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ABERYSTWYTH. HARBOUR COMMITTEE.-Councillor C M, Williams (mayor) presided over the ordinary meeting of the Harbour Committee on Monday evening. There were also present Alderman T Doaghton, Coun- cillors R Doughton and E H James, with Dr Thomas (medical officer of health), Mr Rees Jones (surveyor), and Mr H L Evans (borough account- ant).—There was 110 business beyond the passing of a few bills.—Alderman Doughton said it would be a great advantage if two more lamps were placed on the Rofawr, one at each end of the ware- house.—The Committee agreed to recommend this to the Public Lights Committee.—The Surveyor reported that the road from the stores to the boat- house had been completed and the other was pro- ceeding. PUBLIC WORK3 COMMITTEES.— The Mayor also presided over this meeting when the same members were' present, together with Councillor Hopkins. The labour sheets for the past two weeks were passed as were several quarterly bills. Dr Thomas presented his report for the quarter ending December. There had been 37 births registored-23 males and 14 females, giving an annual birth rate of 18"7 upon a popula- tion of 7,971. There had been 40 deaths, one of which was a visitor, this left 39 for the towns- people and on a population of 7,971 gave a death rate of 19'6. There had been only one case of infectious disease, viz.: a case of scarlet fever. The patient made a good recovery and the disease was prevented from spreading. The town had not been so free from infectious diseases since the autumn of 1898. Influenza in an epidemic form had broken out and two deaths occurred.—The Mayor Then on the whole you consider the report satisfac- tory.—Dr Thomas Yes.—The Mayor In referring to his question the Corporation will have to seriously consider the provision of an isolation hospital. Two or three months ago the matter came before the i Public Works Committee, and I understood then that it was the intention of the committee to visit-, various sites with a view of being in a position to consider the erection of a hospital.— Alderman Doughton Yes, it was decided.—The Mayor: This question has been discussed off and on since 1893. I believe the necessity of it—especially having regard to the importance of the town as a watering place-is to the minds of a large number becoming very urgent. I think we must be all convinced that if in any summbr season a large number of in- fectious diseases were to break out in the absence of an isolation hospital it would be a serious matter for the town. He had no doubt that when such a place was erected it would raise the town very much in the estimation of the visitors. The Coun- cil would have to consider the matter, and he hoped that when the medical officer pre- sents his next annual report it would contain a statement to the effect that the hospital was being proceeded with.—The Medical Officer said there were two or three cases in the town last season. In large centres the people went as a matter of course to isolation hospitals, and in fact they preferred doing so.—The Mayor suggested that they should include in their report a recom- mendation to the Council to proceed with the work, and then the Public Works Committee could be requested to select a site.— Councillor Hopkins declared that the committee had met and visited certain places more than once.The Mayor No report has been presented.—Councillor Hopkins It is not our fault. We visited the sites, and a report should have been presented.—The Medical Officer said that it was decided to call a meeting of the whole Council to visit the sites. This had not been done.—The Committee agreed to recommend the Council to adopt the principle and request the Public Works Committee to report upon a site at once.-Mr James Evans, inspector of nuisances, reported that a large number of persons had failed to comply with notices served upon them in respect to defective water fittings, troughs, etc., and the Inspector was directed to take proceedings without further delay.


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