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MARKETS. FARMING AND THE CORN TRADE. Messrs. W. L. Browne & Co., report from Shrews- bury, on Saturday, December the 18th as follows:- The supply of grain on the local markets during the past week has not been so large. Wheat has been steady in value. Barley has remained un- changed. Oats have been firm. Flour has moved slowly at former quotations. Offals have been quiet at late rates. WELSHPOOLGENERAL,Monday.—Wholesale prices: Butter Is Id to Is 2d per lb; eggs 0 to 12 for le fowls 3s Od to 4s Od per couple chickens, 3s 6d to 6s Od; ducks, 5s Od to 7s 6d per couple; geese, 5s Od to 7s Od each turkeys, 4s 6d to 16s Od each; rabbits Is 3d to Is 8d per couple; potatoes, Os Od per cwt. NEWTOWN GENERAL, TUESDAY.—Eggs9 to Ofor Is fowls 2s 9d to 3s Od; chickens 4s Od to 5s Od; ducks 4s 6d to 5s 6d per couple Geese 4s Od to 6sOd each Turkeys 4s Od to 6s Od each rabbits Is 6d to Is 8d per couple. ELLESMERE, TUESDAY. New Wheat 4s 10d to 5s Od per 75 lbs; barley 3s 9d to 4s 9d per 70 lbs oats lis Od to lis 6d per 200 lbs; eggs 9 to 10 for Is; butter Is Id to Is 2d per 16 oz; fowls 3s 6d to 5s Od per couple chickens, Os Od to Os Od per couple; ducks, 5s Od to 6s Od per couple; rabbits, Os Od to Is 10d per couple; apples, 8s Od to 8s 6d per 901bs; potatoes, 3s Od per cwt. OSWESTRY CORN MARKET, WEDNESDAY. T e following were the quotatiors: White wheat, 4s 10d to 5s Od per 751bs red wheat, 4s 8d to 5s Od per 7blbs; malting barley, 16s Od to 20s Od grinding barley, 12s 9d to 13s Od per 280 lbs white oats, lls Od to 12s Od; black oats, 10s Od to lis Od; old oats, 13s Od to Os Od per 2001bs. There was not much wheat on offer. OSWESTRY GENERAL MARKET, WEDNESDAY.— Butter, Is Id to Is 2j per lb; eggs, 8 to 9 for Is; beef, 7d to 8d; mutton, 71-d to 8d; veal, 7d to 8d Iamb, 8d to lid; pork, 6d to 8d per lb; fowls, 4s 6d to 5s Od per couple chickens, Os Od to On Od per couple: ducks, 5s Od to 6s Od per couple ducklings, Os Od to 0s Od per couple; turkeys, Os Od to Os Od each rabbits Is 8d to 2s Od per couple geese, Od to Od per lb; potatoes, Is per score carrots, 4s per cwt. CORK BUTTER, Thursday.—Primest, 100s; prime, 90s firsts, 98s; kegs, —s seconds, 90s; thirds, 80s; fourths 60s; kegs -s fifths -s; choicest 108s; choice -s, superfine 108s; fine mild 94s kegs -s, mild 80s, choicest boxes 110s; choice boxes,—s. In market 49, which were classified as follows Prim est, 0; prime 1, firsts 2, seconds 13, thirds 9, fourths 2, fifths 0; choicest 1, choice 2, super- fine 1, fine mild 8, mild 0, choicest boxes 1, choice 0, unbranded 9, kegs 4. WHITCHURCH, FRIDAY. Wheat, 4s 8d to 5s Od per 75 lbs; barley 3s 3d to 4s Od per 701bs oats, 2s 6d to 3s 3d per 50 lbs eggs, 7 to 8 for Is; butter, Is Id to Is 2d per 16 oz fowls, 3s 6d to 4s Od per couple; ducks, 4s Od to 4s 6d per couple; turkey, 8d per lb potatoes, d to Od per lb; beef, 6d to 8d per lb; mutton, 7d to 9d; lamb, 7d to 9d per lb; veal, 7d to 8d per lb.; pork, 6d to 6d per lb; rabbits 2s Od to 2s 3d per couple apples, Id to lid per lb. LIVERPOOL CORN, TUESDAY.—Wheat, quiet, whites unchanged, reds d over Friday.—1 Californian, 8s 3cl to 8s 4d; new Northern 7s 7d to 7s 9d. Kansas, 7s 4d to 7s 5d. Beans-Saidi, 27s 6d to 2 27s 9d. Peas, 4s 9d to 4s 9§d. Oats, quiet, un- changed—new white, 2s 3d to 2s 6d. Maize, quiet trade, Friday's rates-mixed, 3s 3d to 3s 3Jd. Flour, unchanged. Market will be closed from Thursday until Tuesday morning next, 28th. BIRMINGHAM CATTLE, TUESDAY. -,Short supply of cattle and sheep, large supply of pigs, trade slow. Prices as follows :—Beef, 5d to 6 £ d mutton, 4 5d to 81d; bacon pigs English and Welsh, 8s 4d Irish, 8s Od sows, 6s 6d per score. SALFORD CATTLE, TUESDAY.—Yery small market, with few buyers present, and trade almost at a standstill. At market—Cattle, 2,143 sheep, 5,416; and calves, 81. Quotations as follows-Cattle, 4c1 to 6Jd sheep, 5d to 8Jd calves, 5-ld to 7d 2 2 4 4 per lb. LIVERPOOL CATTLE, MONDAY. —The supply of stock was considerably less than last week, yet sufficient for requirements. A slow dragging trade for all classes, prime quality barely maintaining the top quotations other sorts lower. Sheep also in smaller numbers and in excess of the demand at lower prices all round. Quotations :—Best beef, 4 6d to Od; second, Od to Od; third, Od to Od; best Scotch sheep, 6d to Sc1; Irish sheep, 5d to 7d. Numbers: Beasts, 1,360; Sheep, 4,305. LONDON HAY AND STRAW, TUESDAY. Good supplies, and trade steady at the following prices:—Good to prime hay, 60s. to 84s Od; inferior to fair, 50s to 60s; good to prime clover, 70s to 97s Od new ditto, Os to 0s inferior to fair ditto, 50s Od to 68s mixture and sainfoin, 50s Od to 85s Od; new ditto, OOs to 00s straw, 32s to 38s per load.