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Post Office), Dr Hughes, and the Rev Z. Mather.— The reports of the headmaster and the head- mistress were received and were considered very satisfactory. The attendance at the school was very much better.—The clerk was requested to order books for the use of the schools, and on the suggestion of the Rev Z. Mather, it was agreed that the list should first of all be submitted to the chairman and himself for approval.—It was agreed to supply the Infants' School at Bontddu with desks, &c.-To Messrs Minshall & Co. was given the contract for supplying the school at Barmouth with water.—Parents of five children were cautioned that if their children did not attend school more regularly proceedings would be taken against them. —The resignation of Mr Ebenezer Rees as treasurer of the Board was received witti regret, and his successor in office (Mr T. E. Hughes) was appointed treasurer.—The following were requested to visit the night school:—Miss Atkinson and the Rev Z. Mather; Mr Morris and Mr E. R. Jones; and Dr Hughes and the Clerk. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL.—FRIDAY. Present: Rev J. Gwynoro Davies (chairman) presiding, Capt Evan Richards, Messrs J. Richards, O. W. Morris, H. Wynne Williams, W. Owen, with Mr W. George, clerk; Mr Owen, assistant clerk Dr Hughes, medical officer; Mr J. Adams, sur- veyor; and Mr John Jones, collector. THE COUNCIL'S TREASURER. Mr Ebenezer Rees, the treasurer, intimated his resignation, acknowledging the kindness he had always received. He recommended Mr IT. R. Hughes as his successor. The resignation was accepted with regret, and Mr T. R. Hughes was appointed treasurer. BANGOR UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. Mr W. George was re-elected representative of the Council on the Court of Governors of Bangor Colloge. CYCLING. A letter was received asking for the authority of the Council to regulate the speed of cyclists through the town. The writer said that the Council might be called to account for their action.—The Chair- man said they were bound to answer that letter, and it was that it should remain unanswered. REQUESTS FROM RATEPAYERS. A letter repeating a request that a lamp be fixed for the alley from Cambrian House to the Allt was referred to the Lighting Committee. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The surveyor (Mr J. Adams) said he had fixed a new service pipe at Ceilwert reservoir with equilibrium valve to regulate the intake of water from Bodlyn to that reservoir. There was a slight burst of the main about Ffridd Tyddynmawr. He had written to several owners and representa- tives of property concerning the shameful state of their properties with reference to eave ladder and down spouts. He had received no replies, and the defects had not so far been remedied. The council agreed that if the matters complained of were not remedied the surveyor should submit the names to the council. The report was adopted. WATER, GAS, AND SANITARY COMMITTEE. This committee reported that the surveyor had received a communication from Mr W. R. Davies. Dolgelley, on behalf of Mr Llewelyn Lloyd, in refe- rence to Gibraltar Terrace, and that he had replied thereto. The surveyor also reported an interview which Dr Hughes had with Major Corder with regard to the state of his property in the Marine Terrace. The Surveyor said in reference to Gibraltar Terrace that he believed the matter was in a fair way of being settled. Relative to the interview with Major Corder, he had said he would see his solicitor on the matter.—The report was then adopted. WORKS COMMITTEE. Plans were submitted and recommended to be approved by the Council of proposed house and shop by Mr J. Roberts, Llanaber Road plans of cottages for Mr E. M. Jones; plan of proposed new road by Mr John Abraham on the glebe land plans of proposed bungalow by Mr Robert Evans, Stone- leich. The Surveyor submitted draft regulations for^blasting operations, &c., at Graigfach Quany, and the committee recommended their approval. Respecting the crossing near Pendwnan, a letter was read from Mr C. S. Denniss, manager of the Cambrian Railway Company, stating that the Company proposed erecting a footbridge over the railway, and asking for permission to close the crossing as a footway. The committee recom- mended that a request to repair the parapet in front of houses at Penlan be acceded to.-The report was adopted.—It was decided to adjourn the question of the footbridge in order to have a con- ference with Mr Denniss on the matter. THE RECENT PUBLIC MEETINGS AND THE AFFAIRS OF THE TOWN. A letter was read from Dr. Lloyd, the chairman of the meeting of ratepayers and property owners at which seven gentlemen were appointed to hold a consultation with the Council in regard to the affairs of the town. Mr 0. W. Morris proposed that the deputation be accepted, and that they be received on Friday or Tuesday next at 3 p.m. at the Police Station (laughter).—Mr Wynne Williams agreed that the Police Station would be a proper place to meet them (more laughter).—Mr John Richards seconded Mr Morris's resolution -The Chairman said be was pleased to receive them. If the scheme proposed meant to increase the bur- ii li of the town then they would not accept it. If a number of gentlemen were prepared to hand £ 1000 each up to zE6,000 or zC7,000 to square up matters rhoy would indeed be doing a self-sacrificing act. and p< rhap* the consciences of same were pricking them. If something of that kind was the case he was prepared to pocket his dignity and to receive the deputation, and the Council would un- hesitatirigh pass a most hearty vote of thanks to them. A It they asked was that the Council should meet it, ,his diP) would do and give the best cm id>- to v scheme they could lav r TI had a scheme of their owi, I f 1, 1 e, If they found e, (rt [„ lt rkable the\ vw-nhl bav.> ,<b btf- (i v. >■ if heir o-wrj n\ IL:!ar;;i lr > Mir.s wa ftgn'uafmeetinii (tie Ct ;••••• e- i.nit K- heir schf I,Soli paper.—After discussion ir wad fiec-ded to meet the doyutatiVr- or either Friday or Tuf" da, next. REPORTS. Dr Hughes said the health of the tovn W3,P v^ry good-in fact tco go( d i laughter) —The report of the consulting enginee"" and the rate collector, who had collected the sum of X410 during the month, were received and adopted. MISCELLANEOUS. It was decided to leave the question of the con- struction of a shed to keep the seats on the Parade to the Works Committee.—It was decided to deal that day in committee with the Recreation Ground wall.—The question of celebrating the completion of the waterworks on a popular scale was left to the next meeting, the members in the meantime to consider the matter.