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Y. 0- -V R. 5TH VOLUNTEER BATTALION THE SOUTH WALES BORDERERS. REGIMENTAL ORDERS By LlEUTENAWT-COLONEL E. PRYCE-JONES, M.P., Commanding. Headquarters, Newtown, 6ch January, 1900. STRUCK OFF.—The undermentioned are struck off the strength of the Battalion A Co, 561 Bugler W Jones. C Co, 90 Pte Adams. D Co, 662 Private Rees, 579 Private Hanson, 624 Private Arnold, 373 Private Lewis, 411 Private Norman, and 366 Private Roberta. "E" Co, 291 Pte Astley (Llanfair), 545 Pte Jones, 556 Pte Evans, 546 L-Cpl Jones, 555 Pte Pryce, 567 Pte Evans, 549 Pte Benbow, and 553 Pte Rogers (Berriew), 507 Pte Owen and 514 Pte Longley (Montgomery). F Co, 433 L-Sergt W Row- lands, 431 Pte Jones, 468 Pte Lewis, 450 Pte Davies, 493 Pte lwilliams, 644 Pte Roberts, and 645 Pte Ellis. ENROLMENTS.—The undermentioned having been enrolled at the stations mentioned are taken on the strength of the Battalion, posted to Companies, and allotted Regimental numbers as stated against their names:—Newtown, "A" Co, 680 Edward Humphreys. B Co, 681 William Evans, 682 William Jones, and 683 Thomas Williams. "C" Co, 684 David E Davies, 635 Thomas L Davies, 686 Frank Gregg, 688 Frederick E Anderson, and 689 Gomer Roberts. E" Co, Montgomery, 687 Charles Lewis. SOUTH AFRICA. The following is the roll of Officers, N.-C. Officers and men of the Battalion who have volunteered for active service in South Africa; also showing the percentage to the total strength of each Company :—Major and Hon Lieut Col G A Hutchins, V.D., Capt and Adjutant C E F Walker, Captains Sir W L Napier, Bart., E W Kirkby, and A W Pryce-Jones, Lieuts C E Elwell and H A Kirkby, Second Lieut G W H Wakefield, and Surgeon-Lieut C E Humphreys. Total, 9; per cent, 55. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICBIRS AND MEN. "A" CO. Pte 218 James Sergt II E Breese „ 126 Williams 11 C Lock 538 Blair O-R-Sergt E C Jones" 142 Mills L-Sergt Sam Owen 133 Hughes Cpl D Clayton 581 Bluck L-Cpl Rees 473 Davies Perry 232 Gitti n s E Jones 674 Sweeney Cyclist J Gough 129 Baines Pte 41 Barrett 476 Tallis 400 Morris 149 Evans 179 Baxter 130 Davies „ 70 Evans Total, 19 per cent, 27. 630 Arthur D co. 10 Bennett Sergt R T Evans 46 Owen Bugler Williams 638 Morris Pte 367 Roberts 185 Griffiths 527 James 415 Davies 402 Griffiths 599 Woolley 597 Holt 266 Griffiths 528 Graham 461 Keay 578 Harding „ 405 Inglis 524 Roberts 611 Green 582 Elwtrds 460 Davies 664 Fleming 44 Bellis 364 Arthur 478 Jones 526 Parry 671 Griffiths 403 Lewis „ 64 Eagles 236 Harris „ 12 Lhomme „ 237 Hughes 31 Lowe 577 Humphreys 25 Jones Total, 17 per cent, 30. Total, 32; per cent, 45. E co. B co. C-Sergt T J Astley C-Sergt J Af Jones Cpl D Jones Sergt 11 H Evans Pte 125 White L-Cpl Horton „ 508 Banner Roberts 254 Watkins Latham 259 Richards J Y Davies 374 James Pte 276 Davies Total, 7; per cent, 12. „ 575 Roberts F co. „ 310 Roberts C-Sergt J C Edwards 606 Rogers Sergt 0 W Hughes 574 Bennett 11 EL Jones 71 Jones L-Cpl Roberts 339 Rees Pte 466 Davies 605 Edwards 420 Jones 86 Garnett 588 Lewis „ 571 Mumford „ 515 Axe 570 Woolley 482 Evans 569 Sniitli 464 Richards 319 Smot-it 657 Jones Total, 19; per cent, 29. 446 Jones "c" co. 465 J'ones L-Sergt Pryce 596 Clint Cyclist W M Owen „ 521 Morris A W Jones „ 420 Jones T IS P Jones 484 Davies Pte 110 Davies „ 432 Smith 112 Davies 622 Ilughes Total, 18; per cent, 27. Total percentage of the Battalion, 28. Peuarth and Towyn Rifle Ranges will be open this day for any of the above-named men who are not first-class shots but otherwise qualified to fire for marksmen under the new regulations. SECTION FOR SOUTH AFRICA.—Instructions have been received for the Battalion to furnish one section for service with the Line Battalion in South Africa, and also for one section to be held in Reserve. Strength of each section will be one Sergt, one CarpI, and 19 Ptes. The following qualifications are necessary for service:-(a) Every Volunteer must enlist for one year or for the war. In the event of the war being over in less than one year, he will have the option of being discharged at once or of completing his one year's service. (b) Must be not less than 20 and under 35 years of age. (c) Must be a first-class shot under Vol Rules. (d) Must have been efficient during 1898 and 1899. (e) Must be of good character, (f) Must be up to the physical standard of an Infantry recruit. No relaxation of standard will be allowed, (g) Must be medically fit for active service, (h) Preference should be given to unmarried men or widowers without children. Married men should be accepted only in the event of an insufficient number of single men or widowers without children volunteering. After attestation they will join the Regimental Depot until required for embarkation. Volunteers accepted for the Waiting Companies will be attested and passed to the Reserve at once for the unexpired portion of their engagement or until required for permanent service. During the time they are in the Reserve they will receive Reserve pay, and will be liable to carry out the training laid down in the Reserve Forces Act of 1882. Each Volunteer will receive from date of enlistment, pay and allowances of his rank as a Regular Infantry Soldier, rations and clothing. Should a married man be accepted his family will be entitled to separation allowance. On completion of his period of service he will recive a gratuity of.9,5 in addition to any gratuity given to the troops at the end of the war. If discharged in consequence of wounds or disability received or contracted while on service he will be entitled tc pension in accordance with the Royal warrant for pay, &c., of the Regular Army. On the departure of a Company from the United Kingdom the Officers and Volunteers com- posing it will be considered Supernumerary to their Corps. Any men who are desirous of proceeding to South Africa and have not applied are requested to do so to the Adjutant as early as possible. By Order, C WALKER, Captain, Adjutant 5th V.B. South Wales Borderers.