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GOLF AND TENBY. B l|l fl TIIE programme of progress and de- velopment which the Committee of the Tenby Golf Club have mapped out for the future is a matter of the very greatest importance to the town. We have always maintained that in its Golf Links Tenby possesses an invalu- able asset, and it is now more than gratifying to find that the Club, which, by the way, has made immense strides during the last few years, intends to exploit them to the utmost. Braid, the open champion, and, of course, a man of the widest experience in all sorts and conditions of golf courses, visited Tenby two or three weeks ago, and his opinion of the local links is worthy of the greatest consideration. He not only examined them with a view to the suggesting of improvements, but also played over them, and his opinion is that they are only bettered by one other links in the country. This opinion, coming as it does from such an eminent authority, is to be made the most of, and by next season the golf at Tenby should attain such a high-water mark of excellence that once people who fol- low the royal and ancient game know of its existence they will flock here in preference to any of the other much- lauded golfing centres. Improvements of far-reaching importance are contem- plated in connection with the Tenby links, and that they will be effectually carried out is assured by the fact that the Club will continue under the expe- rienced and energetic secretaryship of Mr J. S. Brown, whose labours on its behalf since he took on this office have been rewarded with the most grati- fying success. Mr Brown has been heart and soul for the progress and development of the Tenby Golf Club, and it is a graceful compliment to his efforts and general supervision of affairs that for the future he is to receive a not inconsiderable sum yearly as remu- neration. Golf at Tenby has, under Mr Brown's wise administration of the affairs of the Club, made immense strides, but in comparison with the improvements arranged for the future, it seems no exaggeration to say that local golfing matters are but yet in their infancy. A bold and enterprising bid is to be made for next season in the way of attracting a most desirable class of visitor to the town. The links are to be advertised as has never been the case before, whilst the engagement of Messrs. Braid and Vardon to play a series of exhibition games in August is a stroke of policy which is bound to prove of the utmost value to both club and town. In every direction the Golf Club is to be developed, the main idea being to attract visitors; and towns- people generally will, we feel sure, co-operate in the most practical man- ner with Mr Brown in his enterprising efforts to turn the tide in the affairs of Tenby as a holiday resort. If anything can produce prosperity all round it is surely the golf the town will be able to offer. The possibilities for the future are almost limitless, and all that is now required to achieve success is, when the right time comes, the co-operation of the town as a whole. The Golf Club will take the lead and set the pace, and it is for the inhabitants generally to back them up. Mr Brown is most san- guine as to the ultimate success of the plans which have been made for the future, and feels confident that once it has become known among the right class of people that Tenby possesses such excellent golfing facilities, there will be no lack of visitors. At present the golf links at Tenby are as a sealed book to the great outside public; they have not been advertised as they ought, but this defect is now to be remedied, and in the most effective manner. In addition to the improvements to the course suggested by Mr Braid, we un- derstand that the erection of a new club house is in serious contemplation. The absence of such a building has, of course, been a serious drawback, but before long we think we can confidently look forward to a move in this direc- tion. When such a place has been provided, we think 'there will be no fear as to the Welsh Golfing Union giving Tenby a miss another year. Altogether the outlook is most rosy, and we heartily wish Mr Brown the best of luck in his efforts to increase the prosperity of Tenby, whose for- tunes have of late, it is to be regret- fully acknowledged, suffered something approaching an eclipse. We think, however, we can see the dawn of a new epoch in the town's affairs, the turn in which will come, not through the Corporation, but through our pub- lic-spirited Golf Club. As regards any difficulties which may exist in relation to the railway company, these, we un- derstand, are on a fair way to a satis- factory solution. In another column of our present issue will be found an important and interesting speech de- livered by Mr Brown at the annual meeting of the Golf Club, and which contains an outline of his plans for the future.