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TOWYN. THE SAD FATALITY AT WREXHAM GASWORKS.— The young man Walker who made several gallant attempts to rescue the man Hesketh at the above works, and who finally succeeded in getting him from the cellar ubder the purifier, is a brother of Mr W. Lee Walker, clerk of the works on the beach. An attempt is being made to reward his gallantry. THE BAND.-Membors of the band are busy col- lecting funds towards securing new lamps. We understand that their appeal is not in vain as their reception is all that could be expected. As the official band it has special grounds for asking for support this winter inasmuch as they have on several occasions delighted both the visitors and the inhabitants of the town. GOOD TEMPLARS.—On Friday evening an open lodge was held, under the presidency of the Rev. J. D. Evans, Chief Templar. It had been decided that ths Rev. Edmund Griffith, Liverpool, a delegate from the Grand Lodge, should address the meeting, and consequently there was a large attendance. The Rev. gentleman delivered a most practical address on temperance, dealing more especially with the progress Good Templarship had made .during the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria.- Addresses were also delivered by the Rev. J. D. Evans, Mr J. liar Davies, the Rev. J. M. Williams, and the Rev. J. H. Syniond.-On the suggestion of the Rev. Edward Griffith, all the members took upon themselves the responsibility of making an attempt to bring a friend to be made a member of the Lodge. The meeting was considered to be a PQCCQSSful oue. ST. JOHN AMBULANCE ASSOCIATION.—The Towyn branch of the above association held their first meeting on Wednesday evening at the National School, Dr H. G. Jones being the lecturer. The class is confined to 30 members, but we understand that over 40 persons have already applied for membership. REHEARSAL.—On Friday evening the Calvinistic Methodists held a rehearsal at their places of wor- ship. It is said that the singing was not up to the usual standard, but a great improvement is ex- pected at the next rehearsal, which will be held in a month's time. Mr J. T. Rees, Aberystwyth, was the conductor. WESLEY GuILD.-An entertainment was given on Tuesday evening, the Rev R Jones in the chair. Mr J. Jones, junior, gave out the hymn and opened the meeting with prayer. Then followed an address by the Chairman; quartette, "Sychu y dagrau," Miss Davies and party; recitation, "Evan a Hugh," Miss B. M. Jones; in the competition for describing an object the prize was taken by Mr Hugh Jones; song, The Mispah song, Mr D. 0. Jones; adroddiad, "Arwrgerdd Madog," Mr William Evans, (Gwilym Crug) quartette, Cyfodwn, awn i ryfel," Miss Jones and party. Three new members were enrolled, and about 50 of the members were present.