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CRICKET. HILL CLUB v. THE GARRISON. On Saturday, July 3rd, eleven of the Hill Club played on the Llanion ground, against eleven of the Garrison, and, as the result shows, proved in- teresting, and a victory for the Hill Club. The bowling of the Garrison was very indifferent. The batting of Messrs. R. Lock and Protheroo proved of ffreat service to the Hill Club. OJ GARRISON. 1st inn 2nd inn H- Donelan, b Lewis 4 Lieut. remberion, b Lewis 2 c Hodgen, b Lewis. 8 Ens. Monckton, c and b Lascelles 14 c Lasoelles, b Whit- taker 9 Sergt. McIntyre, c Vickerman, b Lewis 0 b Whittaker 0 Ens. Martin, b Lewis 13 Sergt. Dodson, c Whittaker, b Lewis 2 b Lewis 4 Capt. Brown, b Lascelles 2 c Lascelles, b Lewis 0 Rev. J. Baily, b Lewis 9 Capt. Tate, run out 16 not out 4 Burns, b Whittaker 0 Dickinson, not out 14 c Owen b Lewis 5 Byes 6 1 Leg Byes 1 Wides 1 84 32 HILL CLUB. 1st inn It. Locke, c and b Mclntyre 28 Smyth, c McIntyre, b Dodson 0 A. Lascelles, c Dodson 1 Whittaker, b Dodson 7 Hodgson, c Monckton, b Dodson 0 Vickerman, run out 1 Prothcroe, c Donelan, b Monckton 32 Lewis, b Dodson. 7 Morris, I b w Monkton 0 Woodhouse, not out. 1 Owen, c Pemberton, b Monckton 1 Bye 9 Leg Bye 1 No balls 4 92

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