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TENBY. RECENT ARRIVALS. Addison, Mrs 6 Rock House Brodie Sir Benjamin, Lady and tamilv, Cowley House, Oxford Man or beer Budd, Major-General R. and family Tenby llouse Bonnar-Maurice, Mr and family, Bodynfoel (rower House Barlow, O. J. Esq. and Mrs, WoodhUl, Bath 1 St. Julian Terrace Bloome, M. Esq, Aberford, Yorkshire North Cliff House Bloome, Arthur, Esq. Aberford, Yorkshire North Cliff House Bloome. Miss, Aberford, Yorkshire North CliiT House Bray, Mr High Street (Mr Seip) Barnes, J, Esq. I Campbell House Clarke, Mr and Mrs 19 Norton Colvin, Mis and family, Richmond, Surrey Tuder Place Crowe, Mrs 7 Bellevue Cusse, Mrs 6 High Street Chamberlain, W. Esq. White T-ion Hotel Evans, Mrs and family; 30, Cumberland Terrace, London 3 Rock House Edwards, Rev. William E., Mrs and family, OJ'tefon Vicarage, Ludlow 1 North Cliff House Foley, Mr and Mrs 6 High Street Fookes. Mrs 7 Croft Terrace Farquarhson, Rev. R. 7 Croft Terrace- Fothergill, R. Esq. Mrs and family Sion House' Grimley, E. Fcarn, Esq. and Mrs, Acock's Green, near Birmingham Woodbine Cottage Gillett, Rev. G. E., Mrs and family, Waltham Rectory, LeicestersJiii e 1 Belmont Gregory, W. Esq. White Lion Hotel Greenland, Mr and family 2 Belmont Howell, Mrs Gwynne and family 7 Rock House Hartley, Mr South Cliff House Hall, Mr and Miss, Newcastle, Staffordshire I Croft Terrace Hall, Henry, Esq. and Mrs, Piltville Hi.rise, New- castle, Staffordshire 1 Croft Terrace Irvine, W. A. Esq. Clifton 3 St. Julian Terrace Jackson, Hugh, Esq, Mrs and Miss, Etc ell 3 Belmont Jackson, T. Graham, Esq, Ewell 3 Belmont Kelly, Captain 3 St. Julian Terrace Leaf, Mr and Mrs 4 Rock Terrace Lcdsam, Mrs Norton Lakin, Mr and family Cobourg Hotel Lowndes, Rev. L. S., Mrs and family 3 Norton Levy, Mr White Lion Hotel Mackintosh, Mrs and Miss Post Office Massey, E. T. Esq and family, Cottesmore 2 Croft Terrace Marks, Mr, Mr-; and family, London 2 Bridge Street Maclaurin, Mr 7 High Street Mortimer, Captain Charles and Mrs 5 St Julian Terrace M'Adam, Mr Cobourg Hotel Meredith, Mr i Paragon May, Mr and family 2 Rock House Ouslow, Lieutenant. II. C. R.N., and Mrs, Ply- mouth 4 Croft Terrace Odell, Mr 3 Bohuout Payn, J. Esq, Mrs and family, Gloucester Crescent, Hyde. Park 8 Croft Terrace Payn, Mrs, Purton House. Wilts 8 Croft 'I errace Prower, Major, Mrs and family, Purton House, Wilts 8 Croft Terrace Parker, Rev. William and family 8 Norton Penrose, Miss c., lhtkds House, near Neath Bath House Potter, Miss 2 Norton Phelps, Mrs Tuder Place (Mrs Rowe) Rideout, if. W. Esq, Mrs and family, Bath 14 Norton Robinson, Miss Cheltenham 3 Bellevue Robinson, W. G. Esq, Oriel College, Oxford 3 Bellevue Randolph, Rev. G. and Mrs 2 Bellevue Sewell, W. Esq. and Mrs Miiford House Small, Mr and Mrs, liotherwood, Leicestershire 2 North Cliff House Smith, Sydney, Esq, Man-yield 4 Bellevue Simonds, Mr and Mrs, Brighton 1 Rock House Sandall, Mrs and Miss Rosa, Leamington 1 Bellevue Steele, Mr Bellevue House Stonf, Captain 8 Bellevue Smith, Rev. Mr 9 Croft Terrace Smith, Mr and Mrs More 9 Croft Terract Witt, the Misses. Ashhy-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire 2 North Cliff House Wheeler. Rev. G. Domville, Mrs and family, Wol- ford. Vicar age, Warwickshire 6 Rock House Walford, Mr, Lowndes Square, London Rockviile Walton, Mr and Mrs, Surbiton 3 Rock Terrace Williams, Major B. R. aad Mrs, Anglesea, Hants 3 St. Julian Terrace Williams, B. T. Esq. and family Saundersfoot Whetstone, Mr an<l Mrs, Leicester 1 Rock House Williams, Joshua, Esq. and Mrs, Lhilais He we., war Neath Bath House- Walsh, J. H. Esq., Mrs and family 8 Norton Wynne, Rev. J. and Mrs 3 Marine Terrace Wilson, Miss 3 Marine Terrace Woods, llees, Esq. '2 Kent; House