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FALSE PRETENCES AT TENBY. COLLECTING FOR MYTHICAL FOOT- BALL CLUB. YOUNG MEN'S INGENIOUS RUSE. POLICE COURT PROCEEDINGS. SEARCHING CROSS-EXAMINATION. At a special sitting of the Tenby Police Court on Saturday morning, before the Mayor (Mr T. Tucker), Messrs. n. Harries, F. N. Railton, and C. Farley, two respectable looking young men, named G. Buckland and II. Griffiths, hailing from Morriston, Swansea, were brought up in custody on a. charge of obtaining the sum of 10s. 6d. by false pretences from Miss Harriet Augusta Beard, proprietress of the Lion Hotel, Tenby, on August 31st, the accused, according to the wording of the charge, pretending that they were collecting sub- scriptions on behalf of the Penally Football Club. Sergeant Alfred Thomas, addressing the Bench, said he did not propose to go fully into the case that day, but would simply offer sufficient evidence to justify him in asking their Worships to remand the prisoners until Monday morning. This would enable him to complete the case and make the necessary enquiries. The Bench agreeing to this course, Sergeant Thomas was sworn, and said—Yester- day, the second of this month, about six p.m., I was handed a warrant by Miss Harriet Augusta Beard, Lion Hotel, Tenby, to arrest the accused on a charge of obtaining 10s. 6d. from her on the 31st ultimo by false pretences. Accompanied by Police Constable Davies (40) I proceeded to the house of Mr Holmes, cab proprietor, Frog Street, and there saw the two accused sitting in the front room. I asked them to be good enough to furnish me with their names and addresses, which they did. I then told them that I held a warrant for their arrest, cautioned them, and read over the contents of the warrant now produced, to which they made no reply. I then conveyed them to the Tenby Police Station. On being searched at the station I found 6Jd. on each of them; on Griffiths a sixpenny bit and a halfpenny, and on Buckland a threepenny bit, three coppers and a halfpenny. I instructed P.C. 40 to return to the house where they lodged and obtain their per- sonal effects. Subsequently, I was handed the book now produced by P.C. 40, in whose presence I entered the cell where the accused were. I showed them the book produced, and asked them if it was their property. They both in turns said Yes it belongs to both of ua. We don t intend to deny it." Buckland remarked I may tell you, Sergeant, we have only received one of the amounts entered there. The other names we have written ourselves. The Mayor—How much do you say they actually received ? Sergeant Thomas-The charge against them is 10s. 6d. On that evidence I would ask your Worships to kindly remand them until eleven o'clock on Monday morning next to enable me to make further enquiries. I may say, in addition, that on Monday I have no doubt there will be a further charge. Mr Harries-We shall want to find out all about these young men. ;j Buckland said he would like to correspond with his friends. Mr Eailton—They are charged with obtaining money for the Penally Football Club. Sergeant Thomas-Yes. There is no such club in existence.. Buckland-I beg to differ; there is, and I am a member of it. The accused were then remanded until Monday morning. In reply to the Justices' Clerk (Mr G. Lort Stokes), the accused said they did not apply for bail. Gaiffiths said he would like to have an oppor- tunity of sending a wire. Mr Railton took it that they would be given every opportunity of communicating with their friends. T Sergeant Thomas—If they have the means. 1 cannot incur debt on behalf of the County of Pembroke. I shall supply them with materials for writing. The accused were then removed to the Police Station. a




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