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REFUSED FOR LIFE IN- SURANCE. T'1 BEFORE USING DOAN'S PILLS: PASSED BY TWO DOCTORS AFTER- WARDS. Mr. TVm. Walker, of Braefoot Place, Douglas, Lanark, N.B., who says:— "When I was stooping over at my work some years ago I was suddenly seized with a violent v pain in my back. It completely crippled mo, and I had to be helped home; I couldn't walk a step. During the next week or two I grew rapidly worse. The water was sandy and difficult to pass, although there was a repeated desire to re- move the bladder, and I had to keep getting up in the night. What with these disturbances and backache and rheumatic pains, I never knew what it was to get a good night's sleep. I took bottle after bottle of the doctor's medi- cine, but it was doing me no good, and for three months I had to be idle, without any income—a serious matter for me, as I am a married man with four children. "I was in a miserable frame of mind, feeling convinced I should never get any better, when I happened to read about Doan's Backache Kidney Pills. I thought I might as well try them, and to my great relief they soon seemed to be doing rae good. My back wasn't so bad, I could stoop about more easily, and the limbs weren't so stiff and rheumatic. The water began to get clearer, and as I kept on with the pills they gradually removed every trace of the kidney complaint and bladder weakness. That was EIGHTEEN MONTHS AGO now, and ever since then there has been no sign of my old trouble, and I have been keeping at work regularly. I get up every morning feeling fit and and well, and think nothing of the eight miles I have to walk each day. I owe my life to Doan's Pills, and cannot praise them too highly. Shortly before my breakdown I went to a doctor to be examined for Life Insurance, but after a careful examination he said I had kidney disease, and he could not pass vie. For years before that I had been troubled occasionally with pains in my back, and many a time after starting out for work I have had to give up and come home. My eyes, too, used to be baggy when I got up in the mornings, and my feet swelled a great deal. Since Doan's Backache Kidney Pills cured me, .1 have again been examined for Life In- surance, by two doctors, and have passed splen- didly both times, although the water was care- fully tested for any trace of kidney disease. I am now insured with a well-known Insurance Office and two Friendly Societies. (Signed) WALKER." No Medical Examiner will pass anyone for In- surance who has the least trace of kidney disease —for every doctor knows how serious this disease is, and how treacherously kidney poisons attack every vital organ of the body. Some of the symptoms that should make you suspect your kidneys are Occasional twinges of of rheumatism, backache, urinary disorders, the appearance of watery circles under the eyes, puffy ankles, cold hands and feet, gravel, and a constant drowsy feeling. If you have any of these symptoms, begin a thorough course of Dean's Backache Kidney Pills, and at the same time do all yon can to raise the tone of the system by strict attention to diet and the laws of health. Doan's Pills stand the highest because of their lasting cures of eyen serious cases of kidney disease. 2/9 a box, 6 boxes 13/9 of all dealers, or direct, post free, from the Foster-McClellan Co., 8, Wells Street, Oxford Street, London, W. Be sure yon get the same pills as Mr Walker had.





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