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THE WELSH CUP. SECOND ROUND. BUILTH v. TOWYN. In the second round of the Welsh Cap Towyn were drawn against Builth, the match to be played on the ground of the latter team. A cheap train was run to Builth, but owing to the wretched weather very few took advantage of the opportunity of visiting the popular resort. Through the kind- ness of Mr Bowen, the ever obliging station master at Towyn, a saloon was provided for the team and their few supporters, and in the way of entertain- ments, addresses, and impromptu speaking competi- ions, the journey both ways was delightful, and the players were cheered up. The heavy downpour of rain continued all through the journey and on arriving at Builth there was no signs of abatement The game had to be commenced under a heavy shower, but after a little the weather cleared. The following represented the teams :— TOWYN. Goal, William Jones; backs, Lewis Pughe and James Owen; half-backs, E H Daniel, T Hughes, and E L Jones; forwards, George Davies, Joss T Jones, W E G Davies, Joe Edwards and Jos A Lewis. Linesman, Mr A E Mason. BUILTH. Goal, George Evans; backs, Fred Evans and M G Howells half-backs, Lewis Lewis, G Lewis, and B Jenkins; forwards, R Lloyd, R Parry, F Eadie, Lloyd Roberts and E G Howell. Linesman, Mr Williams. Referee, Mr Townsend, Newtown. Daniel, the Towyn captain, won the toss and decided to play against the wind and rain. The ball was set in motion by Mr Gladstone Davies and was run up close to the Builth goal, where J. A. Lewis shot in, and the right full back saving, Ted Hughes returned the ball, and Joss sent another shot goalwards but it went wide by a few inches. Builth's turn to attack followed, Lloyd Roberts being prominent with a smart run along the left, he centred at the proper moment, and Bill Jones was called upon to save for Towyn, which he did in fine style. G. Lewis, the centre half, returned the shot with great speed, but high of the mark. From the kick-off another run was made towards Bill Jones and a pass was nicely given to Lloyd Roberts, who was offside. J. A. Lewis got possession, and by a bit of beautiful passing between him and Joe. Edwards, managed to go within shooting range, where the ball was taken from them. Mid-field play ensued for some time until G. Lewis got away and passed to R. Parry, who sent wide of the mark, the Towyn goal having a nairow shave. A. further run by the homesters ended in a rush near the Town goal, but Bill Jones managed to save, throwing the ball only a few yards away to the foot of one of the visitors, who cleared, the ball being again returned right into the goal mouth by G. Lewis, but Bill this time coolly cleared and sent the ball well up the field, where Gladstone made a strong run, but was badly supported, and the ball was stolen from him and passed to Howells. E. L. Jones successfully repelled the efforts of that player, but a foul was given against him. The kick was taken by Fred. Evans, and landed in the goal mouth, where Bill Jones fisted it out. However, another run down was made, and Lewis Pughe was forced to give a corner. The kick was taken by Jenkins, and he dropped a somewhat high shot in the goal mouth, and G. Lewis sent the ball into the net amidst great cheering. This piece of good fortune naturally placed Builth on good terms with themselves, and soon afterwards the Towyn defence had rather a hot time, Jim Owen and Lewis Pughe playing a good defensive game. From a goal kick Builth again came down, and a foul was given against Lewis Pughe. The kick was well given and headed into goal by G. Lewis for the second time. This was really a fine goal, Bill having not the least chance to save. The ball being set again in motion, the Towyn men were not in the least dis- heartened, and ran up again and forced a corner. This was given by E. L. Jones and Joss sent a shot to the goal, the goalkeeper cleverly stopping its progress to the net, for which he was cheered. Jos. A. Lewis soon afterwards distinguished himself with a fine run which ended in a smart shot being sent in the direction of the goal, but the goalkeeper was not to be outdone, and saved magnificently. Jos. A. Lewis got possession and passed to Joe Edwards who ran along the left and another corner was conceded ToWvn, which proved fhtile. jiiii Owen got winded, and the game was stopped for seven or eight ulimltes. Builth again pressed, and from anothetteorner successfully sent it into the net. The first half terminated with ah attack on the Builth goal, but Towyn could not pull down their colours, and the whistle blew for half-tinie. The second half commenced with a good run along the left by Towyn, who looked as if on the point of scoring, but relief came in the shape of the goalkeeper sending far into the field, where the ball was cauerht by Lewis Lewis and passed to R. Parry who made a run which was a treat, but the ball went wide. From the centre Roberts bounded forward, and on being pressed, passed to his partner, whose attempt at goal was very feeble. A pass from Joe Edwards to Jos. Lewis enabled the visitors to get to the other end, and when within shooting range Lewis shot for goal, but try as he would he could not send the ball past the goalkeeper. The teams now seemed evenly matched, the defence of the homesters being superb. Although Towyn were quite as often on the aggressive they could not score, their opponents being far more fortunate and also more keen on the ball. The play was fast and Jos. Davies was cheered for nice dribbling. Glad- stone Davies subsequently got through, but his well-directed shot did not pass the goalkeeper. A little later Joss was prominent with some passing in company with Geo. Davies, who returned, and the former tested the goalkeeper, but to no effect, as he seemed to clear with ease, no matter how hard the shots. A rush up ended successfully, a goal being registered by Howells. From the kick off Towyn again made headway and a pass by Jos. Lewis to George Davies on the right wing nearly scored, the homesters having to thank their goalkeeper for the save. Mid-field play followed, and eventually the ball travelled in the direction of the home goalkeeper and ended in a corner, but Towyn secured no advantage from it. Ted Hughes, with a well-directed shot failed by a few inches. The epectators thought this a goal, and the apparent success of the visitors was welcomed by the spectators. The Towyn goal was afterwards attacked for fully five minutes, but they could not score. The homesters, however, succeeded in notching another point before the call of time, and were declared victors by six goals to nil. All agreed that the result was not at all an indication of the playing.