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THE CORBETT ESTATE, TOW N-ON-S A ON THE CARDIGAN BAY COAST, NORTH WALES. BUILDING LAND FOR SALE OR TO BE LET ON LONG BUILDING LEASES. WELL PLANNED AND LAID OUT. FINEST BEACH FOR BATHING. MOST HEALTHY DISTRICT. FINE ROADS. SEWERED ON THE MOST SANITARY PRINCIPLES OF CONSTRUCTION. PUREST SPRING WATER FROM THE MOUNTAINS. ONE OF THE FINEST ESPLANADES IN WALES. For Particulars, apply Messrs. TAPP AND JONES, 1, Princess Street, Great George Street, Westminster, S.W.; or to Messrs. R. GILLAET AND SONS, Towyn, Merioneth. ADDttESSES. UHAS. H. YOUNG, THE COUNTY STUDIOS, DOLGELLEY, TOWYN & ABERDOVEY. MR. YOUNG came to this neighbourhood from the well-known studios of MESSRS. DOWNEY AND SON, THE ROYAL PHOTOGRAPHERS, LONDON, And his work will be found fully equal to that pro- duced by the best London artists. LARGE SELECTION OF VIEWS AND MATERIALS FOR ARTISTS. J. CARTER, TOWN PORTER AND CAB PROPRIETOR LIVERY STABLES, TOWYN. VEHICLES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION FOR HIR Good and Steady Horses and Reliable Drivers. OMNIBUS MEETS EVERY TRAIN. H. W. GRIFFITHS, BOOT & SHOE WAREHOUSE. Visitors and others will find a large and well. selected Stock of all kinds of BOOTS, SHOES, SLIPPERS, SAND & TENNIS SHOES, LACES, SOCKS, BOOT POLISHES, CREAMS, &c., &c. ALL KINDS OF REPAIRS DONE ON THE PREMISES. AGENT FOR THE WELL-KNOWN "K" BOOTS. NOTH THE ADDRESS :— 7, COLLEGE GREEN, TOWYN. TTTDICIOUS Creates many a New Busi- ness; Enlarges many an Old Business; Revives many a Dull Business; Rescies many a Lost Business; Saves many a Fal- ling Business; Preserves many a Large Business and Secures success A DVERTISING in any Business.. ADDRESSES. THE SALE OF THE SEASON IS THE SONG OF THE DAY. ARNFIELD S ANNUAL SALE PIANOS, NEW INSTRUMENTS, RETURNED FROM THIS SEASON'S HIRE BY THE BEST LONDON MAKERS, AT A GREATLY REDUCED PRICE. AMERICAN ORGANS, HARMONIUMS, RELIABLE MAKERS, PERSONALLY SELECTED BY MR. W. H. PYEMONT. fi CHEAP TIOKETS v DURING THIS MONTH ARE ISSUED BY THE CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS CO. TO VIEW THIS LARGE AND VARIED STOCK AT DOLGELLEY & JJARMOUTH. O THE SALE OF THE DAY IS THE SONG of THE SEASON, "srrAR OF HOPE," IN C AND F (SEREN GOBAITH), By NORMAN McLEOD .TONES, A.R.C.M. English and Welsh Words. ALL COMMUNICATIONS ————— ARNF.IELD'S, DOLGELLEY. T. F. WALTON, ALE, WINE, AND SPI RTT MERCHANT, LLWYN ARMS, DOLGELLEY. SOLE AGENT FOR DOLGELLEY AND DISTRICT FOR BOWEN & McKECHNIE, LONDON. T. F. W. begs to inform the public and visitors that he has a splendid stock of all the leading special Brands of Wines and Spirits that are in the market, and sold at co-operative prices. Rums 2s. Id., 2s. 6d., 3s.; Gins, 2s. Id., 2s. 6d., 3s.; Holland Gin, 3s. 6d.; Brandy for cooking, 3s. and 3s. 6d.; Cognac Brandy, 4s. 6d.; Riva Rubio & Co.'s Brandy, 5s.; Martell's 6s. 6d.; Sherries from Is. 6d., 2s. 6d. Royal Victoria Sherry (highly recommended), 3s.; Tarragona Port, Is. 6d.,2s. 3d.; Invalid Port (highly recommended by the medical profession), 2s. 6d.; Silvas Old Crusted, 4s.; Taylor's Old Tawny, 3s. 6d.; Croft's 3s. 6d., 4s. 6d. Clarets-Cantanac, Is. 6d.; Medoc, 2s.; Burgundy Emu Brand, 2s.; Tintara, 3s. Flagons, 6d. extra, returnable. Champagnes and Liqueurs, Bass' Pale Ale, and Guinness's Stout, in bottles, put in one or two-dozen cases, to suit customers. Schweppe's and Edisbury's Mineral Waters. WHTSKEYS (SPecial Value).—SCOTCH Royal Blend, 4s. per bottle; Dunrobin, 3s. 9d.; Gordon Highland Whiskey, 3s. 6d.; Gordon Old Liqueur, 4s.; Melrose, 10 yrs old, 4s.; O.B. Glenlevit, 3s. 7d.; Glen Alva, 3s. Id.; Extra Special Liqueur, 15 yrs. old, 4s. 6d; J. Haigh and Co.'p Glenleven, 3s. 9d.—IRISH Kenmare's, 3s. Id.; Kinahan's L.L. Whiskey, 3s. 7d.; Henry Thompson's, 3s. 6d.; J. Jameson's, 3s. 9d.; Geo. Roe's G.R. Whiskey, guaranteed 7 yrs. old, 3s. 6d. LARGE OR SMALL CASKS ALWAYS IN STOCK. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. K. AND J. OWEN, FAMILY GROCERS, British and Foreign Fruiterers, Greengrocers, &c., 16, HIGH STREET, TOWYN. 4 All Orders promptly attended to. Poultry killed j to order. Bala and Axe's Mineral Waters supplied. Families waited on daily.for orders. I ROBERT LEWIS, BILLPOSTER, MARKET HALL, DOLGELLEY. GOOD POSTING STATIONS. I CONTRACTS TAKEN. PUBLIC NOTICES. TOWYN-ON-SEA, CARDIGAN BAY, NORTH WALES. MERIONETHSHIRE. SEVERAL EXCELLENT NEWLY-BUILT VILLA RESIDENCES TO LET AT THIS POPULAR RESORT. Houses contain all domestic requirements; sanita- tion perfect; pure water from the Welsh moun- tains healthy and attractive neighbourhood de- tached and semi detached Villas and Terrace Houses, all adjoining or near Promenade and facing sea; Hunting, Fishing, and Golf Links in district.— For further particulars, apply to Messrs It. Gillart and Sons, Land Agents and Auctioneers, Towya (Merioneth) and Machynlleth. TOWYN COUNTY SCHOOL. HEAD MASTER MR. D. H. DAVIES, B.A. MISTRESS: MISS J. E. JENKINS. SCIENCE MASTER MR. THOMAS JONES, A.R.C.S. CLASSICAL MASTER MR. THOMAS G. ROBERTS, B.A., Late of the University of Paris. Music: MISS MAY ROBERTS. Holder of two Senior Giade Certificates by R.A.M. and R.C.M. TEACHER OF COOKERY AND LAUNDRY WORK MISS A. DANIEL, 1st Class Diplomce N.T.S.C., London. In commodious and permanent buildings. A Chemical Laboratory equipped for 30 students with the best apparatus procurable, now ready. Also a School of Cookery and Laundry Work for the Girls The Annual SCHOLARSHIPS EXAMINATION will be held in July. For all particulars apply to the Clerk. 1 J Classes formed to prepare for Matriculation at the Universities of London and Wales. Tuition fees, £5 per annum. Boarders received by Headmaster at low charges. Prospectus on application to HEADMASTER, o E. J. EVANS, Clerk. TOWYN, MERIONETH. RICHARD R. DAVIES, IDRIS MONUMENTAL WORKS STATION ROAD. MONUMENTS, TOMBS, HEADSTONES CROSSES AND KERB-STONES, Of every Description, IN MARBLE, GRANITE, AND STONE. Orders from distance to clean, re-letter, and repair all kinds of Monuments (without removal) promptly attended.