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What Constipation Caused.


What Constipation Caused. A YOUNG LADY'S ESCAPE FROM DEATH. Constipation, if neglected, often leads to stoppage of the bowels. Chas. Forde's Bile Beans cure constipation by stimulating the liver to natural action, and in this way they saved Miss Ettie Palmer, of Back 253, Great Colmore Street, Birmingham, from a serious operation in the Queen's Hospital, and pro- bably from death. Miss Palmer says In my case, consti- pation and digestive disorders led to a stop- page of the bowels. I could not take nour- ishment and consequently grew too feeble to work. Having taken to my bed, I got weaker and weaker, It was not thought I should live Indeed, the chergyman of the parish came to pray at my bedside, so near death was I. The doctor called in a physican, and it was said my only hope of life lay in an operation which might or might not be successful. I was taken to the Queen's Hospital, and prepared for operation, but at the last moment my parents stopped all the proceedings and had me taken back home. This was in conse- quence of what they had heard about the power of Bile Beans, and I was started upon a coarse immediately. From the first I im- proved, and in a few days my bowels were acting normally. I gradually got stronger, and in a shorttime was back at work. Since then I have worked for twelve months, and have never had a trace of my old complaint That speaks eloquently for the permanence of Bile Beao cures. I was so weak at the time I was taken to hospital for the operation that I believe I should never have lived through it." The above sensational facts coming to the ears of a representative of a popular news- paper he at once investigated them. He found that, interesting as were the details given, there was no doubt as to their accuracy, Indeed he discovered that the whole details had been embodied in a declaration and sworn to before Mr J. Seymour Price, a Birmingham Commissioner for Oaths. There can be no doubt that this incident forms one of the most striking proofs obtainable of the value of this great vegetable specific. Bile Beans cure constipation, liver ailments, head- ache, indigestion, female ailments and ir-regu- larities, pimples and skin eruptions. Obtain- able from all medicine vendors at iji% or 2/9 per box. Avoid substitutes.