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WELSH JUNIOR OUP. SECOND ROUND. R.W.W. (NEWTOWN) V. SINGLETON AND COLES (SHREWSBURY).—Played at Newtown on Saturday. In the first half the visitors scored once, and the admirable defence of the home team quite surprised their more experienced opponents. In the second half the bacco" men put on three more goals, whilst the homesters found the goal on two occasions, and were thus defeated by 4 goals to 2. NEWTOWN RESERVE V PONTESBURY HALF-HOLIDAY. -On the ground of the former on Saturday. The visitors at first went very strong and succeeded in beating the home custodian with a very poor shot, the ball rolling over the line slowly, a miskick by the backs letting the visiting forwards in. The homesters equalised from a free-kick, and the score at half-time stood at one each. In the second half 11 the homesters monopolised the play, and Tudor from a penalty got the lead. Gentle got the ball and centred, and Morgan put on the finishing touch J to No. 3. From a splendid centre from Bridgwater W D Jones got No. 4, and Clement Jones No. 5. The homesters thus won by 5 goals to 1. ST GEORGE'S UUITED V. WELSHPOOL RESERVE.— Played at St George's (Wellington) on Saturday. Teams:—St George's: Goal, S Gwilliam; backs, A Crofts and J H Adams; half-backs, J Jones, F Currier, and E Churm forwards, G Spragg, J G Baxter, E Astbury, E Pickering, and W Plant; lines- man, Mr H James. Welshpool Eeserve Goal, Bob Hamer; backs, J Astley and Llew Morris; half- backs, J Humphreys, E Rowlands, and C Thomas forwards, T Davies, J Belaby, P Baines, W Edwards, and T Austin licesman, Mr T Brown. Referee, Mr A Weston, Wellington. For the first few minutes the homesters did not have their full com- plement, but these soon arrived and the game started in earnest. The visitors were the first to become dangerous, T Davies and his partner being conspicuous on the right. The former centred to Baines, who only missed scoring by inches. The homesters now took up the attack, but met with a very stubborn defence, Hamer and his backs defending well against their more experienced opponents. After fifteen minutes' play, however, the visitors' custodian was beaten with a fast low shot. Three other goals followed in quick succession, one a very lucky one. The visitors made several raids into the home territory, but they failed to overcome the strong defence opposed to them. Just before the interval the homesters again scored. Half-time: St George's, 5 goals; Welshpool 0. On resuming it was thought the boys were in for a heavy drubbing, but the visitors defended grandly. Hamer was cheered for some capital saves, while Morris and Astley defended well. After half-an- hours' play in this half the homesters scored their sixth goal. The visitors next took up the running. Gwilliam conceded a fruitless corner in saving a grand shot by Belaby, but Biddy was rewarded soon after, scoring for the visitors with a long shot, much to the chargin of some of the home players, who were several times guilty of questionable tactics. Nothing further was scored, and the game ended :-St George's, 6 goals Welshpool Reserve, 1. LLANGOLLEN V WREXHAM VICTORIA.—Several disorderly scenes occurred at Llangollen on Satur- day, when Wrexham Victoria were the visitors, in the second round of the Welsh Junior Cup. Every- thing had progressed smoothly up to the interval, when Llangollen were leading by two goals to nil, W Thomas and W Jones having registered. The decisions of the referee, who hailed from Wrexham, several times met with unqualified disapproval, the homesters at one juncture being disallowed what was considered a worthy penalty kick. On the other hand Wrexham were twice granted penalty kicks for what appeared to be no infringement of rules whatever. The spectators became greatly enraged and some of the United likewise. Three of the latter players were ordered off and subse- quently several onlookers broke on the field. The game degenerated after order had been restored, but Llangollen struggled to the end, the result being a draw of two goals each. The referee, who narrowly escaped a mauling, was escorted off the field and down the road to Llangollen where he was loudly hooted.







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