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A remarkable test of Medicines.


A remarkable test of Medicines. A remarkable test of Medicines upon those very common ailments, indigestion and bil- iousness has just been made by a woman named Dixon, living in the little viilage of Crostwight, East Norfolk. She has lived in the house she now tenants for twelve years, and for twenty five years before that she lived in another cottage quite near her pres- ent home During the whole of that time, up to a few months back she was known as a sufferer from chronic indigestion and bilious- ness. Sickness and pain followed the taking of food, and often she could not get food to remain on her stomach. Palpitation and headache were also present. So delicate was she, and so soon was she made ill, that her husband could not smoke his pipe indoors as the smoke brought upon his wife an attack of retching. She had eight doctors in succession and when they failed to cure her, she com- menced to "doctor herself," as she terms it. She carefully and patiently gave seventeen various remedies a prolonged trial. After takingthe sixteenth for a long time she had to admit that she was as bad as when she started. The seventeenth medicine was the vegetable remedy now known ar Chas. Forde's Bile Beans, and, to her delight, this specific cured her, The a flair has recently been much discussed, and a •• Norwich Mercury" representative has written an interesting account of it. Asked by him if her cure was complete, Mrs. Dixon said, I am how quite free from the ailments which have bothered me through iife. My daughter perswaded me to try Bile Beans. I improved after the first few doses, and gradually, but surely, they have rnade this reat change in me."