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I FINANCIAL STATEMENT, I i J THE DISTRICT AUTITOR'S ACT, 1879 (42 VICT., C. 6.) > t'#w"w,w" S tatement of Beceiptsand Expenditure by the Llangar School Board for the Year ended the 29th day of September, 1902. RECEIPTS. £ s. d. £ s. d. To Balance on 29th September, 1901 63 in Receipts other than from Loans Annual Grant from the • v ) ? f Education Depart- • ment 94 9 o Fee Grant from the j Education Depait- ment under theEle- mentaryEducation Act, 1891 45 10 o 139 19 o UnderAgriculturalRatesAct, 1896 25 6 6 From the Rating Authorities being equivalent to aRate of I i -id. per pound on the Rate- *f" 4 able Value of the Buildings and other Hereditaments(not being Agricultural Land) in the District according to the Valuation Lists in force at the beginning of the Year, and of one half that Rate in the pound on the Rateable Value of AgriculturalLand. 130 0 o Other Receipts- R.R.Roberts amount of Station- ary Bill debiteb twice in error o 12 3 £ 358 19 8 EXPENDITURE. £ s. d. £ s. d. f s. d. Expenditure other than out of Loans Expenses of Administration- Salaries of Officers of Board 13 o o Other Expenses of Ad- ministration 7 c 11 20 511 Expenses of Maintenance ot PublicElem en ttrv School s- Salaries and Remun- eration of Teachers 245 18 4 Books and Stationery. 16 9 7 Fuel, Light and Clean- ing 14 2 8 Rent, Rates, Taxes & Insurance .069 'Apparatus and Furni- ture .510 'Repairs to Buildings. 16 15 5 I 283 13 9 In Respect of Loans- jPrincipal Repaid 10 o o Interest 7 7 1 17 71 TOTAL EXPENDITURE. 321 6 9 Balance on 29th September, 1902, in Treasurer's hande 37 12 11 £ 358 19 8 I hereby certify that I have compared the entries in the above Statement with the Vouchers and other Documents relating thereto, and that the Regulations with respect to such Statement have been duly- complied with. I hereby further certify that I have ascertained by Audit the correctness of such Statement, and that the Expenditure of the School Board during the Year ended the 29th day of September, 1902, included in such Statement, and allowed by me at the Audit is Three hundred and Twenty One Pounds Six Shillings and Nine Pence. As witness my hand this 26th day of February, 1903. (Signed) WILLIAM GRIFFITH, DISTRICT AUDITOR, H. CERNVW WILLIAMS, CHAIRMAN. R. R. ROBERTS, CLERK. =,.=-=:r:

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