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QUARTERLY MEETING OF THB TOWN COUNCIL. The usual quarterly meeting of the Town Council was held in the Council Chamber on Wednesday, the 7th August. PresentAlderman Rogers Councillors W. Williams, B. G. Gifford, L. R. Wood, G. Richards, J. K. Buckley, J. Leach, and M. Mathias-Thomas. ELECTING A CHAIRMAN. On the motion of Mr Rogers, seconded by Mr Mathias-Thomas, that in the absence of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Mr Williams take the chair. Carried unanimously. SIGNING MONEY ORDERS The Council then proceeded to sign cheques for the payment of bills. This completed, Mr J. Leach pointed out, in reference to the account presented by the Gas ICompany for public lighting, that the Corporation, since the police had passed out of their control, had no check upon the Company as to the number of lights that were kept burning during the night. The police formerly reported weekly when any lamps were out, and he thought it desirable if the arrangement could be continued. The Chairman said that since they had lost their police they had lost control of many things they had before. Mr J. Leach said that in order to bring the matter to an issue, he would propose that the Town Clerk be instructed to write to the Chief Constable of Pembrokeshire, asking his permission to allow the constables in the borough to report weekly on the public lamps that are lighted, so that the Finance Committee may be able to check the Gas Company's accounts for public lighting. This was seconded by Mr Mathias Thomas and carried. Mr J. K. Buckley said there was another item in the accounts of the Gas Company that caused dis- cussion at the last meeting of the Finance Com- mittee, and in consequence they did not initial it. It was a charge made for a new lamp over Gordon's Commercial Hotel. It appears it had been broken by the 'bus in passing. He was of opinion that the cost of the lamp should have been recovered from those who broke it. The Chairman explained that the lamp in question was a public light, but the lantern was an orna- mental one placed there at the expense of Mr Gordon, with the consent of the Corporation. Mr Buckley-The lamp should be lifted higher up or brought in closer to the door. It now over- hangs the pavement. Mr Leach said the new lamp was a plain one. The Chairman said he thought there would be some difficulty in recovering the cost of the lamp from the 'bus driver, but he thought it might be moved into a better position. On the motion of Mr J. Leach, seconded by Mr Mathias Thomas, it was agreed that the matter be referred to the Roads Committee, to see whether it would not be advisable to remove the lamp into a more suitable place, so that it may not be broken by conveyances passing along the street. MORTGAGE FOR JE352. The Town Clerk asked that the seal of the Cor- poration should be attached to the mortgage to the Public Works Loan Commissioners for £ 352 for works of additional Water Supply, and to the certificate to be handed to Mr Cross, the Borough Treasurer. On the motion of the chairman, seconded by Alderman Rogers, the seal was accordingly affixed. REPORTS. The Town Clerk read the report of the Quay, Water, Sanitary, and Roads and Improvements Committees, all of which were adopted. LOCAL GOVERNMENT BILL. The Town Clerk, in accordance with instructions given at the last meeting, read his report on the Local Government (Transfer of Powers) Provisional Order Bill, and also a letter from the Town Clerk of Southport bearing on the subject. It was Proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Mr J. Leach, that the Town Clerk inform the Town Clerk of Southport that this Council would wish to be exempted from the powers of the Provisional Order of the Local Government Board made under the Local Government Act, 1888, for transferring to the councils of counties and County Boroughs certain powers and liabilities of Government departments. CONDEMNED HOUSES IN ST. GEORGE STREET. The Town Clerk reported that J. Collins and John Leonard had left St. George's Alley, their houses being now vacant. One tenant remained who had promised to leave as soon as he had found a house to go into. It was resolved that the Surveyor be instructed to board up the doors of the two vacant cottages, and that the Town Clerk give the other tenant one week longer to find a house and if he does not by that time clear out legal proceedings to be taken against him. STREET IMPROVEMENT. The Town Clerk read a letter from Mr Abraham Thomas offering to sell the house now in the occu- pation of Mr John Davies in South Parade for E155, for the purpose of street improvement. It transpired that Mr Thomas had only recently purchased the house and the sum he now asked for it was what it cost him, together with cost of the transfer. The Town Clerk reported that Mr Walter Rees had agreed to sell the cottages in the court near the Five Arches, at the valuation made by Mr J, A. Jenkins. As the court adjoined the premises of Mr Abraham Thomas, if the Corporation decided to purchase, they would be able to get a road into Potter's Field. On the motion of Mr Alderman Rogers, seconded by Mr M. Mathias-Thomas, it was agreed to accept Mr Abraham Thomas's offer. Letters were also read from Mr Robert Lock, Mr R. Waters, and Mr W. Waters, in reference to the cottages in South Pool and South Parade, but it was agreed to postpone the consideration of them till a future time. It was proposed by the Chairman, and seconded by Mr J. Leach, that the Town Clerk write Alder- man W. H. Richards to ascertain the terms upon which he would sell Parcell's Yard and stables in the South Parade, as without these premises the improvements in this part of the town would only be partial. THE JUBILEE FUND. The Town Clerk read a letter from Mr Goward, and also the following account of the Jubilee Com- mittee, which showed a deficit of ill 6s. 3d. The Jubilee Committee in account with Alfred Thomas Lewis, Hon. Treasurer. Expenditure-1888, May 12, Davies and Nicholls, contract re Jubilee Walk, £ 33; ditto, Castle Hill, f,21 May 19, F. B. Mason, printing, &c., f.5 13s. 7d.; cheque book, Is. May 24, P. H. Shaw, for tree and guard, £ 1 17s. 3d.; Aug. 11, W. Noble, painting shelter, f4 7s. 6d. Aug. 15, Mac- farlane, iron work for Jubilee seats, jE4 17a. fid. Nov. 10, John Lysaght, Limited, for shelter, 968 balance in Treasurer's hands, fll 10s. 3d.; total, fl50 7s. Id. Amount due to Tenby Gas Consumers' Company for Jubilee lamp on Castle Hill, £29 5s. To deficit carried forward, £ 11 6s. 3d. Receipts-By subscriptions received, fl50 7s. Idj total, 9150 7s. Id. By balance brought forward, ill 10s. 3d. by subscriptions outstanding, £ 8 8s. 6d. by deficit, fll 6s. 3d. total, 929 5s. Mr Mathias Thomas proposed, and Mr Alderman Rogers seconded, that in view of the great improve- ment made to the Castle Hill by the erection of the Jubilee lamps and other works which are for the benefit of the public, the Council agree to make up the deficit on the Jubilee Fund account. Carried. VENTILATING SHAFTS. On the motion of Mr Wood, seconded by the Chairman, the Surveyor was requested to report to the Council how many air-shafts had been erected; through the town. CONTRACT FOR LAYING PIPES. It was proposed by Mr B. G. Gifford, and seconded by Mr L. R. Wood, that the seal of the Urban Sanitary Authority be affixed to the contract with Mr Jarses Fisher for laying the water mains to Carswell. LETTERS FROM THP, HOME SECRETARY AND MR. M. MATHIAS THOMAS. The Town Clerk read a letter from the Home Office in reference to the part-payment of the cost of the Borough Police from the 29th September, 1888, to the 20th March, 1889, being repaid to the corporation, which stated that such would depend upon the report of the Secretary of State, whether the force was efficient or not. There was also a communication from Mr Mathias Thomas to the effect that he had seen Captain Elgee who stated that in his opinion, Tenby was entitled to an in- creased police force. LETTER FROM BOROUGH ACCOUNTANT. The Town Clerk read a letter from the Manager of the London and Provincial Bank, agreeing to advance the sum of £ 900 for the payment of Potter's Field, pending a loan from the Public Works Loan Commissioners. POLICE SUPERANNUATION FUND. The Town Clerk read a letter from the Town Clerk of Dorchester relative to the transfer of the Police Superannuation Fund to the County Fund, and the same was referred to the Estates Com- mittee. MAIN ROADS. A letter from the Town Clerk of Dorchester with reference to the question of Main Roads, was also referred to the Roads Committee. PLANS OF NEW HOUSES. The Surveyor submitted plans for the erection of houses in Warren Street by Mr Thomas Belt, and on the proposition of Mr Mathias-Thomas, seconded by jMr Wood, the samejwere approved, subject to the drainage of the houses being kept outside. The meeting then broke up.