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MPORTANT TO MOTHERS.-Every Mothe!! I who values the Health and Cleanliness of heIr; X who values the Health and Cleanliness of her. II Child should use HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills i all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens J all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens: the Hair. In Tins 4.d. and 9d. Postage Id.- P GEO. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Sold by i Chemists. Agents — Tenby Co-operative Drug Stores (Proprietor, H. G. PHILLIPS), Waterloo > House, Tenby. j TENBY COTTAGE HOSPITAL.-Number of beds, 9 ] patients admitted during past week, 0 patients ji discharged during past week, 0; total number I in hospital, 8. I English and American Artificial Teeth. MEssRS. EDWARD ENGLAND LIMITED Can be interviewed from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., at Brecknock House, Tudor Square, Tenby, (NEXT DOOR BUT ONE TO POST OFFICE.) I ATTENDANCE DAILY. ESTIMATES FREE. Teeth supplied from One Tooth to a complete Set. Single Tooth from 5/ Set-Upper or Lower, from 50/ Our charges for ARTIFICIAL TEETH include Extractions, and all materials are guaranteed and kept in order free of charge. We believe that the success which has attended us in the past is due to the fact that we have always studied the comfort of Clients, together with keeping all Fees as moderate as possible, and we guarantee the best materials obtainable. Teeth extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. Also extractions by Hypodermic Injection. Telephone No. 9,] NOTICE.-Allletters to be addressed to BRECKNOCK HOUSE, TENBY. GEORGE ACE LTD., Motor Engineers and Agents, TENBY, SWANSEA, and HAVERFORDWEST, Beg to advise their clients and friends that the Annual Motor Car Exhibition at Olympia, London, takes place from November 4th to 12th, 1910, and that in accordance with their usual custom of the past 10 years, we have arranged for our Mr GEORGE ACE to be in attendance each day, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., for the purpose of meeting our clients and their friends. Our Headquarters at Olympia will be Humber Stand No. 47, and Daimler Stand, No. 54. Appointments or arrangements for trial runs may be made by writing to Mr. GEORGE ACE, at the Stands mentioned above. Having heavily contracted, we can give early delivery of 1911 Silent Knight Daimlers, Humbers, Rovers, Talbots, Minervas, Siddeley-Deasys, Fords, Delages, etc. Soliciting the honour of appointment from you or any of your friends. ( I I Tenby Gas Consumers' Company, Ltd. HOUSE COAL! Delivered loose or in Bags, in any quantity from 5cwt PRICES on application. Discount for Cash. Orders received by- MR. GEORGE LYONS, Collector, Saltwood House, South Parade; OR AT THE GAS WORKS, TENBY. i^flHENT CURE AT THE AGEOF^^B te Sufferers from Eczema, Scrofula, Scurvy, Blotches, K Spots, Pimples, Sores, and Eruptions of all kinds, or any flj||! kindred complaint, should at once profit by the experience EMM of Mortiock. JR?VRP Mr. CHARLES MORTLOCK, of Gaze- again at night in pleasure and comfort, HMJ ley, Newmarket, Suffolk, writes: although I am sixty-five years of age. I i?X. Dear Sirs,—After long suffering from feel so grateful to you for my cure tha\ l pg £ a tfes eczema, being so bad I could not get on my should like the public to know of it, and will laSji [wj§ £ s feet for weeks.T was persuaded by my sons answer any inquiries." Eggs t° try Clarke's Blood Mixture," which they In a further letter recently received, Mr. HMOS purchased for me. I am so pleased to tell you Mortlock writes: "I have never had any the result. After taking several bottles I return of the eczema, and I cannot give ^8 am able to walk out to work and home Clarke's Blood Mixture too much praise." SsgrJ lap THE REASON Clarke's Blood Mixture effects such wonderful cures ||i|l ||||1 is because it is the only medicine which thoroughly drives out all impurities from IlS|l ggglj the blood.. Remember, For the blood is the life," and Skin and Blood fjrafi Diseases, such as Eczema, Scrofula, Scurvy, Bad Legs, Ulcers, Boils, BBH Bapf Sores, and Eruptions of all kinds, Blood Poison, Glandular Swellings, Rheumatism, Sm| Gout, &c., can only be permanently cured by purifying the blood. Clarke's Blood Mixture, which has stood the test of 40 years, is to-day in greater demand thah ever, and the proprietors, with confidence, solicit sufferers to give it a trial to g&jgl ppjga test its value. gsa| 1 CLARKE'S BLOOD MIXTURE. I BjlpS Pleasant to the taste and guaranteed free SUFFERERS who are doubtful about IHyj jagga \from anything injurious to the most their case should write to us at once HHHSJ ggSB* V delicate constitution of either sex.' Of fully describing their illness. We shall J JBk3sI all Chemists and Stores, 2/9 per bottle, be pleased to give them, in confidence, J SSgSk and in cases, containing six times the the best advice free of charge. We MKHtm quantity, 11/ or post free direct will also send copies of many from the Proprietors on receipt of additional testimonials. Address price. Refuse substitutes. as below. MM PROPRIETORS; flS Lincoln & tyidlaqd Couqties Drug Co., GREY HAIR permanently and speedily re- stored to its original colour by using HARRI- SON'S HA IR COLOUR RESTORER. It is not a dye, but by natural means acts as a restorative. Contains Mtitiing injurious, and is beneficial to the growth and beauty of the Hair. In bottles, price 1/6 (posliage 3d. extra). Manufacturer:—G. W. HARRISON, Hair Specialist, Reading. Agent for I' Tenby >JEL G. PJHILLIFS, Chemist, High Street. CIMO BANE. THE NEW INSECT KILLER. Kills Fleas, Lice, Moths, Blackbeetles, House Flies, and all insects. Quite harmless to animals. For use on Dogs, Cats, and all Animals. In Bedding, Carpets, Linen, etc., for every kind of insect. Sold by Chemists, in Tins, at 3d., 6d., and 1/ postage Id. G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Agents for Tenby—Co-operative Drug Stores (H. G. PHILLIPS, proprietor). I^^P^ITIITT^TLTTTTTTTRRITRRTTTR^^N^ RAILWAY TIME TABLE. I I/¥ 1" fk li OCTOBER, 1910, and until further notice. jall^JLl^llVlAiN.Os M c„»w. ;~j EMBROCATION |j| rJ ■■■ ■ 11 DOWN TRAINS—WSKK DATS, pv Classes. 1 Sj 1 » 1 8 1 8^ ji j" I sllraL. 'a.m.I a.m. p.m. p.m. p.m.j p.m.I 9 VVTlY A A Whitland .dep. 5 55 10 40 12 0 2 25 5 25 7 52 [3 -XY V\ „ Ju/j Narberth 6 5j 10 52 12 15 2 35j 5 38i 8 4 1 \n Templeton 6 I4j 11 1 12 25 2 45' 5 48 8 12 I SI S-MiK. Kilgetty 6 21 11 8(12 32 2 5S| 5 55! 8 18 I A M (7 3aundorsfoot. 6 24; 11 14 12 36 2 55' 5 581 8 23 i r>Vf f ll Tpnhv < arr6 35 11 22 12 48 3 8; 6 s| 8 31 i /AV fail'l1 H Tenby. ( dep g 4Q 9 23 n 28:J2 55 s g 1()! g 1 (j jm. ,wu/ A\W ■ I Penally 6 45 9 26 n 32 12 58 3 17 6 14; 8 39 a uU ',lr 1 Manorbier 6 52 9 3(iju 4lt 1 7 3 25; 6 211 8 47 1 TUt J, 1 Lamphey 6 59, 9 43jU 47'. 1 14 3 341 6 30 I 'W ? v '• fllli I Pembroke 7 S 9 53 1 18 3 38: G 35 8 56 | 1 Pem*I)ock arr~ 7 1Q| 9 51112 0 1 25 3 45 6 4°l 9 5 I i UP TRAIK8~^W1KK BATS. I \V I OL A86B8 • 1 > i~i 8 1 S 1 fl jfj 1 'nit I a.m. a.m.'p.m. p.m. p-m.'p.m.! p.m. fi. -T _.vv> Pem-Dock dep! 7 4V10 20jl2 15; 2 «l 3 50l 6 0' 7 30 B J Pembroke 7 5010 88(12 201 2 12: 3 56 6 5 7 87 Eh H f Lamphey 7 54:10 32)12 25.1 2 16 4 0 6 10; I LU^IROVAL for AMJMALS^Ul » 10^10 48^12 41^ 2 4 16 I 27 7 t- | r See the lillhuan K.F.A. Booklet Penally ••••—; »$}»«■ »?; II uNi^fs?wsr„g^ z»»;!»iy.$*»- ss.•0 I ""•••• •»" ii! »i 18' i 5 58! I Templeton 8 38'll 22| 1 20! 3 6! 4 48 Q,56| a 1,1 I'M' n>l~' -H-sn-U II II,) 11 Narberth 8 48 11 32; 1 30, 3 15: 4 56 7 5; j ELLIMAN, SONSck CO., SLOUGH. ENGLAND. Whitland .arr\ 8 58ill 42 1 40, 3 251 5 13 7 17j OPTtwni ill iiiimiMinwiimil • irii'iiiM I'liwinnwi#w—|j THE TENBY FISHMONGER. t J. SMITH, UPPER FROG STREET, Fishing-smack Owner, Wholesale Buyer and Retailer of Prime and Cheap Fish, Lobsters, Crabs, Oysters, etc. ICE in Large or Small Quantities. Caskets of Fish despatched to Customers at a distance by First Post after the Smacks land their catches. Prices from Is. 6d. upwards, including postage. Orders booked at the Shop are delivered from the Stores immediately the Boats arrive. PEBPEOTIOK QIE1 QUALITY ASSURED. H ATKINS & COOMB, (2?^ TENBY. ljB|^ -hq| H- jwlji The "Daily Mail" has done for I lijjlilfl aviation, nfffjl Rontgen Rays have done for i/vl What surgery, Wfl ji TT ll&tj Marconi has done for communi- llll cation, ml Ij |ji Royal Worcester Kid-fitting Corsets" have done for dress. They have thrown open the Gates of Fashion to every lady—not to those only whom Nature has blessed with perfect figures-but to ALL—by their masterly cutting, screening what little faults there may be and emphasising the individual lines of beauty which every lady possesses. SOLE LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS. FRANK B. MASON, Auctioneer, Valuer and Estate Agent, Printer, Publisher, House Furnisher, etc. AUCTION AND ESTATE OFFICES ST. JULIAN STREET, TENBY FURNITURE WAREHOUSES. ST. JULIAN STREET, TENBY "TENBY OBSERVER" AND GENERAL PRINTING OFFICES.FROG STREET, TENBY List of Furnished and Unfurnished Houses and Residences to Let in Tenby and County of Pembroke POST FREE ON APPLICATION. PUBLIC HALL, WARREN STREET, Magnificent Auction Room, Lecture or Concert Hall.