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RECENT ARRIVALS. I Armstrong, Master, Malvern 2 St Julian terrace Atkins, Master, Malvern 2 St Julian terrace Brockbank, Mr and Mrs E G, Fallowfield, Manchester Gate house Brockbank, Miss Dora, Fallowfield, Manchester Gate house Brothers, the Misses, Putney Hill, London.4 Bellevue Brookman, A Esq, Clifton 16 Warren street Beaumont, J E Esq, Manchester Belgrave house Bohn-Maule, Mr and Mrs M, Bath Kant house Brown, Mrs, Handsworth, Birmingham Ivy cottage Bowley, Mrs W and family, Clifton 1 Rock terrace Bardsley, Mrs and family, The Vicarage, Ulverston 4 Rock terrace f Cooper, Mr, Swansea 2 St Julian terrace Chaffer, Miss, Great Malvern 2 St Julian terrace Coleman, Miss, Pontefract 13 Norton Goulborn, Master, Handsworth, Birmingham Ivy cottage Cooper, J S Esq, Great Malvern St Julian terrace Crafts, Mr and Mrs, Tottenham 1 St George street Davis, Miss, Cotham, Bristol 2 Bellevue Docker. Miss L, Manchester 2 Lorne houses Darby, Mr and Mrs J, Taunton 8 Norton Dakin, Joseph Esq, Redhill Walmer house Donaldson, Miss, Wynnstay Gardens, London 6 High street Davies, Mrs and Miss, Llawhaden 24 Victoria street Edwards, Mr and Mrs H G and family, Henbury, Bristol 5 St Julian terrace Finch, Rev C J and family, London.27 Victoria street Foster, Rev Francis, Mrs and family, Prendergast Rectory, Haverfordwest 27 Victoria street Goodacre, Rev A R and Mrs, London 3 Bellevue Gibbon, Miss. Roger's Hook, Narberth .24 Victoria st Goodwyn, Capt, Mrs & family, Jersey 26 Victoria st Hill, Mr and Mrs E, Leamington Spa 5 St Julian st Harvey, Mr and Mrs and family, Leicester 6 Norton Hutchinson, Mrs, Cahir, co. Tipperary. Croft terrace Hudleston, Miss, & Miss Daisy, Bath. 4 Warren street Hudleston, Master J W, Bath 4 Warren street Ingram, Miss, Birmingham 17 Norton Jones, Mr and Mrs, Bristol 4 Picton road Knott, Miss Ella M, Monkton Combe.Cambrian house Le Breton, Miss, London Bslgrave house Le Breton, Miss Florence, London Belgrave house Muscroft, Mr, Pontefract 13 Norton Millington, L Esq, Mrs and family, Ingleside, Wimble- don Park, Surrey 4 Rock terrace Mitchell, Mrs William Stair, Mitcham.6 Rock houses Moffat, Mr and Mrs William, Sefton Park, Liverpool 2 Rock houses Moffat, Misses, Sefton Park, Liverpool.2 Rock houses Moffat, Mr J, Sefton Park, Liverpool 2 Rock houses Myers, Mrs and family, Birmingham 17 Norton Norman, Miss Margaretta, Bath Cambrian house Probert, Miss, Cotham, Bristol 2 Bellevue Porcher, Mr, Mrs and family, Cheltenham. 1 Belmont Palmer, Mr & Mrs Llewellin & family, Haverfordwest Bellevue house Parkes, Mrs & the Misses, Handsworth, Birmingham Ivy cottage Phillips, Rev H, Llanyre, Llandrindod 24 Victoria st Phillips, Thomas Esq, Llawhaden 24 Victoria street Page, Mr, London 4 Picton road Phipps, Col and family, the Stone, Chalfont, St Giles 1 St Catherine's terrace Prothero, Rev J E, Mrs and family, Orcheston St George, Wilts 6 Rock houses Pritchard, Miss, Aston, Birmingham 4 Rocky park Pritchard, Miss M G, Aston, Birmingham..4 Rocky park Pritchard, Miss Ada, Aston, Birmingham.4 Rocky park Pritchard, Miss Amy, Aston, Birmingham..4 Rocky park Rees, Miss H E, Black Alder, Narberth.24 Victoria at Richards, Miss, Great Malvern 2 St Julian terrace Richards, Master, Malvern 2 St Julian terrace Reynolds, Mrs & the Misses, Leamington.6 High street Rees, Mr, Mrs and family, Llandeloy, near Haverford- west South Wales house Russell, Arthur Esq, London Cobourg hotel Roberts, Miss, Gravelly Hill, Birmingham..4 Rocky park Smallman, Mr and Mrs, Leamington Kent house Smith, Mrs Brook, Stoke Bishop 3 Rock terrace Smith, Miss Brook, Clifton 3 Rock terrace Smith, Reginald Esq. Clifton Belgrave house Soultan, Robinson Esq, Oxford 6 Norton Soultan, R Esq, Mrs and family, Oxford 6 Norton Spittle, Mr and Mrs J Albert, Birchfield Birmingham 4 Rocky park Senitt, Miss Bellevue house Saunders, Mr & Mrs, Wolverhampton. Cambrian house Truman, Mrs& Miss, Leamington Spa.Mentmore house Toller, Mrs, London 2 Lorne houses Tadgell, Mrs, London 4 Picton road Urquhart, Mrs and Miss. London The old Rectory Vevers, Master, Malvern 2 St Julian terrace Venour, Surgeon-Major and Mrs, Marlborough Man- sions, London, S.W. 13 Deer park Vassar-Smith, Mr and Mrs R V, Charlton Park, Gloucester 3 Belmont Woosnam, Mr & Mrs C W and family, Cepillysgwynne, near Builth Malvern house Williams, C Lee Esq, Gloucester 31 Victoria street William-, Mrs C Lee, Gloucester 31 Victoria street Rayal Gate House Hotel.-Mr and Mrs Stuart Robert- son, Collingwood Mount, Farnborough; Mr and Mrs G WRush, London; Mrs Darby, Windsor; Miss Dun- calfe, Perton; Sir Charles and Lady Wathen; Mr and Mrs Goldstone, Bath; Mr and Mrs F L Kinderman, London; Mr, Mrs and Master Gill, Fallowfield, Man- chester Evan Evans, Esq, Llanelly; Rev F E and Mrs Evans, Portsmouth; Mrs and Miss Jobling. Chel- tenham; GO Jobling, Esq, Cheltenham; Mr and Mrs C H Bryant, Lymm, Cheshire; Mrs McNamara, Dan- damion Castle, Blackrock, co Cork; W and A Mac- namara, Esqrs, Dandamion Castle, Blackrock, co Cork; Miss Macnamara. Dandamion Castle, Blackrock, co Cork; Dr Charles 0 Birch, London; Charles Haddock, Esq, Liverpool; W Bishop Lewis, Esq and Miss Julia M Lewis, Morriston; Rev S G Gillum and Master, Kewstoke Vicarage, Weston-super-Mare; Rev W Wick- ham and family, Horsington Rectory, Bath; Mr and Mrs A A and Miss Ellis, King's Norton, Birmingham; the Masters Ellis (2), King's Norton, Birmingham; Judge E E Jones, Minneapolis, U.S.A.; D P and W 0 Jones, Minneapolis, U.S.A. Cobourg Hotel.-Clement Williams, Esq and Mrs Williams; E E Farrar, Esq; J C Margetson, Esq; I Thomas, Esq; W Hawkins, Esq; Mr Buckley and party; Rev D Foley, C.C.; Rev A Walsh; Rev D O'Sullivan; Mr Russell; Mr, Mrs and Master Law; Mr Carter; Messrs Allen (2); Mr and Mrs Miller the Misses Reeve (2); the Misses Brothers (2); T Purnell, Esq; W H Southern, Esq and Mrs Southern. Royal Lion Hotel.—Mr and Mrs G Hampton and family, Woodfield, Putney Hill; MissBeavan; Walter Warde, Captain 4th Devon Regiment, Exeter; Mr and Mrs Ken Waddell, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs G Lennard, Swansea; J H Whitmore. Esq, Leicester; Mr and Mrs W Franklin, Chesham House, Bristol; Mr and Mrs Rice, London; Mr and Mrs S Jenkins and party, Car- marthen; Mr Woodman.



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