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PEMBROKE-DOCK TWENTY-FIRST ANNUAL Dog and Poultry Shorn WILL BE HELD On WEDNESDAY, Nov. 23rd, Judges: Messrs. S. CRABTREE and O. E. HODGES. GRAND BABY SHOW IN THE AFTERNOON. Band and other Attractions during the Evening. SCHEDULES from A. W. LEWIS, Hon. Sec. A SPECIAL TRAIN, leaving Pembroke-Dock at 9.30 p.m., will run as far as Tenby, calling at intermediate Stations. PUBLIO 1ST OTIOE. TENBY RATEPAYERS' ASSOCIATION. WILL those Ratepayers who have not returned their Forms kindly send them, filled up, together with their subscription to the Secretary, 4, Clareston Road; and any Ratepayer wishing to join the Association can obtain the necessary Forms by applying to the Secretary to Mr WILLIAM PHILIPS, Grocer, Upper Frog Street: or at my office. By order of the Committee, J. PREECE JAMES, Tenby, November 8th, 1910. Chairman. BOROUGH OF TENBY. TENDERS are invited for PAINTING the exterior JL of the CARGO STORKS situate on the Old Pier, particulars of which may be obtained from the undersigned. Sealed Tenders, endorsed "Shed on Pier," to be delivered to me not later than Nine a.m., MONDAT, November 21st. B. MORLEY, Borough Surveyor. Tenby, November 15th, 1910. TO BTTILIDEIRyS- PERSONS desirous of Tendering for the Erection 1 of a SEA SIDE RESIDENCE. MOTOR HOUSE AND BOUNDARY WALLS, near the Golf Links, Tenby, may see the Plans and Speci- fications at my office. Sealed Tenders to be sent in to the undersigned on or before TUESDAY, the 22nd day of November, 1910. The lowest or any other Tender not necessarily accepted. J. PREECE JAMES, Architect, Tenby, November 8, 1910. Tenby. F. BILLING, BELLEVUE FRUIT STORES. APPLES. CHOICE DESSERT-Allington, Princess, King, Newtown and other Pippins, 3d. to 6d. per lb. COOKING APPLES from 2d. per lb. Extra large Warner's King, 4d. CHOICE HOT-HOUSE CRAPES. Gros Colmar, Gros Maroc, and Ali- cante 1/6 to 2/3 per lb. Almeria Green Grapes, best quality, 6d. per lb. GRAPE FRUIT—choice Jamaica, 31d. to 5d. each. F. BILLING, BELLEVUE, TENEY. For Your Health's Sake! DRINK. PURE CHINA TEA. Special brands to be obtained only at Palmer's Stores 10, High Street AND 15, Warren Street. PRICES 1/8, 2/ 2/6, 2/10 and 4/- per lb. Free Samples on application. EDWIN LLOYD, Ironmonger and Builders' Merchant. SOLE AGENT FOR CARSONS' MURALINE AND CELEBRATED OIL PAINTS. ALSO FOR WARD'S WELL-KNOWN GARDEN AND AGRICULTURAL SEEDS. Agent for the South Wales Portland Cement (Used by H.M. Government); *> PURIMACHOS FIRE CEMENT; AND THE BEST MAKERS OF SHEFFIELD CUTLERY & TOOLS. The large and varied Stock includes -FISZHEIZNTO- TACKLE, LAWN MOWERS, GARDEN IMPLEMENTS, HANDY WEEK-END CASES, DRES'3 BASKETS, TRUNKS, BEDSTEADS, A 6!d. BAZAAR, And almost every Household Requisite. Royal Daylight Petroleum and Incandescent Cas Mantles always in Stock. Experienced Workmen engaged on the Premises. TELEPHONE No. 15. ST. OSWALD'S HOUSE, TENBY.—To Let, Furnished, for the winter, on favourable terms. Three Sitting-rooms, seven Bedrooms, Kitchen and usual uttices. Nice Garden and Workshop. Charming situation. Good sanitary arrangements. An offer to purchase would be considered. Further particulars of Mr F. B. MASON, House and Estate Agent, Tenby. ) PUBLIC HALL, TEN BY. Sale of Household Furniture and Miscellaneous Effects, being surplus Goods removed from Glenwood, Tenby, and other sources. MR. FRANK B. MASON Will Sell by Auction, in the above Hall, on WEDNESDAY, November 23, 1910, A LARGE ASSEMBLAGE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND OTHER EFFECTS. A few lots of JEWELLERY, GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, Gold Rings, Brooches, Neck Chains, curious old Tortoiseshell Necklet. lOOoz. OF SILVER. PLATED GOODS. A White Enamelled BEDROOM SUITE. Mahogany Double Washstand. Stained as Walnut BEDROOM SUITE, comprising a 6ft. Wardrobe, a 4ft. Dressing Table, ditto Washstand and Pedestal Cupboard. A 4ft. Walnut Writing Table. Two Easy Chairs covered in saddlebags. An antique Mahogany 2-flap Table. A Dining Table with carved legs. A corner CHINA CABINET. Gent.'s Wardrobe. Extending Dining Table with extra leaf. A 4ft. Gin. Burr-Walnut DUCHESSE DRESSING TABLE, fitted with 7 drawers and swing glass over, and ditto Washstand with drawer and marble top. A fine Pedestal Dressing Table, fitted with 13 drawers. A 4ft. Mahogany Dining Table with 3 extra leaves. An American Organ in walnut case.(by C. Curtis). Two Mahogany-frame Easy Chairs. Small MAHOGANY CABINET, enclosed by two trellis glazed doors. A Mahogany Overmantel. A Striking Clock in black marble case. Coloured Prints, etc., etc. A Mahogany Chest of five Drawers several Stew-pans and Covers. Plated Teapots; Old English Inlaid Straight front Chest of four Drawers. A TURKEY CARPET, 18ft. x Oft. Antique Oak Panelled Chest of five Drawers. PAINTED WHITE BEDROOM SUITE, comprising Hanging Wardrobe, Dressing Chest of Drawers, Washstand, etc. A 5ft. Inlaid Sideboard a 3ft. Gin. Ash Hanging Wardrobe; a 6ft. Gin. Walnut frame Chesterfield Settee; a 3ft. 3in. Mahogany Chest of Drawers. A Mahogany Dressing Table; a 4ft. Gin. Inlaid Walnut China Cabinet. An Ebonized and Amboyna Wood Writing Table. A 4ft. 6in. Mahogany Dining Table. A 4ft. Walnut Chiffonier; a pair of large Mahogany Arm Chairs. A Double Barrel BREECH-LOADING GUN, and two Single Barrel GUNS. Also" AN UPRIGHT OVERSTRUNG" XLCIA PLAYER PIANO, Full Iron Frame, Check Action, Transposing Bar. Gained a Medal and Diploma in 1909 Earl's Court Exhibition. Cost over £100. TERMS CASH. Goods on view day previous and morning of Sale. Sale to commence at Two o'clock p■rompt. Admission to Sale-room SIXPENCE, which will be credited to every purchaser. Auction Offices—St. Julian Street, Tenbv, October 13th, 1910 I II T. P. HUGHES ANNOUNCES A GREAT SALE OF LACE CURTAINS From TO-DAY to the end of next I Week. The Stock, about 600 pairs in all, are a Manufacturer's clearing range of discontinued patterns and are quite 25 per cent. under value. Prices range from ,1/11i to 15/11 I per pair. Don't miss this opportunity! The Curtains are well worth storing until the Spring, when all Cotton Goods are bound to be nitich dearer. I T. P. HUGHES, High Street 8cJrrog Street, TENBY. II, I EVERYBODY WHO HAS TRIED L!VESEY\S LINSEED LINCTUS FOR COUGHS SPEAK WELL OF IT. Sold in 1/- Bottles BY The TENBY DRUC STORES, (OPPOSITE TOWN HALL), TENBT. MRS. W. A. GARTHWAITE (L. C. HAY, L.R.A.M.), ^CCOZMZDP^LZIsriST. Lessons given in Pianoforte Playing. For Terms apply EATON COTTAGE, TENBY. APARTMENTS.—To Let, one Sitting and one or two Bedrooms.—Apply 3, Queen's Parade, Tenby. FARMHOUSE APARTMENTS.—To Let, con- JT taining 4 Bedrooms and 2 Sitting-rooms. J. BRACE, Park Farm, Manorbier. PITMAN(S SHORTHAND. The" SUVCESS" j. Postal Lessons, 12 for 12/6, cannot be beaten. Failure impossible. — DANIEL JONES, F.I.P.S., F. hc. S. T., The Well-known Coach, NEATH. W. IVY GIBBS I THE HOUSE t FOR • BEST QTJALITY r-i'i'u-iil A.ND 0, VALUE, IN Ladies' and Gent.'s COATS, RAINPROOFS AND MACKINTOSHES. A LARGE STOCK OF Best Manufacturers' Goods IN BLANKETS, HOUSEHOLD LINENS. CARPETS, RUGS, MATS. BEDSTEADS AND BEDDING. Funerals completely Furnished. Sole Ageqt Ell Prompt f°r 1^ Dispatch IPERTHI Tenby and |DYE| J6F District. WORKS quick returi]. OLDEST AND.BEST. II MILFORD HOUSE, TENBY. HALLSVILLE HOUSE. VICTORIA STREET, TENBY.—To Let, UNFURNISHED contains 8 Bed- rooms, 4 Sitting-rooms, Bath-room and ueual offices. No basement. Excellent sanitary arrangements. Moderate rent. Apply Mr F. B. MASON, House and Estate Agent, Tenby. RICHARDS' TYPEWRITING DEPOT.—All kinds of Typing promptly executed. Price lists free. Satisfaction guaranteed. Personal Tuition in Type- writing a speciality. Sole local agent for Smith Premier Typewriter Co. 10, Park Road, Tenby. WEDDING GIFT.—Lady offers magnificent 7-guinea Service, A1 quality Plate (stamped), six each Table Dessert Spoons, Forks, Tea-and Egg Spoons (36 pieces), unsoiled; accept 25/ Approval. Write "Gift," Observer Office, Tenby. MOLE SKINS.—GK: RARD BROTHERS, Furriers, EDINBURGH, announce increase in price for MOLE SKINS. Send for Particulars. FOR SALE,—Best strains WHITE LEGHORN and WYANDOTTE COCKERELS, 4/6 and 5/6 each. Apply E. F. WALL, Clifton Rock, Tenby. -.Á- Wr ANTED, experienced GENERAL SERVANT; must be a good cook. Good wages, and a comfortable situation for a suitable person. Apply Mrs HIGGON DUNN, Brandwood Cottage, Tenby. COMPETENT GARDENER requires employment ci by the day. Late of De Valence Gardens. ROBERT GALL, The Green, Tenby.




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