morgan, that nothing had been received from the Postmaster General in reply to the petition of the Council to remove the Post Office to a more central part of the town, other than a formal receipt. MISCELLANEOUS. A circular letter from Colonel Pryce-Jones, M.P., as to the equipment of Volunteers was not con- sidered.—An application from Mr J F Jones, High- street, for pavement in front of his new house in view of certain concessions was referred to the Towyn Committee.—It was decided to appoint a Governor of the County School at the next meeting.