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Game, Indian Game or Malays, Cock and Hen- 1, r, T B Edwards, Station Rd, Chirk 2, hc, e, R Jonet, Australian Terrace, Trefor Any other Variety (not before mentioned)—1, c, T H Edwards, Chirk; r, he, c, J W Hughes, Dudley Arms, Llandrillo Drake and one Duck (any breed)-l A Williams, Maerdy Farm. Maerdy; 2, Edward Jones, Tyisa, Maerdy; r, H Melynew, Coalmerchant, Ruthin hc, Mrs Williamson, Derwen Hall c, J Bennett, Rug Gander and one Goose—1, Mrs Williamson, Der- ■wen Hall, Corwen; 2, J Hughes, Tyddyntudur Turkey Cock and Hen—1, E Evans, Hendrefor- fydd, Carrog; 2, Mrs Williamson, Derwen Hall 12 Brown Eggs—1, J Jones, Bethel; 2.H Hughes, Tanycoed, Carre"; r, J W Jones, Maesgamedd; he, B E Davies, Bodelith; c, R Davies, Penybont, Corwen 12 White Eggs-1, Mrs Roberts, Siamberwen; 2, H Forder, Rutbin; r, Thos Griffiths, Gwyddelwern; hc, Thos Jones, Tynybryn, Cwmtirmynach, Bala DOGS. Best looking Sheep Dog or Bitch—1, John Davies Bronllwyd, Glyndytrdwy; 2, E Parry, Saracen's Hd, Cerrig; r, W R Jones, Ship Hotel, Bala; be, J Jones Carrog Isa, Glyndyfrdwy; c,E Jarrett, Plasynfaerdre. SPECIAL PRIZES. By the President, The Hon. R. Henley Eden, Tyddynllan, Llandrillo. For the best Welsh Bull in the Show Yard, above 9 months and under 2 years old—1, R Williams, Maesgadfa, Bala; 2. T Jones, Ty'nybryn, Bala For the best Bull (any other breed except Welsh) in the Show Yard, above 9 months and under 2 yrs old—1, H Jones, Cwm, Llanelidan; r, Mrs Roberts, Siamberwen For the best Catt Mare, with two of ber progeny,, quality of all to be taken into consideration-I, J Evans, Maerdy ucha, Gwyddelwern; r,W H Roberts Middle Sontly For the best 5 Cross-bred Lambs from Welsh Ewes (Cross to be stated)-I, R P Wynne, Rhewl- ielen, Llanelidan 2, J Jones, Caenog By the Hon Mrs. Eden, Tyddynllan, Llandrillo. For the best 3 pure ¡,red Ewe Lambs other than Welsb-I, E R Jones & Bros.; r, Mrs Williamson, Derwen Hall; he, J Jones, Caenog By the Vice-President—Mr. E. R. Jones, Tycerrig, Bettws. For Farmers' Sons, under 21 years of age. who shall prove themselves the best Judges of Cart Horses-I, R Ernest Hughes, Hendre B.C., Gwydd- elwern; 2, Johnie Jones, Cwm, Llanelidan By the Hon. C H. Wynn, Rug, Corwen. For splitting a blook sufficient to make 15 market- able Slates, 20 x 10 countesses—1. E E Peake, Dee View, Corwen; 2, Robert Pritchard, New Inn Terr see. Glyndyfrdwy By E. 0. V. Lloyà, Esq., and Mrs Lloyd, Rhaggatt, For the best Welsh Ram in the Show Yard—1, W E Williams, Gwerclas For the best Ram (any other breAd)-1.E.R.Jones & Bros., Bettws r, R P Wynne, Rbewife en For the best 3 Fleeces of Welsh Wool-I, J Jones, Cwm, Bethel; r, R E Jones, Hafod he, J Hoberts, Clustyblaidd For the best 3 Fleeces of Wool (other than Welsh) -1, J Jones, Caenog; he, D Roberts. Brynyrefail By Messrs T Eyton Jones & Co Ironmongers, Corwen. For the best and most varied Collection of Farm Produce-I, R E lones. Hafod; be, J Jones, Perthi- Ilwydion, Cerrig By the Minera Lime Co., Lti. For the best Pot of Butter, net less than 20 lbs veigbt (coi-ifined to those using the Company's Lime 4on their Lands)—1, Miss Lloyd, Blaendinam.Llan- drillo; r, T Jones, Tynybryn, Bala; he, W &C Owen, Plasisa, Llandderfel By Joseph Thorley, Ltd., King's Cross. London. For the best Beast in the Show Yard fed on Thorley's Food-l. Mrs Williamson, Derwen Hall; j, J Kellett, Plasnewydd By Messrs. Hewtfcorn & Co., Ltd., London. For the best Pair of Calves born in 1908, and reared on Hewthom's Superior Milk Substitute. Not less than li cvt of which must have bfen used-I, 2, W Jon es.N»ntljir,Ba)a; 3, T Jores. Tynybryn, do. For the best Mare or Gelding suitable for Harness or Saddle Woik, using Hewthorn's Tono's Powder, mot less than 1 cwt to have been used during 1903- 1, T W P Storey, Ruabon 2. Mrs Roberts, Siam- "rwi-in; 3, E Jarrett, Piasyntserdre r, W R Jones, faip Hotel, Bala By Messrs R Silcock & Bei s. Poulon-le-Fylde, For the 2 best Calves relid last season on Sil- eock's Calf Me&]-), J Davies, Wernddu; r, R Will- iams, Maesygadfa By Messrs J. Parry & Co., Grocry Stores, Bala, and Corwen. For the 2 best Calves under t year old reared on ])U". Ctlf Meal—1, J Davits. Wernddu*; 2, R E Jon s, Hafod 1 ) Messrs Thos. Jones & Fen, Bala and Corwen. the I est 2 Calves under 1 year old, reared on Crtam E<jniv:tlet)t Meal, purchased by ► -s T Jones Ss S#o—l, J Owen, Glanalwei.; r, R ms, ImseBygadia • esig Jones & Sons^ Anetioneers, Llangollen and Wrexham. 1: r 'he bl st pair of Cro^b<e SI < rtl orn Heifers Wo S years ld-I, Mrs Wil'iams, Gwyddelwern; X, Tynddol By the Welsh Pony & Cob Society. For the best Mountain Pony Mare not exceeding 12.2 hands—1, D Jones, i-ion, Corwen By Mr. E. Tegid Owen, Castle Hotel, Ruthin. For the best Foal got by the Pony Stallion, John' o'Gaunt, 6061)-1, Mrs Roberts, Siamberwen; r, W Jones, Maesllan By a Friend of the Society. For the best Mountain Pony Stallion not exceed. ing 12.2 bands-1, Major Tottenham; r. D Jones, Lion, Corwen For the best Colt or Filly got by Welsh Flyer IV -1, J W Hughes, Llandrillo! 2, R Ellis, Llantys. ilio; r, S Williams, Llangollen; c J Davies, Fron- lwyd, c Wm Davies, Derwen By Mr. R. Evans, Highgate, Corwen. For the best Foal (Colt or Filly) got by his Entire Horses—J & T Edmunds, Ucheldre By Messrs E. Jackson & Co., Swansea. For the best Pen of 3 Welsh Ewes in the Show Yard..R N Jones, Brynmelyn For the best Pen of 3 Ewes (any other breed rhan Welsh)- E R Jones & Bros DOGS. By the Society. For the best Collie Dog—1, D Roberts, Penmach- no, 2 E Parry, Cerrig, r J Jones, Glyndyfrdwy, c J W Hughes, Llandrillo For the best Collie Bitch—1, Miss E Elkinton, Moston, 2 T R Jones, Moss Hill, r, J Jones, Piasy- nant, he Mrs Williamsgn, Corwen For the best Welsh Terrier Dog or Bitch—1, R Thomas. Llanrwst, 2 W R Jones, Conglywal, r. Sergt Owen, Corwen, he M G Jones, Denbigh, c G Roberts, Llanuwchlyn For the best Fox Terrier, Smooth or Wire-l E LI Hope, Llanrwst, 2 W C Roberts. Llandudno; r E M Evans, B Ffestiniog, he Ralph Cook, Wrexham For the best Retriver Dog or Bitch—1, P J Pace, Llangollen, 2 R Roberts, Corwen, r, hc, R H Storey Lladarmon, c, S H Freme, Corwen Any variety, Dog or Bitch, not before mentioned, over 25lbs weight-J, D R Evans, Porthmadoe 2, J Parry, Rhydgethin, Llandrillo; be, E T Davies, 41, Htlll St.. Llangollen c, J T Shave Jones, Plas- kynaston Hall, Cefn, Ruabon Any variety, Dog or Bitch, not before mentioned, under 251bs weigbt-l,r,hc,W J Stansfield,The Terr aca,Corwen; 2, Mrs Turnbull, Minffordd, Carrog; r, D Williams, Pantymaen, Bryneglwys; c, W H Jones, Plasberwyn, Llan ollen Any variety, Puppy Dog or Bitch, under 12 mths old—1, Miss E Elkinton, Kinsale, Nr Mostyn 2. Oslin Beinee, Brynderwen, Glyndyfrdwy; r, R H Storey, Tower, Llanarmon he, W J Stansfield, The Terrace, Corwen c, W R Jones, Bronygader, Con- glywal, Bl. Ffestiniog Selling Class, any variety, Dog or Bitch, pri^ pot to exceed £ 5—1, D Roberts, Aelydon, Penmachno 2, W C Roberts, Avenue, Llandudno; r, 0 Baines, Bronderwen, Glyndyfrdwy; hc,c, W J Stansfield,The Terrace, Corwen By J Parry, Esq., Glanpraith, Aberystwyth. For the bestSetterDog orBitch—l,Rev L E Davips, Lla.ogarReetory, Corwen; 2,bc, CL WTottenhom,Plas- berwyn, Llangollen r,c, S H Freme, Plasisa,Corwen; By S H. Frame. Esq. Plasisa, Corwen. For the best Spaniel Dog or Bitch—1, D R Evans, Fortmadoc; 2,r, W.Willialn.3, Colwyn Bay, c, S H Preme, Piasiatt, Corwen For the best Pointer Dog or Bitch-1,2,he, Rev L E Davies, Llangar, Corwen, r, W Owen, White Lion Hotel, Bala, c, A Cross, Maerdy By Mr. J. Pace, Bridge End Hotel, Llangollen For the best Dog or Bitch in the Show Miss E Elkington, Kinsale, nr Mostyn By Mr. W. J. Stansfield, Meirion House. Corwen. For the best Collie in the Show-Miss Elkington, Mostyn By T. Eyton Jones, Ironmonger, Corwen. For the best Sporting Dog or Bitch in the Show— P J Pace, Llangollen By the Old Calabar Biscuit Co., Ltd., Liverpool. For the best Welsh Terrier in the Show R Thomas, Llanrwst Fo the best Fox Terrier in the Show-E Lloyd- Hope, Llanrwst By Messrs W. G. Clark & Son, Limehouse, London. For the best Dog or Bitch over 251bs weight in Prem 108—D R Evans, Portmadoc For the best Dog or Bitch under 251bo weight in Prem 109- W J Stansfield, Corwen I TROTTING. Class I.—1, W. H. Roberts,. Middle Southey, Ruabon 2, E. Williamson, Craiglelo. Gwyddelwern; r, J. W. Hughes, Dudley Arms, Llandrillo. Class II.—1, J. Rowlands, Central Stores, Llan- gollen 2. W. H. Roberts, Middle Soutbey, Ruabon; 3, W. J. Davies, Tynycelyn, Nantyr. Class III.—1, W. R. Jones, Ship Hotel, Bala; 2, J. Roberts, Clustyblaidd,Cerrigydraidion; 3, E. R. Roberts, Dee Bank, Ccrwen. FASTEST TROTTING. 1, E. Joi es- Jarrett, Plasynfaerdref, Llandrillo; 2, W. R. Jones, Ship Hotel, Bala, LEAPING TRIAtS. 1 & 2, F, V. Grange, Oak House, Farndon, I Rufus' & Hbid Chsb 3, J. Jones, Bull's Head, Well- ington, Sirdar