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TOWYN. Notice of all events required to be reported in this journal should be given to our representa- tive, Mr R. R. ROBERTS, 3, Church-street, Towyn, or to the Head Office, Welshpool. PREACHING MEETINGS. — Special sermons are being delivered at the Wesleyan Chapel in aid of the Foreign Mission. The preacher is Mr Wm. Roberts, Maentwrog, a popular lay preacher with the connexion. GOOD TEMPLARS. The attendance on Friday evening was smaller than usual, owing to the tempestuous weather. Two new members were enrolled, and an address on temperance was de- livered by the Rev J. M. Williams. The Rev J. D. Evans was in the chair. MUTUAL IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY. On Monday evening the members attended in good number when a debate took place on Whether public libraries should be supported by voluntary con- tributions or from the rates." It was stated by the Chairman and Mr Whittaker that the society was open to members of all denominations, and it was decided to hold the meetings at Cadvan House on Tuesday evenings. BETHESDA CHAPEL IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY.—The weekly meeting was held on Monday evening, the Rev J. M. Williams in the chair. The meeting was a miscellaneous one, and consisted of a song, "Gwroniaid gwlad y gan," by Mr Hugh E. Lewis; duet, Mae pobpeth yn dda," by the Misses Laura J. Jones and Lowry P. Roberts competition, im- promptu address on Towyn," the first was Mr George Williams; glee, "Deigryn," by a party led by Mr Rowland Owen. The meeting was shortened owing to the lateness of the hour, a preaching meeting being held in the chapel the same evening. TOWYN AND ABERDOVEY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL.—FRIDAY. A meeting of the above Council was held at the Police Station, Towyn. At the commencement of the proceedings the chairman (Mr J. Maethlon James) was not present, and in his absence the chair was occupied by Mr J. M. Howell. There were also present:—Messrs Morris James, Meredith Richards, J. Geufronydd Jones, Edward Jones, D. Edwards, D. Evans, J. D. Evans, John Roberts, and Mrs RowlandE. with Mr W. R. Davies (clerk), Mr R. Barnett (assistant clerk), Mr Ernest Richards (act- ing surveyor), Mr Edward Williams and Mr John Jones (sanitary inspectors). ROADS TAKEN OVER. With reference to the Vicarage Lane havino- been taken over by the Council, the Assistant Clerk said notices had been posted up but objections could be made until some time in December.—Mr Morris James asked if the surveyor had beer acquainted with the fact that Llain Road had been taken over, and the Assistant Clerk replied that that was a long- time since, and he did not know.—On the proposi- tion of Mr Morris James, it was decided to inform the surveyor. THE CLOSING OF A DWELLING HOUSE. Mr Edward Williams (sanitary inspector) repor- ted that Mr Edmund Lewis, Bryncrug, had vacated his dwelling house in accordance with notice given him. ABERDOVEY COMMITTEE'S REPORT. The report of the Aberdovey Committee, with the surveyor's report to the committee, was sub. niitted.-The committee decided to repair Church Street as far as Mr Rawson's house, and that 100 tons of macadam be ordered for the work from Miuffordd.—The surveyor was directed to make the best arrangements he could with Messrs Harrison and Co., and others building on Hopeland View, as to the stoppage of traffic during the time the work in connection with the sewer and surface water drain was in progress.—The matter of the ventila- tion of Hopeland View was deferred.—Tenders for supplying pipes for inlet works of the reservoir were received from Messrs J. and T. Roberts (Coch- rane) and Stanton Iron Company, and the former was accepted.—The surveyor was directed to sell the surplus pipes to Mr J. C. Edwards, Ruabon.— The shelter had been erected on Penbryn, and the inscription for it was expected every day. The wall had been rebuilt, but much remained to be done be- fore the place could be considered satisfactory.— The Surveyor recommended that the engineer and clerk of the works should be consulted as to the purchase of a water meter.—The surplus pipes had since the meeting of the committee been sold to the Dyssyni Valley Drainage Commissioners, which saved the cost of carriage to Ruibou.Air Hugh Morris was anxious to have pavement laid in front of his shop on the Terrace. He suggested that the committee should visit the place.—At a meeting of the committee subsequently held the report of the surveyor was read and adopted.—The committee decided to visit the site of Hopeland View sewer and also Penybryn and the shelter, and recom- mended the Council to pay the cost of the shelter out of the loan account.—It was resolved to extend the sewer up to the path as far as the new houses of Mr W. V. Thomas, erected in Henlog Terrace.— The report was adopted.—It was stated that the cost of the shelter at Penybryn would be about X45. MATTERS RELATING To TOWYN. The report of the surveyor as to Towyn was submitted, and stated that the committee appointed to consider the question of deviating the read at Br-yncrug had met on the road on October 18th, when there were present-Messrs John Roberts, Ed. Jones, G. Jones, of the Council, and Mr Wynne and Mr Henry Evans, the latter as the representative of the School Board. The course of the road was marked out and Mr Wynne promised to consider at what price he would sell the land lying between the road and the school. Mr Wynne stated that he could not contribute more towards the cost of the road than giving the land, but possibly Mrs Scott would subscribe towards improving the road pro- vided the work was done as far as Bird's Rock. Mr Wynne could not allow the road to be deviated at Bank-y-Tyno, but was prepared to allow the neses- sary cutting and filling. He (the surveyor) sug- gested that the clerk should communicate with Mrs Scott. He had been in correspondence with the county surveyor and the matter was to come on at the next meeting of the County Council. The kerbing in connection with Idris Villas had been laid, and the place had been much improved. The work in connection WiLlI the rent shafts would be commenced next week, the piping for the construc- tion having arrived. He submitted a plan and elevation of the house to be built by Mr Lewis Morris.—The surveyor was requested to visit the County Council to lay before the members the facts about the bridge at Bryncrug. THE ROAD AT BRYNCRUG. Mrs Scott, Peniarth Uchaf, wrote that as the proposed new road leading to Llanegryn did not affect her she could not see her way to contribute. If she was allowed to use the road past Craig-y- Deryn she would contribute. RURAL WARD. The report of the surveyor as to the rural ward was next taken. The surveyor stated that Mr Richards, Tyddynyberllaw, and other farmers com- plained that the road leading from Tyno Morgan in a northerly direction to Gesail Road was not pass- able for threshing machines. Mr Vaughan com- plained that a part of the road to the south of Abertrinant Chapel was not safe for heavy traffic. The surveyor suggested certain alterations which could be done at a small cost. The Rhydyronen mountain road -,Iso needed repairing. The main road between Bryndinas and Troedybwlch had been much improved. Complaint had been made, espe. cially by cyclists, of the practice of trimming hedges and leaving thorns, briars, &c., on the sides of the roads. He suggested that notices should be posted requesting farmers and others to discontinue the practice.—A member said he did not think the roads were in a bad condition, and farmers as a rule were careful.—Mr Geufronydd Jones said it was not the branches left that were the most dangerous. Cyclists could avoid them, but it was the little thorns that could not well be cleared (laughter).—Mr Meredith Jones said he thought farmers were not to be blamed; they as a rule did clear the road after them.—The Clerk said some did and others did not.-It was decided to print notices. THE CLAIM FOR ALLOTMENT. A reply was received from Mr R. Gillart, the agent for Mr Corbett, to the letter sent to him by the Council enclosing the application of Mr Richard Thomas for an allotment. Mr Gillart said he would bear Mr Thomas's application in mind, but at pre- sent he regretted that Mr Corbett had no land available for the purpose.-Ttie Chairman said they had done their best, and he did not know what more they could do.—Mr Morris James suggested that they should send again to Mr Shuker, Tymawr. —This was agreed to. INSPECTOR'S REPORT. Mr Edward Williams, sanitary inspector, reported that two cases of measles had been reported to him and in each case disinfectants were used. INSPECTOR'S REPORT: TOWYN. Mr John Jones (sub-inspector) reported that he had asked that the playground of the National Schools should be kept in better condition. No steps had been taken to prevent the cellar at Pen- llyn, which was used as a dairy, from getting flooded in rainy weather. It was dry when he called there last Tuesday but the previous time it was ankle deep in water.—It was decided to inquire further into the matter at Penllyn. A HOUSE TO BE CLOSED AT ABERDOVEY. Mr Hughes Jones, Aberdovey, wrote that he had given notice to Mr Lewis Jones, Aberdovey, to vacate his house.—The Inspector said he under- stood Mr Jones intended to pull the house down and to build a new residence. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NORTH WALES. Mr D. H. Davies, B.A., headmaster of the Towyn County School, was appointed the representative of the Council on the Court of Governors of the University College of North Wales, Bangor. ABERDOVEY BOUNDARY. At the request of Mr Arthur Tomlins who was unable to be present., his motion for the extension of the boundary of Aberdovey was adjourned until the meeting in December. WATER SUPPLY AT ABERDOVEY.-AN AMUSING LETTER. The following letter was read to the meeting and created roars of laughterTo the Chairman of the Local Authority, Towyn. Tanyrallt, Aberdovey, 14th October, 1897.—Dear Sir,—I beg to advise you that we have had a continuous supply of water since Friday last for the first time this year.— Yours respectfully, ISAAC SHERWOOD.The Clerk: Is it this year or last year ? Oh, yes, 14th October, 1897 (more laughter). AGREEMENT. The agreement between Mr Corbett and the Council as to keeping the esplanade in order was signed. ABERDOVEY WATERWORKS. Messrs H. Harrison and Co. and Joseph Dewer, contractors of the Aberdovey Waterworks, wrote drawing attention to the heavy amount of the retention under their contract. The retentions were nominally 25 per cent, but last month they amounted to 40 per cent owing to the difference in the method of measuring up the work done. They would be greatly obliged if the Council could see their way to letting their retention stand at a lump sum of £ 500 which was about 15 per cent and as they had now reached the total of E538 7s 2d they would be glad to receive the balance with their next cheque.—It was decided to leave the matter to the engineer. FREIiJMASONRY. I The annual meeting of the Corbet Lodge of Freemasons, No. 1,583, was held on Thursday, the 11th inst., at the Masonic Rooms, White Hall Hotel, when the ceremony of installing Bro J Chidlaw Roberts, J.W.P.P.G.A.D. of C. to the high position of W.M. for the ensuing year took place. The in. stalling master, Bro N J Preston, P.M.P.G.St., performed the installation ceremony. Bro J Chid- law Roberts, W.M., P.P.G.A.D. of C., appointed the following brethren as officerg:-Bro Wm Davies, I.P.M. Bro H II Hornay, S.W.; Bro J R Jones, J.W.; Bro John Jones, P.M., P.P.G.S.B., P.Z. treasurer; Bro Wm Rowlands, P.M., P.P.G.A.Pur., hon secretary; Bro T C Jones, S.D. Bro James lomlins, P.M., P.P.G.St., J.D. Bro E Maengwyn Davies, organist; Bro N J Preston, P.M., P.G.St., D. of C. Bro Francis, S.S.; Bro W H Hollier, J.S. Bro M James, J.G.; and Bro D A Edwards, Tyler. The following brethren visited the installation :— Bro J A Rowlands, W.M., Orion, 415 Poona; Bro R J Roberts, P.M., P.P.G.A.S.B. 1432; Bro J Vivers 237; Bro J R Dix, P.M., P.P.G.St.; Bro Thos Owen, W.M.,2604, P.M., 1432, 1583; P.A.G.D. of C., Cheshire, Pro. G.A. Sec., Shropshire: Bro E M Gandur, J.W., Q.G.A.F., 1432; Bro Edmund Buckley, W.M., 1369; Bro Edward Williams, 1988; Bro Maldwyn Humphreys, and Bro Griffith, 1988. A grand banquet was given in the evening at the White Hall Hotel, under the management of Mrs Price, the hostess, who, as for many years, provided for the Lodge in a manner which, as always, gave the utmost satisfaction.— The usual masonic toasts were gone through in true masonic spirit. The brethren were ably enter- tained by songs and recitations during the evening, Bro Maldwyn Humphreys sang" Good Company," and other songs with much ability. Bro Llew Williams was in grand form in "The cradle of the deep," and was highly complimented, Bros Preston, Vivers and Rowlands, assisted in the entertainment. All were delighted to again hear our Bro John Jones rendering his now famous song "Nancy Lee." During the evening Bro N J Preston, P.M., and Bro Wm Davies, I.P.M., were presented by the W.M. on behalf of the Brethren of the lodge with massive gold P.M. jewel in recognition of their respective and valuable service rendered to the lodge.