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MERIONETH COUNTY GOVERNING BODY. The quarterly meeting of the above body was held on Thursday at the Police Station, Barmouth, under the presidency of Dr Edward Jones, Dolgelley. The following members were also present:—Mr T. E. Ellis, M.P.; Professor Edward Edwards, M.A., University College of Wales, Aberystwyth; Mr Haydn Jones and Mrs Rowlands, Towyn Dr Roger Hughes, Bala: Mr E. P. Jones, Blaenyddol, Festiniog; Mr Andreas Roberts, Festiniog Mr R. 0. Jones, Festiniog; Mr John Davies, Dyffryn Mr W. P. Evans, Mr W. Evans, Trawsfynydd; Mrs Burton, Bala; and Mrs Price, Rhiwlas; with Mr Jones (headmaster Barmouth County School), Mr Todd (headmaster Festiniog School), and Mr W. T. Lloyd (assistant clerk). BARMOUTH SCHOOL SITE. A letter was received from the Charity Com- missioners in which they stated that in view of the difficulty that had arisen with regard to the vendor's title to the site on which it was intended to build the new County School at Barmouth they had decided that all proceedings to vest the property in the official trustee should be deferred for twelve months, and in the meantime the conveyance should be retained by the Commissioners.—Mr T. E. Ellis, M.P., asked if that meant that the building operations were to be discontinued ?—The Chair- man replied that he did not think so. Are you of opinion that we had better write to ask them ?— Mr Ellis said he thought it better not, but that they should proceed with the work.—The Chairman agreed with this opinion. FESTINIOG SCHOOL. Plans and specifications of the Festiniog School were returned by the Charity Commissioners, with their architect's recommendations as to slight alterations. After a little discussion they were re- ferred to the consideration of the Festiniog Local Governors. The deed of conveyance of the Festiniog School site was submitted and signed. REPAIRS TO BALA BOYS' SCHOOL. A communication from the Charity Commis- sioners was received sanctioning the sale of £ 500 worth of consols to meet the cost of repairs needed at Bala School.—The Governors signed the authority on the proposition of Mr Haydn Jones (Towyn), seconded by Mr Andreas Roberts (Festiniog). BALA BOYS' SCHOOL. A communication was read from the Charity Commissioners stating that as the Bala Managers had not complied with certain conditions the grant of zC300 from the Building Fund for the purpose of the Boys' School had failed. Under the circum- stances, however, the Commissioners would allow the County Governing Body to pay over to the Bala School managers out of the general fund the sum of £ 300 if that amount were repaid by the school managers.—It was agreed to sign a cheque in favour of Bala School. COUNTY EXHIBITIONS EXAMINATION. Professor Edward Edwards laid before the Board the result of the above examination. He said that the examination for the two ClO exhibitions offered this year by the Merionethshire County Governing Body to the best boy and girl in the Merioneth County Schools, was held on Friday and Saturday October 14th and 15th, at the County School, Bar- mouth. The science papers were set by Professor Phillips, Bangor, and the arts paper by Professor Edwards, Aberystwyth, as Professor Anwyl could not undertake the work owing to the unfortunate delay in holding the examination. The papers were all of the matriculation standard and the tnai k- ing in each subject was strict and severe, for the examiners maintain that it is of the utmost im- portance to keep the standard of this examination as high as possible. For the exhibitions only seven candidates appeared, four girls and two boys, and on the whole the papers were well done, which reflects the greatest credit ou the general pftki- eucy of the teaching in the county school Bat ',0 this excellence of work there was one serious ex- ception for only two out of the s,v 'ti candidates e secured over 20 per cent. of the marks in the math- ematics paper. In the case of the boys the com petition lie. between R. T. Jenkins and Edward Hughes, for D. LI. Hughes only offered four sub- jects against their six, and as he did badly in physics and mathematics he was quite out of the STothprY 6 of an excellent paper in chemistry. The other two candidates are very good, and we are sorry there is only one exhibition to offer for vim T1Ward HuShes is forward all round, but It. 1. Jenkins, Bala, has done some brilliant work in his history, Welsh, French, and Latin papers, and all his unseen translations are really most creditably drne, and it is to him that we award the boys exhibition. In the girls' competition the rrenchand the botany papers were, without ex- ception, very satisfactorily done, while the Latin was weak, and the English moderate. There is no doubt that the best all round papers were sent in by Elsie Jones, Barmouth, whose history and French work was excellent, and who, alone of the girls, got credit for her mathematics paper. She fully deserves the exhibition offered to the girls. Below is appended a full table of their marks: MAXIMUM FOR FACH PAPER—300. English History Welsh French Latin Math. Phys. Chem. Bot. Totl Elsie Jones 158 226 191 224 113 63 975 May Ellis 69 114 152 158 0 174 667 Annie Jones 53 101 123 0 105 186 568 Mary J. Jones 145 218 186 214 118 0 881 R. T. Jenkins 181 224 230 236 229 0 1100 I D. LI. Hughes 95 0 0 225 320 Edward Hughes 190 177 166 179 144 84 — 940 Considerable discussion took place on a sugges- tion by Professor Edwards that next year better arrangements should be made for the examination. -Several of the members were of opinion that prop3r arrangements had been made for this year's examination, but that they bad not been carried out.—The Chairman explained that since the arrangements had been to a great extent delegated to a committee, the clerk might be under the im. pression that the committee would carry them out. -On the motion of Air E. P. Jones it was agreed since the clerk was not present to proceed with the business. LLANEGRYN CHARITY. A letter was read from Mr W. R. M. Wynne, Peniarth, asking for the decision of the Body as to whether the master's salary at Llanegryn under H ugh Owen's Charity was to be paid up to the date of the official notice (August 20th) or to the date of the approval of the scheme (May 18th). Mr Wynne also enclosed plans of the proposed altera- tions at the Llanegryn School buildings.-The Chairman explained how the charity had been transferred to that Body, and said that Mr Wynne stated that he was only informed of this in August last and not in May, therefore he asked that the salary of the headmaster be paid to August and not to May. Professor Edward Edwards inquired who was meant by the headmaster ?-Mr Hadyn Jones The Rev David Hughes, vicar.—Reference was also made to the school building and the headmaster's house, and Mr Hadyn Jones made a proposition that a committee from that Body be appointed to visit Llanegryn and inquire into the matter. They could then see in what state the school buildings were, and also examine the plans of the proposed alterations. They could also ascertain what trusts the Governors were about to take over. He believed the Rev D. Hughes was entitled to the salary asked for.—On the motion of Mrs Rowlands it was agreed to pay the headmaster's salary to the 20th of August.—Mr E. P. Jones seconded, and the motion was carried.—The committee was then appointed as follows:-Dr Edward Jones, Mr Haydn Jones, Professor E. Edwards, and Mr E. P. Jones.