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M.C^tdl!l'Wrtl1 MC- ElJeymion.



C.VRWEN. Great Western Railway Ambulance Class. On Tuesday evening, the 3rd inst., a special meet- ing of the above was held at the Station, for the pur- pose of presenting Dr. Howel White, lecturer to the class, and Mr. J, Powell, who acted locum tertens to the doctor. Mr, J. H. Richards, Station Master, took the chair, and said Mr. Hogg, Loco. Foreman, regretted thai; be was unable to be present owing to having been called away on important business, The Chairman in a. few opening remarks spoke of the class, and said great credit was due to Dr. White and Mr. Powell for the valuable services rendered. The class wished to show their appreciation of such services in the manner herein described not in the value of the presents but out of esteesa. Mr. Rich- ards then called upon Mr. J. Powell to make the presentation to Dr. White, Mr Powell in handing the Dr. a beautiful Dressing Case suitably inscribed said it gave him great pleasure to do so, and he felt sure it was the true feeling of the class when he said they could not appreciate the doctor's services too well. He also said that during the lectures he had also been taught new things as well as being reminded and kept in touch with important and particular items in ambulance work. During the last four or five years be had attended between 30 and 40 lectures on this work, but had learnt some- thing else whilst attending Dr. White's lectures, it was always possible to learn more. Dr. White in acknowledging the gift said he had done little for the class compared with what he should have liked to have done, but owing to the amount of sickness which had been prevalent he was prevented, but he had full confidence in Mr. Powell, who had been most attentive, and he had no hesitat- ion in saying that he knew the work of instructing the class had been in the hands of a good, well qualified man. He had been well repaid for the slight services given by the pood attendance of the class, it always gave him great pleasure to see a good attendance. Ambulance .work was not such an awful thing as it was looked upon to be by those who had not any dealings with it, as was easily seen by all interested. He hoped the good attendance would be kept up (fresh names included) during the next course. Dr. White was next called upon to make the pres- entation to Mr. Powell. In handing the latter gentleman a nicely Framed Bromide enlargement of himseff (Mr. Powell,) the doctor said he was glad he was not the only one whose services had been appreciated, and was sure the class was deeply in. debted to Mr. Powell for the active part he had taken. Mr. Powell suitably acknowledged the enlargement of himself, and said he sincerely thanked the mem- bers for the appreciation shewn for his attention to the class, although but little. It had been beneficial to him as well as attempting to benefit the members. He spoke of ambulance work at some length, and of being able to render effectual aid to the injured, the late war was an instance. Messrs. Waring and Churn also spoke of the value- able instruction given both by Dr. White and Mr. Powell, and hoped they would Jive long with some thing to bear them in mind of the esteem in which they were held by all concerned in the class. The usual vote of thanks were passed, also the future of the class was discussed, and another pleasant gath- ering was brought to a close.—H.