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TENBY TIDE TABLE. AUGUST. 1889. Morn. Even. Height h m h m ft. in. Thursday 8 2 4f.. 3 21 19 0 friday & 3 58 4 ?2 20 6 Saturday 10 5 3 5 33 21 10 Sunday 11 6 1 6 26 22 10 Monday 12 6 50 7 12 23 5 Tuesday 13 7 33 7 54 23 4 Wednesday 14 8 14 8 33 22 10 Thursday 15 8 52 9 11. 22 1 MR. HBLYAR, SURGEON DENTIST, 7, VICTORIA PLACE, HAVERFORDWEST, MAX be consulted at 3, LAXCASTKR BTJH,I>IWGS .1fl HIGH STREET, TEKBT, on MONDAYS from 10 It ill 4. STEAM COMMUNICATION. BETWEEN BRISTOL AND TENBY. THE Bristol Steam Navigation Company's JL (Limited) powerful Steamer Briton, or other suitable Steam Vessel, are intended to sail from Cumberland Basin, Hotwells (unless prevented by oy unforeseen occurrence, and with liberty to Tow Vessels) during AUGUST, 1889, as follows:— BRISTOL TO TENBY. Friday, Aug. 2 9 morn Friday 9 4 after Friday 16 9 morn Friday 23 4 after Friday 30 8 morn No Cargo received at Cumberland Basin. Al1 Goods in Graft to be at the risk of the Shipper <or Consignee, whether conveyed at expense of ship or ^Freighter. Not accountable for any Goods without -Shipping Notes. Particulars may be obtained by applying to the Sristol Steam Navigation Cq's. Office, 50, Prince Street, Bristol; or to Mr. W. WAIL, 36. Victoria Street Tenbv. -=- -141 "fOR THE BLOOD IS THE tUFE" iL WOR^-FAMED j The Great Blood Purifier and Restorer. FOR CLEANSING and CLEARING the BLOOD from ALL IMPURITIES it cannot be too highly re- commended. For SCROFULA, SCURVY, ECZEMA, SKIN and BLOOD DISEASES, and SORES OF ALL KINDS, it is a never-failing ard permanent cure. It Cures Old Sores. Cures Sores on the Neck. Cures Sore Legs. Cures Blackheads, or Pimples on the Face. Cures Scurvy. Cures Ulcers. Cures Blood and Skin Diseases. Cures Glandular Swellings. Clears the Blood from all Impure Matter, From whatever cause arising. As this Mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitu- tion of either sex, the Proprietors solicit sufferers to give ;it a trial to test its value. I feel duty bound to inform you of the wonderful effects of Clarke's Blood Mixture on me. I have had suffering over two years of a severe nature. I first consulted the best medical aid I could possibly procure till my means were run out, and with a sad heart I was compelled to come into the workhouse hos- pital where I now am. I had been in here 18 months. and my legs gradually got worse. I began to think they would never get better, till I read of Clarke's Blood Mixture," and I deter- mined that when I could raise the means I would try it; so I commenced to deprive myseif of little necessaries till at length I raised eleven shillings. I commenced to use the Blood Mix- ture on Monday, May 6th. I then had five wounds on the left leg, one very large on the ankle bone, one on the shin about the size of half-a-crown, and three on the calfalmost as large. The right leg was somewhat similar, but there were three sores which I thought would break into one. All are perfectly healed up now but one small place on the left ankle about the size of a shilling. There are fifteen patients in the ward that I am in, and they were surprised to see my legs when I had taken the mixture a week, aud there are three of them now using it. I am very sorry, indeed, that I cannot purchase another bottle, and if you would kindly send me a small quantity I should be able to get it, and I shall never forget'it as long as I live. Yours faithfully, EDWARD STATHERS, No 8 Ward, Analley Road Workhouse Hospital, Hull, June 13, 1888. LATER. i write to let you know how I am getting on. I received the ibottie of Mixtuie you sent me, and the wounds are now com- pletely healed up. 1 will be out of here in a few days and get to work, which is already promised me. I am going to reside .at my sister's, Mrs Bullmer, 26, Grimsby Lane, Market Place, Hull. If you wish to use this case for the benefit of other poor sufferers do so. The results of your Mixture is really wonder- ful.—I remain your thankful servant, June 26, 1888. EDWARD STATHERS. Sold in Bottles 2s. 9d. and lIs. each. By all CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDICINE VENDORS throughout the world, or sent for 33 or 132 stamps bv THE LINCOLN AND MID- LAND COUNTIES DRUG COMPANY, Lincoln. TRADE MARK, "BLOOD MIXTURE. Ask for CLARKE'S BLOOD MIXTURE and do not be .persuaded to take an imitation. NORTH CLIFF DAIRY, TENBY. 33. TZELOnVLAS. FRESH BUTTER AND EGGS DAILY. CLOTTED CREAM, CREAM CHEESE, JUNKETS CURDS AND WHEY. Creams delivered to any part of the Town. REGISTRY OFFICE FOR SERVANTS. Fi.oBiu!nt!—yot TRz TrzTm A" BOATH.-A few drops of the liquid "Flonlme" sprinkled on a wet tooth-brush produces a pleasant lather, which thoroughly cleanses the teeth from all parasItes 01 impurities, iardens the gums, prevents tartar, stop, decay, gives to the teeth a peculiar pearly-whiteness, and a delightful fragrant, to the breath. It removes .all unpleasant odour arising from decayed teeth or tobacco smoke. M The Fragrant FloriHne, being com- posed'in part of Honey and sweet herbs, is delicious to the taste, and the greatest toilet discovery at the age. Price 2s. 6d., of all Chemists and Perfumers. Whole- a.1e depot. 33. Farrinsrdon Road, London. VALUABLE DiisL-ov%Ry FOR THE HAIB.-If ycmi hair is turning grey or white, or falling off, use TH K MEXICAN H AIR RENEWER," for it iviUpomUcely restore in every case Grey or White hair to i' 8 original colour, without leaving the disagreeable snieii of rnos; "Restorers." It makes the hair charmingly beautiful, floe. well as promoting the growth of the liair on bale spots, where the glands are not decayed. Pnoe 3s. 6d. -For an Oil to BPlkp the Hair soft. glossy, and luxu- riant, ask for C Airn;lCS COLOGN*K oi L." Price Is. of all dealers. Wholesale d«p& M, ifarringdon Road. London. W. H, SAI'E'S' IRONMONGERY STORES, TS3ST]BIT. (OPPOSITE THE CHURCH.) ^Authorised to issue FISHING LICENSES. CD t::S S E. e "m c:e 0 0 -c CD CD o c:+ t:' b() s::I' (D c:e OJ? g, I o: » $^ 111 & I 3* 9P s I | P1' LAWN MOWERS by Follows and Bate, Green Shanks, and the Archimedeon. All at Store Prices for Cash. Special Machinery for Grinding and Setting Lawn Mowers as new on the Premises. 50yds. Wire Netting, 3ft. wide, 2in. mesh, for 6/9. Garden Arches, Iron Wheelbarrows, Garden Rollers Garden Seats, &c., in great variety. Fishing Rods from 6d. Fishing Tackle of all description. Special Flies for local waters. Rook and Rabbit Rifles for Hire. Just Published, Price 2s. 6d., VITAL TRUTHS AND OPPOSING ERRORS In the Words of Holy Scripture. By CLERICUS ANGLICANUS, D.D. WITH MANY WEIGHTY TESTIMONIES BEARING ON ritualism. AND SOME NOTES. By W. CUST GWYNNE, M.D. LONDON: JOHN KBNSIT, City Protestant Book Depot, 18, Pater- noster Row, E.C. To be obtained at FARLEY'S Library, Tenby. TO be Let, Unfurnished, with immediate possession, VERNON HOUSE, St. Julian Street, late in the occupation of Miss Spence. For full particulars apply to Dr. LOCK, 2 Rock Terrace. YACHTS FOR SALE. PARTICULARS of YACHTS for Sale in the imme- P diate neighbourhood, from 3 Tons upwards, may be had on application to Mr F. B. MASON, House and Commission Agent, Tenby. QAUNDEBSFOOT.- A handy little' YACHT for IS HIRE, by Day or Week. Apply "Cambrian" Hotel. COTTESMORE, near Haverfordwest, to be Let, C Furnished. Apply G. E. MASSY, Gumfreston Rectory, Tenby. FOR SALE, near Tenby, seven-roomed HOUSE. Garden, Vinery, Stable, &c., price £ 350. Also. Freehold Building GROUND in Tenby, price j6380. Apply J. Bonville, Palestine House, Frog-st. Tenby TENBY LAWN TENNIS CLUB. THE Ground, comprising Eight Courts, is now Open. COMMITTEE: W. BOOKER, ESQ. J. KENWORTHY, ESQ. COLONEL W. LEWES. F. E. REMFRY, ESQ. W. H. RICHARDS, ESQ. CAPTAIN WESTBY. WM. BORLASE WILLOCK, ESQ. L. R. WOOD, FsQ. HON. SECRETARY AND TREASURER: J. KENWORTHY, ESQ., 23, Victoria Street. Subscriptions will be received by Mr JAMES, Chemist, 2, Lancaster Buildings (opposite the Church), who will furnish copies of the Rules and all information required. Tournament is fixed for Aug. 12th and following days. Ball at Royal Assembly Rooms on August 15th. 1839. TENBY SOUTH CLIFF LAWN TENNIS CLUB (For Residents and Visitors,) Is now open for the Season. Subscriptions will be received, and copies of Rules supplied, by Mr JOHN EVANS, Tudor Square; Mr W. H. SAlES, High Street; or the Ground Man. W. PARTRIDGE, Hon. Secretary. TENBY GOLF CLUB. THE GROUND, Situated on the BURROWS, is now OPEN for Play, Boy in attendance. COMMITTEE. Colonel FITZGERALD F. E. REMFRY, Esq, J. KENWORTHY, Esq. W. B. WILLOCK, Esq Subscriptions for Visitors — Fortnightly, 2s. 6d. Monthly, 5s. Apply to F. E. RBMFRY, Esq., Hon. Sec., 2, The Esplanade.

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