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DOLGELLEY. BENEFICIAL TO DOLGELLEY.— £ 100 given away in reductions at W. S. Williams and Griffith, Commerce House, Dolgelley. Great genuine Clear- ance Sale commencing next Saturday. Our readers will be repaid by visiting the above establishment in securing real useful and new goods afc prices that will astonish them. Remember the popular address. Commerce House. [Advt. THE LATE REV. JOHN EirANs (EGLWYSBACH).— Last Sunday evening at the Wesleyan Chapel, a special service in memory of the above departed and well-known preacher was held, the pastor (Rev S. Parry Jones), deli 'ering an impressive sermon, followed by brief addresses from others present. PLEASANT SOCIAL GATHERING. PRESENTATION TO MR O. O. ROBERTS. On Tuesday evening a representative companv of past and present members of the Idris Choral Society, together with other supporters, sat down to dinner in the Public Rooms, the catering of which was carried out by Mrs Maslin, 4, Eldon Row. The preliminary arrangements were in the hands of a selected committee of choir members, aided by their hon. sec. (Llew Merion), and others. Presiding and assisting at the tables were a number of lady members of the society including Mrs Williams, Clifton House Miss Roberts, Board School; Miss Prichard, Queen's Row; Miss Blodwen Williams, Clifton House; Misses Hughes, Queen's Square; Miss Davies, Bridge Street; Miss Maggie Pierce, Miss Bertha Jones, Cemlyn House; Misses Lloydie and Gwennie Williams, Penbryn House Miss Parry, Bank Build- ings Miss Barnett, Tanyffynon Miss Lewis, Springfield Street; Miss Owen, Minafon; Misses Williams, Derwen House; Miss May Roberts, Union Workhouse, together with a number of other willing hands.-The tables having been cleared, Llew Meirion conducted the after proceedings, and an- nounced that a letter regretting his inability to bo present had been received from Mr R. Jones Griffith, Coedcymer, and also from Mr J. Leigh Taylor, The Cliffe (President of the Society), who sincerely regretted at the last moment his in- ability to be present owing to indisposition.-Llew Meirion said that all of them present very much regretted the absence of Mr Leigh Taylor, as they all well knew of the sincere interest he took in the work of the society, and also in the Meirion Eisteddfod. He formally moved that a suitable acknowledgment be sent to Mr Taylor and sincerely regretting the cause of his absence.—Mr W. Grimth (a member of the society) seconded, and the motion was unanimously agreed to.The pleasing ceremony followed of making a hand- some presentation to Mr O. O. Roberts, the able and indefatigable conductor of the Society, in recognition of his long, faithful, and voluntary efficient services in connection with music generally in the town and district, and as a small token of the Society's sincere sympathy with him in his present family affliction. In the unavoidable absence of Mr Taylor, Mrs Jones Parry, Bank House, at the request of the meeting kindly consented to make the presentation, which was fulfilled in suitable terms and amidst much enthusiasm. Mr Roberts returned his acknowledgment in a brief address and was warmly received. He said there were several things in connection with this movement most gratifying to him. It was unsolicited, unex- pected, and spontaneous, Another factor was that it came, it Ptarted from those who knew him best, and with those whom he had worked with for many years. It showed also, and he took it, that his efforts were appreciated (loud cheers). It was the highest gratification for anyone to learn that his efforts were appreciated. He appreciated their kindness and sympathy more than words could convey. He desired to thank them all, and particularly those who had taken active part in the movement, and those who had subscribed. In conclusion, he would repeat in the simple words of a great man who last week was presented in another place" and say Diolch i chwi o waelod fy nghalon, a pha beth bynag yw fy ffaeleddau, &c., does neb yn eu gwybod yn well na mi fy hun (loud cheers).—Complimen- tary adresses pointing to the valuable work and unceasing efforts of Mr Roberts and the elevating character of the work of the Idris Choral Society now carried on unhindered for 25 years, followed by Messrs E. W. Evans (Frondirion), Llew Meirion, W. Griffith, J. Rowlands, R. Barnett, G. Pierce, Evan James.—During the proceedings musical con- tributions were given by Messrs J. J. Thomas (Talsarnau), G. Pierce, and Evan James. Messrs M. W. Griffith and D. J. Williams accompanied. The eventful preceedings closed with a vote of thanks to Mrs Jones Parry, moved by Mr 0. 0. Roberts, and seconded by Prof. Griffith.