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r_ T THE CORBETT ESTATE, TOWYN ON-SEA ON THE CARDIGAN BAY COAST, NORTH WALES. BUILDING LAND FOR SALE OR TO BE LET ON LONG BUILDING LEASES. WELL PLANNED AND LAID OUT. FINEST BEACH FOR BATHING. MOST HEALTHY DISTRICT. FINE ROADS. SEWERED ON THE MOST SANITARY PRINCIPLES OF CONSTRUCTION. PUREST SPRING WATER FROM THE MOUNTAINS. ONE OF THE FINEST ESPLANADES IN WALES. For Particulars, apply Messrs. TAPP AND JONES, 1, Princess Street, Great George Street, Westminster, S.W.; or to Messrs. R. GILLART AND SONS, Towyn, Merioneth. SALE BY AUCTION. No. 17, IDRIS VILLAS, TOWYN. SALE OF MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE MESSRS. DANIEL, SON, & MEREDITH, have been instructed to Sell by Auction, at the above ori Friday, January, 5th, the whole of the Modern and Substantial Household FURNITURE, the property of Mr. R. Cobdea Davies, who is leaving the town. Sale to commence at 12-30 p.m. Further particulars in next week's advertisemen i. TOWYN-ON-SEA, CARDIGAN BAY, NORTH WALES. MERIONETHSHIRE. SEVERAL EXCELLENT NEWLY-BUILT VILLA RESIDENCES TO LET AT THIS POPULAR RESORT. The rents of the Terrace Houses are X50 per annum; of the Semi-detached Villas £ 45 per annum and of the Detached Villa £ 60 per annum. For permission to view apply to Caretaker on the Premises. Houses contain all domestic requirements; sanita- tion perfect; pure water from the Welsh muun. taioa healthy and attractive neighbourhood de- tached and semi detached Villas and Terrace Houses,all adjoining or near Promenade and facing sea; Hunting, Fishing, and Golf Links in district. For further particulars, apply to Messrs R. Gillart and Sons, Land Agents and Auctioneers, Towyn (Merioneth) and Machynlleth. THE ADVENTURES OF CARADOC: A TALE OF WALES IN THE DAYS OF KING ARTHUR. PRICE ONE SHILLING. WELSHPOOL: SALTER & ROWLANDS, Ajad may be obtained at Messrs Smith & Son's Railway Bookstalls. From the Liverpool Courier, September 8th:- Arthurian legends are always interesting, and a word of praise must be accorded Mr B C Hardy, who, in a capital little work, The Adventures of Caradoc," published by Messrs Salter and Rowlands, COUNTY TIMES, Welshpool, has, with the venue of his story in Wales, woven an attractive tale uf the noble King and his trusty knights." THE ADVENTURES OF CARADOC. Is. Salter and Rowlands, Welshpool: 1899. The present little work, penned by B. C. Hardy, is one of the most eharming romances we have read for a long time, Caradoc, who plays a leading part n the drama, is a gallant soldier, whoin time is selected as Captain of the King's Guard, and subsequently becomes ene of the Knights of the Round Table. The adventures which Arthur and his knight go through are graphically told, the sad death of the King making a pathetic ending.-The ShooUng Times and British Sportsman. ADDRESSES. ROBERT RICHARDS, COAL, LIME & CORN MERCHANT CAMBRIAN WHARF, TOWYN. Waggon goes round the town with cwtsof coal in bags every Wednesday and Saturday. Coal delivered in truck loads of six to ten tons at the shortest notice to suit purchasers' requirements Mr Richards has convenient stabling for customers' horses. Of AWI? FURNISHING COMPANY, 12 TO 18, PEMBROKE PLACE, LIVERPOOL. FURNISH FOR CASH, OR ON OUR SPECIAL HIRE-PURCHASE SYSTEM AT CASH PRICES. NOTE.-Our Hire-Purchase System is entirely dif. ferent from any other, and has been highly commended by the whole of the local Press. NO SECURITY REQUIRED. NO EXTRA EXPENSES ON OUR HIRE-PURCHASE SYSTEM. The fair and equitable manner in which oin business is carried on, and our reasonable term.1 and low prices are so well known throughout the North of England and Wales as to render furthui comment unnecessary. rji E R MS — WE GIVE OUR CUSTOMERS THE PRIVI- LEGE OF ARRANGING THEIR OWN TERMS OF PAYMENT, AS THEY KNOW BEST THE AMOUNT THEY CAN CONVENIENTLY AFFORD TO PAY EACH WEEK OR MONTH ALL GOODS WE SELL ARE DELIVERED FREE TO ANY PART OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. Private Vans if required, no charge will be made. An inspection of our stock will at once satisfy intending purchasers that we give betterValue any other house furnishers on the hire-purchase system in the Provinces. FURNISH FOR CASH, OR ON OUR HIRE. PURCHASE SYSTEM AT CASH PRICES. Our New Prospectus, Large Illustrated Catalogue, Press Opinions and Price List sent Post Free on application. Ctrl fVRIT FURNISHING LrJuVADlji COMPANY, 12 TO 18, PEMBROKE PLACE, LIVERPOOL. (J. R. GRANT, Proprietor), Business hours: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m A L)DRESSES. -=1 II. W. GRIFFITHS, BOOT & SHOE WAREHOUSE. Visitors and others will find a large and well- selected Stock of all kinds of BOOTS, SHOES, SLIPPERS, SAND & TENNIS SHOES, LACES, SOCKS, BOOT POLISHES, CREAMS, &c., &c. ALL KINDS OF REPAIRS DONE ON THE PREMISES. AGENT FOR THE WELL-KNOWN "K" BOOTS. NOTR THE ADDRESS :— 7, COLLEGE GREEN, TOWYN. DTyies^OK LONDON HOUSE, TOWYN, GENERAL DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT. FIRST-CLASS MILLINERY, DRESS- MAKING, AND TAILORING. —— ALL ORDERS PUN DALLY ATTENDED TO TO BUILDERS AND ROAD CONTRACTORS .1 TONFANAU GRANITE QUARRY, TOWYN. uuOD ROUGH BUILDING STONE AND ROAD MATERIAL Can be supplied from this Quarry at 2s. Od. Per Ton. Delivered into trucks at Tonfanau Wharf o Cambrian Railway. Railway Carriage to Towyn Is. per ton. ALSO, ROAD MACADAM, Sl FTINGS, SHOD- DIES, QUOINS, LINTELS, AND ALL KINDS OF DRESSED STONE. Apply to the Local Manager, MR. JONATHAN PARRY, TONF tNAU QUARRY, TOWYN. COMMERCIAL PRINTING Executed on the Shortest Notice, AT THE COUNTY TIMES PRINTING WORKS, WELSHPOOL. ADDRESSES. TOWYN COUNTY SCHOOL. IN COMMODIOUS AND PERMANENT BUILDINGS Consisting of CLASS ROOMS, PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL LABORATORIES (All equipped with the best Apparatus procurable), also a WORKSHOP KITCHEN and LAUNDRY for Technica Instruction. SUCCESSES DURING 1899. London Inter. B.Sc., 2 (1st division) London Matriculation, 5 (1st division) Welsh Matricula- tion, 4; Central Welsh Board Senior Certificates, 10 (35 distinctions); Do. Junior Certificates, 8 (11 distinctions); New Boy's Clerkship, Civil Service Examination, 2; Advanced Certificates of the Science and Art Department, 8 firsts, 10 seconds. SCHOLARSHIPS, &c. Principal's Scholarship of £40, and One Exhibi- tion of C5 at the University College of Wales the two Merionethsbire County Exhibitions. Boarders received by the Headmaster. TUITION FEES, X5 PER ANNUM. Prospectus and particulars on application to MR. E. J. EVANS, Clerk to the Governors. TOWYN-ON-SEA. RICHARD MORGAN BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR, IS ABOUT TO BUILD SEVERAL SOOD COTTAGES, PRIVATE HOUSES, AND VILLAS which will soon be ready, either to be Let or Sold Enquiries Solicited. R.M. now keeps an (fficient staff of Painters and Paperhangers. Estimates given free, and work executed on the shortest notice. T. C.~ JONES, 39, HIGH STREET, TOWYN, FOR CHRISTMAS &NEWYEAR PRESENTS. THE LARGEST SELECTION IN THE DISTRICT. LARGE AND VARIED STOCK OF JEWELLERY K. AND J. OWEN, FAMILY GROCERS, British and Foreign Fruiterers, Greengrooers, &e. 16, HIGH STREET, TOWYN. All Orders promptly attended to. Poultry killed vO order. Bala and Axe's Mineral Waters supplied families waited on daily for orders.