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COMMITTEE MEETINGS. SOUTH PARADE IMPROVEMENT. THE COAL YARD "DEAL." SEATS ON THE BEACHES AND PROMENADES. OFFER BY LONDON FIRM. THE NORTH CLIFF TREES. ALLEGED MUTILATION. The usual meetings of the Tenby Corporation Committees took place in the Council Chamber on Monday afternoon, under the chairmanship of the Mayor (Councillor C, Farley). The minutes of the previous Sanitary Committee having been read, Councillor Mason invited the committee to direct the Borough Surveyor to inspect the gardens bordering on the stream in Lower Saltern, in at least two of which house refuse had been deposited on the extreme edge of the road and fell into the water. This was agreed to.—A letter from the Local Government Board sanctioning Dr. A. D. Reid's appointment as Medical Officer of Health for another year was read —Dr. Reid reported that the Isolation Hospital had been closed, but, unfortunately he had been obliged to re-open same for a patient, whom he (the Medical Officer) felt sure had caught infection outside the town.—The Engi- neer to the Post Office applied for permission to fix three telegraph poles in Trafalgar Road. Alderman Leach and Councillor Mason declared that more care must be exercised in giving per- mission for the placing of these poles, which were a great eyesore to the houses opposite and in the end the matter was left in the hands of the Borough Surveyor to report upon.—The Gate House Hotel Company Limited, and Mr Ivy Gibbs, draper, The Norton, wrote complain- ing of the dense foliage in front of their respec- tive establishments, and during the discussion which followed it transpired that Mr Ivy Gibbs, without permission, had mutilated a tree on the cliff. Some members suggested that Mr Ivy Gibbs be given notice to quit the small piece of ground opposite his premises, but in the end the whole matter was referred to the Tree Commit- tee.—Councillor Tucker complained that Bank Lane was being used by carts, which passed over the High Street pavement; and it was resolved to exhibit a notice to the effect that there was no thoroughfare for vehicles.—An informal application from the Tenby Miniature Ride Club asking the Council to excuse their indebtedness of two guineas for gas was with- drawn after a little conversation to the effect that the ladies' club paid for gas and a good subscription to the funds. Coun- cillor George Thomas declared that the range should be removed from the Market Hall to Fire Brigade Station in South Parade, as several complaints were being received with regard to the nuisance caused by the repeated firing.— Councillor Mason proposed Alderman James Griffiths be invited to accept an exchange of land in lieu of purchase by the Town Council of his coalyard at the top of Trafalgar Road. Mr Mason said he had ascertained that the rent paid for the yard was £5 per annum, and not j510 as stated at the last meeting but to pre- vent any further discussion as to the value of the land he suggested that the Borough Sur- veyor be asked to prepare a small sketch plan showing proposed new road, and giving Alder- man Griffiths an equal superficial area of what must be a very much improved building site. As Alderman Griffiths' property would receive a great deal of betterment, he hoped very much that he would fall in with the suggestion, for as the Council only wished to make a town im- provement, there was no necessity for them to buy land for which they had no immediate use. Alderman Leach and others considered the suggestion a good one, but that the Borough Surveyor should prepare the plans before Alderman Griffiths was approached. This was agreed to.—Councillor Mason stated that by looking over a hedge he had been able to see into the store ground belonging to the Cor- poration which members were not allowed to enter without; an offici..lin chargc. (Laughtor ) Upon doing this he saw in the yard a stock of iron guards for young trees, and he proposed that during the next month or two some suit- able trees should be planted in St. John's Croft and these guards used for their protec- tion. It was stated that the guards belonged to Mr Clement Williams, who would probably raise no objection to their being used, and the matter was referred to the Tree Committee.— A letter was read from the parents of the young men who had damaged a Corporation seat, pro- mising to make good the damage done.—Messrs. T. and H. Rees, livery stable proprietors, wrote accepting the terms of the Corporation for the grazing of Knowle Park and another letter was received from Mr Bancroft, asking that the whole of the income tax paid by Mrs Mun- caster should be allowed her. This was agreed to.—The lease of the Watch-house on the Castle Hill, for 21 years, at a rent of jS20 per annum, to the Admiralty, was read and approved of.— An application from Messrs. Vigors and Com- pany for permission to place hooded cane chairs on the promenades and seashore was read, and followed by a rather lively discussion. Even- tually, Councillor Mason proposed, and the Mayor seconded, that the Town Council write Messrs. Vigors offering to allow these chairs to be placed on the Royal Victoria Pier, Castle Hill, and both beaches, subject to terms being arranged. Councillor George Thomas proposed and Councillor Sandercock seconded, as an amendment, that the offer be not entertained. As an equal uumber of votes was given for the proposal and amendment, the Mayor gave his casting vote in favour of Councillor Mason's motion.—The question of re-thatching the old dairy now standing in a portion of the Town Council's store yard in Heywood Lane was brought up, but at the request of the Borough Surveyor it was allowed to stand over, as he would have a proposal to make in connection with same.—It was agreed tbat the Corporation Accountant be asked to submit a list of tenants who are in arrears with their rents.—Councillor Mason protested that although he had been a member of the Town Council for nearly twelve months no excused list of ratepayers had been submitted to any meeting at which he had been present,—Councillor W. H. Thomas invited the Borough Surveyor to inspect a depression which he noticed on Sunday over the Culvert near the Old Steam Mill.—The Surveyor reported that the new shed on the Old Pier, which was being put up for Messrs. Tilton, of Bristol, was not delayed for the want of materials, all of which were in hand; he would get on with it as fast as weather permitted.—The Town Clerk invited discussion upon the ownership of the old boat-house which exists between the wall of the Harbour Master's Office and the Sea- men's Rooms. He stated in 1808 the Tenby Corporation granted a lease to Sir Joseph Pax- ton for 99 years of this site. The Paxton pro- perties came into the hands of the late Major Wells, who appears to have granted a lease about 1851 to the Shipwrecked Mariners' So- ciety, and this society handed over their interest together with the life-boat to the Royal National Life-boat Institution, who used it until the erec- tion of the new life-boat house on the South Sands, when they granted the use of it to the Admiralty, rent free. It was resolved that the Town Clerk be asked to go into the question of title very closely and report to the next meeting" Councillor Tucker complained that he had been trying to make arrangements with carters for the removal of thirty loads of black sand from the Harbour, but had only been able to get sand discoloured by coals. It was unani- mously agreed that the Council were to allow sixpence a load only for the removal of the mud or foul sand, and the Mayor and Deputy-Mayor were requested to see the Harbour Master in order that this foul stuff should be removed in accordance with the wish of the Council.— Councillor Mason stated that he had placed an order with carters for twenty loads of same stuff, which was a valuable manure for gardens or grass lands and it was of the first im- portance that the delivery of the mud should be watched.—The Surveyor advised repairs to outbuildings at the Marsh Farm, costing £107 and it was agreed to carry out same.