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FIRST ANNUAL REPORT. Lady St. Davids of Lydstep Haven, who is one of the Life Patrons of the South Wales Nursing Association (which is affiliated with Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute for Nurses), and who has taken a very deep and practical inte- rest in its formation, requests us to publish the first annual report of the Association, which is as follows '— The South Wales Nursing Association was in- augurated at a meeting held at Cardiff, on July 24th, 19p9, under the Presidency of the Lord Mayor. The Marchioness of Bute, the Lady St. Davids, the Lord Aberdare, Lady Dillwyn Llewelyn, Mrs R. Garnons Williams, Mrs Venables Llewelyn, Mrs Godfrey Clark, Miss Hughes (General Superintendent, Q.V.J.I.N.), Mr Harold Boulton, and Mr Herbert M. Thompson addressed the meeting, and pointed out the urgent need for a central nursing organi- sation to be established in South Wales, describing the practical work proposed and giving the out- line of the proposed Constitution which had received careful consideration at a series of meetings of Welsh men and women held under the auspices of the Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute for Nurses during 1908 and 1909. The Provisional Committee was elected and the following Resolution was adopted :— This meeting pledges itself to support the South Wales Nursing Association, and approves j of the work of the Association being carried on by the Provisional Committee till the Spring of 1910, when the first meeting of the representatives of Affiliated Associations and Associates will be called together, the Provisional Committee to consist of all the members who express willing- ness to continue to aid, having power to add to their number." It will be interesting in this first Report to trace the growth of the work from its commence- ment, therefore an account of the preliminary meetings held under the auspices of the Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute for Nurses is given as an Appendix to this Report. In response to the unanimous request of the Committee, the Princess of Wales graciously con- sented to accept the Presidency of the Welsh Nursing Associations. The Committee of the South Wales Nursing Association at once arranged to make a systematic enquiry into the number of certified midwives and district nurses throughout South Wales, with a view to ascertaining where their work was most needed at the same time they asked for the names of persons who would like to bo trained as Village Nurses, so that the opportunity for training offered by the Committee might become generally known. In Pembrokeshire the enquiry was made by Miss Lambton and Miss Hewat, and in the other counties by the temporary Super- intendent, Miss Epps, who sent enquiry forms to seventy-six Medical Officers of Health and to the head of every Council School. The Committee have received names of forty applicants for training, and have arranged for the complete training of five and the partial training of four others. Of the candidates selected two are from Brecon- shire, one from Carmarthenshire, one from Car- diganshire, three from Glamorganshire, one from Pembrokeshire, and one from Radnorshire. As soon as sufficient funds are forthcoming many of the other candidates will be trained. The Committee is of opinion that in many places where, owing to the sparseness of the population, it is difficult for a nurse who is only trained as a midwife to maintain herself, it will be found quite possible to raise the necessary funds for the maintenance of a midwife who has also received the additional training which enables her to act as Village Nurse. They therefore realise that most valuable work may be done in co-operation with the County Councils to meet the new needs of the Midwives' Act by supplying midwives who are also Village Nurses, and they have requested the following members to form Sub-Committees in their re- spective Counties to approach the County Coun- cils for the purpose of putting the aims of the South Wales Nursing Association before them and asking for grants towards the training of suitable candidates:—Breconshire, Mrs R. Gar- nons Williams; Cardiganshire, Lady Lloyd of Bronwydd Carmarthenshire, Mrs Pryse-Rice Glamorganshire, Lord Aberdare Pembrokeshire, the Lady St. Davids; Radnorshire, Mrs Venables Llewelyn. The Committeo agreed to arrange provisionally for the training of candidates at several centres, and they gladly accepted the offer of the Cardiff Branch of the Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute to be one of them. The Cardiff Committee have done all in their power to meet the wishes of the S.W.N.A. and to arrange for the training of candidates as Village Nurses. Two candidates will enter in May and two in September of this year. The Cardiff Committee has, however, pointed out that it is essential to their arrangements that there should be a continuity of pupils, and the S.W.N.A., realising the importance of this, passed the following Resolutions at their Com- mittee and Annual General Meeting :— That a carefully prepared statement re posi- tion of training at the Cardiff Branch cf the Q.V.J.I, should be placed in the hands of the con- venors of the Sub-Committee formed in each County, to approach the County Councils for the purpose 01 requesting them to give a grant to- wards training. The statement to show the im- portance of the training being in Wales, and to point out the benefit it would be to the Princi- pality if this could be arranged." The Committee also recommend that after sufficient funds have been guaranteed for the maintenance expenses of the Association by Foundation Members, a definite amount should be placed on deposit towards the training of a succession of pupils at Cardiff." The Committee wish to record their cordial thanks to the Cardiff Branch of the Q.V.J.I. for the way they have co-operated with them to make the work a success." A letter describing the aims of the organisation and inviting contributions to the funds was sent to a number of those who would, it was hoped, be in sympathy with the work; but it has been im- possible as yet to communicate with all the leading residents in Wales whose sympathy and help may be relied on when the aims of the organisation are placed before them. With a view to enlisting the co-operation of those interested in all parts of the Principality, the Committee has invited its members to form a band of honorary helpers in each district who will help to make the work known and keep them- selves in sympathetic touch with it. In response to the first appeal upwards of £650 in donations and subscriptions has been received up to the present time, and the greater part of this amount has been set aside for the training of candidates. In view of the amount of work and the impor- tance of having a trained Superintendent to arrange all the practical matters connected with the training of the candidates, the Committee on October 27th, 1909, appointed Miss E. M. Epps, a Queen's Nurse, and lately assistant to the General Superintendent of the Q.V.J.I.N., who kindly consented to act as temporary Superintendent. They also decided to make enquiries, with a view to receiving applications from Welsh speaking candidates, to fill the post permanently and at a meeting held at Swansea on February 3rd, 1910, the application of Miss Lena Crowther (Inspector of Midwives for Breconshire and Rad- norshire) was considered, and the appointment as permanent Superintendent was offered to her. The Committee feels confident that through its establishment of a Central Office, presided over bv a Superintendent, the cost of carrying out District Nursing will be lessened, as information will be collected and collated and made available for all parts of South Wales, and thus much over- lapping will be avoided and labour saved. Miss Ellinor Smith (Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute Inspector for Wales) has, by kind con- sent of the Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute, helped the S.W.N.A. by assisting in the organisa- tion and addressing meetings at the following places:—Talygarn, Pontyclun, Dolaucothy, Pump- saint, Three Cocks, Glasbury-on-Wye, Llantwit Major, Tumble (two meetings), Swansea, Llanga- dock. In addition to speaking on the aims and objects of the central organisation, she has described the practical methods of carrying out the work in local nursing associations. Her personal know- ledge and experience, added to her zeal in the cause of nursing, have been most valuable in arousing interest and in extending sympathy with the aims of the Association. A meeting was held at Swansea on February 4th, by the kind invitation of Lady Dillwyn Llewelyn. There was a large attendance, and the thanks of the Committee are offered to Lady Dillwyn Llewelyn for arranging the meeting, and to Dr. and Mrs Elsworth, at whose house the jneetings of the Executive Committee were held. Five Executive Committee meetings have been held as follows :—Cardiff, July 24th, Carmarthen, September 17th, Cardiff October 27th, 1909; Swansea, February 3rd, and Cardiff, March 30th, 1910, and ten Sub-Committee meetings have also been held. The Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute kindly lent a room as an office during the month of November, 1909, and Lord and Lady St. Davids then placed a roOm at their residence in White- hall at the disposal of the Committee until a small office was taken at 181, Victoria Street, S.W., on February 10th, for three months. In May an office will be temporarily taken at Cardiff, and the question of its permanent position will be the subject of further consideration. In November, 1909, the Committee of the Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute communicated with their Affiliated Associations in Wales, re- questing them to transfer their Affiliation fees to the Welsh organisations, and the Committee of the South Wales Nursing Association wish to record their appreciation of this magnanimous action. In response to a circular letter subsequently sent to all Local Nursing Associations in South Wales, the following Associations have already affiliated :— Ammanford, Angle, Aberystwyth, Brynmawr, Cowbridge, Carmarthen, Cardigan, Cardiff, Haverfordwest, Knighton, Laleston, Llandovery, Manorbier, Milford Haven, Morriston, Narberth, Neath, Pembroke-Dock, Pontypridd, Penarth, Porthcawl, Skewen. The Committee realise that one of their most useful functions is to help in uniting the various efforts that are being made in order that district nursing may be efficiently carried out over a large area. They desire, not only to find and train suitable candidates, but to help to find suitable posts for them when trained to encourage localities to form associations on the provident system where as yet no nursing associations exist; to provide nurses, to carry out inspection, and to collect and distri- bute information. They also seek to be of service by co-operation with the County Councils, and by federating all existing associations in a sym- pathetic manner, so that the Annual Meetings may form an important representative assembly •of those who are taking an active part in pro- moting the health of the community, by in- creasing the amount of skilled care given to the new-born and to the aged, to those who are suddenly stricken and to those whose chronic suffering and poverty makes them depend on sympathy that is both generous and practical for their alleviation. In addition to the generous contributions of Life Patrons (who give JE25 or upwards), and Hon. Vice-Presidents (who give J610 and upwards), the Committee have decided to try to raise a reliable income by asking for subscriptions guaranteed for five or ten years. In order to obtain a continuity of pupils at the Cardiff training centre, and to enable the office and Superintendent to be main- tained, a definite income is essential. Extra trainings can be undertaken when special dona- tions are received, but the permanent structure of the Society requires a steady income. There are many who wish their contributions to be allotted for the training of candidates only, whilst others realise that the general main- tenance of the whole work needs a. special effort and deserves support, because without it the work cannot continue. Therefore the Committee has recommended the formation of an Honorary Council consisting partly of Foundation Members who contribute JElO or £10 10s. annually, guaranteed for five years, or £5 or £5 5s., guaranteed for ten years, for the purpose of maintaining the office, Super- intendent, and general purposes of the organisa- tion, and further to ensure a continuity of trainings being offered systematically to suitable candidates by means of grants of small or larger amounts as may soem best to secure this end. Several friends who wish the organisation plaoed on a secure basis have expressed their approval of this plan, and the Committee earnestly hope that during the ooming year the Association may be placed on a firm and per- manent basis by an increase in the number of subscribers, whilst they may be able to meet the present urgent need for more trained nurses by means of donations, given for the special purpose of training. The first list of the Honorary Coun- cil includes the Duchess of Beaufort, the Mar- chioness of Bute, the Earl of Cawdor, the Earl of Plymouth, Viscount Tredegar, Lord and Lady Aberdare, Lord Glanusk, Sir James Drummond, Bart., Sir Powlett Milbank, Bart., the Lady St. Davids, the Hon. Lady Cowell Stepney, Mrs Mackintosh of Mackintosh, Miss Dillwyn (who generously gave a cheque for JE52 10s., to be placed in a Deposit Account from which jElO 10s. will be paid annually for five years into the Current Account), Mrs Helme, Mrs Alfred Mond, Mrs D. A. Thomas and Merch Cymru." The Committee wish to express their thanks and appreciation of the valuable help afforded to the work by the leading newspapers of South Wales; to the Lord Mayor of Cardiff for lending the Hall at the Law Courts to the President, Hon. Secretary-, and Hon Treasurer; and to Lord Aberdare for kindly acting as Hon. Auditor.

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