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PEMBROKE YEOMANRY CAVALRY. The annual carbine prize shooting of the county Regiment of Yeomanry was held at the Government ranges, Penally, on Wednesday and Thursday, under the presidency of the popular commandant, Colonel M. J. Saurin. There was a large attend- ance of troopers from all parts of the county. Tents were pitched for the use of the executive, and creature comforts were provided in the large wooden building connected with the military ranges on the downs, Mr J. Booth catering satis- factorily. The marking in the mantlets at the butts was carried out by a party of the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry; Wimbledon targets and scoring. The details of arrangement were well carried out under the immediate supervision of the adjutant, Captain R. H. Hardy, King's Dragoon Guards, ably assisted by Troop Serjeants-major Beet, Proctor, and Carter, Sergeant-major Holt, late of the 11th Hussars, officiating as Secretary. The meeting was a most. successful and pleasant one. The officers present were Colonel Saurin, Lieutenant-colonel H. Leach, Major C. Mathias, and, as we have already intimated, Captain Hardy. The weather was fairly fine, but the wind on both days blew fitfully athwart the ranges, by no means conducive to good shooting. The weapon used was the Martini-Henri cavalry carbine. The events were as follow:— The Regimental Challenge Cup, presented by J. A. James, Esq., late Lieut. P.Y.C., value jE30, with £10 added. To be won three years in succession. 5 shots at 200 yards, 10 at 500 yards. Points 1st, JE5. Private R.Morris. 59 2nd, JE3, Sergeant A. Reynolds 57 3rd, f,2, T.S.M. Yarrow 56 Cup, presented by Sir O. H. P. Scourfield, Bart., with Ell added. 5 shots at each distance. 1st, £ 2 and cup, Sergeant A. Reynolds 42 2nd, £2, Private E. White 41 3rd, £1 10s, Sergeant T. Williams 40 4th, £ 1, Private R. Morris 39 5th, 15s, T.S.M. Beet, J 39 6th, 10s, Private G. Reid 38 7th, 7s 6d, Sergeant J. Roberts 37 8th, 7s 6d, Private J. Lewis 36 9th, 5s, Quarter-Master Jones 36 10th, 5s, Lance-Corporal R. Williams 35 11th, 5s, T.S.M. Carter 35 12th, 5s, Sergeant H. L. Williams 34 13th, 5s, Private M. Cadwallader 34 14th, 5s, Lance-Corporal J. Shears 34 15th, 5s, T.S.M. Yarrow 33 16th, 5s, Private J. Collins 33 17th, 5s, Private T. Bevens 32 18th, 5s, Sergeant E. Morris 31 Troopers' Prize of f.7 10s. 5 shots at each distance. 1st, £1 10s, Private G. Reid 42 2nd, fl, Private R. Morris 39 3rd, 15s, Private E. White 38 4th, 12s 6d, Private W. E. Smith 36 5th, 7s 6d, Private E. Evans 33 6th, 7s 6d, Private G. Butler 30 7th, 7s 6d, Private W. Bowen 30 8th, 7s 6d, Private J. Lewis. 29 9th, 7s 6d, Private T. Gwyther 29 10th, 7s 6d, Private T. R. Jones 28 11th, 7s 6d, Private R. Reynolds 27 12th, 5s, Private J.Collins. 27 13th, 5s, Private G. M. Phillips 26 14th, 5s, Private T. A. Davies 26 15th, 5s, Private P. Thomas 24 Recruits' Prize of Z3. 10 shots at 300 yards. 1st, jEl, Private E. Orooker 17 2nd, 10s, Private W. Gaddern. 16 3rd, 5s, Trooper G. Howells. 16 4th, 5s, Private G. M. Phillips 15 5th, 5s, Private R. Morris 14 6th, 5s, Private T. Rogers. 13 7th, 5s, Private T. Eynon. 12 8th, 5s, Trooper C. Smith 11 Drill Prize of 95. 5 shots at 500 yards. lst,;Cl Private G. Reid 2nd, 15s Private E. White 3rd, 10s .Corporal W. Jenkins 4th, 5s T. S. M. Yarrow 5th, 5s.Private R. Morris 6th, 5s Quarter-Master Jones 7th, 5s Private G. M. Phillips 8th, 5s.Private W. E. Smith 9th, 5s Sergeant Davies 10th, 5s Sergeant Roberts 11th, 5s .Private W. Bowen 12th, 5s Corporal R. Willliams 13th, 5s.Sergeant A. Reynolds 14th, 5s.Sergeant T. Williams Cup, presented by Lady Philipps of Picton, with jEll added. 5 shots at each distance. 1st, f2 and Cup, Sergeant W. Davies 42 2nd, 92, Sergeant J. Roberts 41 3rd, £1 10s, Private E.White. 41 4th, £1, T.S.M. Yarrow. 40 5th, 15s, Corporal W. Jenkins. 40 6th, 10s, Private R. Morris 40 7th, 7s 6d, T.S.M. Proctor 39 8th, 7s 6d, Corporal R. Williams 38 9th, 5s, Private T. Gwyther. 36 10th, 5s, Private M. Cadwallader 36 11th, 5s, Sergeant J. Griffiths 36 12th, 5s, T.S.M. Beet, J 35 13th, 5s, Sergeant T. Williams 35 14th, 5s, Sergeant P. Gwynne 33 15th, 5s, Private G. M. Phillips 33 16th, 5s, Sergeant A. Reynolds 32 17th, 5s, Private E. Evans 32 18th, 5s, Private G. Butler 32 N. C. O. Prize of £ 5. 5 shots at each distance. 1st, £ 1 10s, Quarter-Master Jones 45 2nd, jEl, Sergeant T. Williams 45 3rd, 15s, Corporal R. Williams 40 4th, 5s, Corporal J. Shears. 39 5th, 5s, Sergeant A. Reynolds 39 6th, 5s, T.S.M. Yarrow. 38 7th, 5s, Sergeant W. Davies 38 8th, 5s, Sergeant P. Gwynne 36 9th, 5s, Sergeant J. Roberts. 35 10th, 5s, T.S.M. Carter 35 Officers' Prize of £ 3. 5 shots at each distance. I st, jE2 .Major Mathias 2nd, £1 .Captain and Adjutant Hardy 3rd, Entrance Fees.Colonel Saurin Consolation Prize of £4 10s. 5 shots at 200 yards. 1st, jEl, Private H. Lewis 18 2nd, 10s, Private A. H. James.: 17 3rd, 7s 6d, Private W. Garratt 14 4th, 7s 6d, Private T. Hughes 14 5th, 5s, Quarter-Master Morris 13 6th, 5B, Private W. Price 11 7th, 58, Private E. Hughes 11 8th, 5s, Corporal Harries 11 9th, 5s, Sergeant Goodrich 10 10th, 5s, Private G. Thomas 10 11th, 5s, Private G. Bowen 9 12th, 5s, Private G. Thomas 8 13th, 5s, Lance-Corporal Williams 8 SPECIAL PRIZES. Presented by Major Mathias, to be shot for by Staff-Sergeants and Secretary. 1st, 10s, T.S.M. Yarrow 37 2nd, 5s, T.S.M. Beet 34 3rd, 2s 6d, T.S.M. Carter 32 4th, 2s 6d, Barrack Quarter-Master Sergt Holt. 32 Captain R. H. Hardy's prize was won by Private W. E. Smith, with 22 points. Mr Thomas's Band prize was won by Sergeant J. Roberts with 42 points.




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