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Statement of Receipts and Expenditure for the Year ended the 29th day of September, 1902. RECEIPTS. £ s. d. £ s. d. "To Balance on 29th September, 1901 27012 6. _A Receipts other than from Loans:— Annual Grant from the Board of Education 125 2 o Fee Grant from the Education Depaitment under the Ele- mentary EducationAct, 1891 59 rS 0 XJnderAgriculturalRatesAct,i896 29 8 4 From the Rating Authorities being equivalent to aRate of 7d. per pound on the Rate- able Value of the Buildings and other Hereditaments(not being Agricultural Land) in the District according to the Valuation Lists in force at the beginning of the Year, and of one half the Rate in the pound on the Rateable Value of AgriculturalLand. 100 o o Other Receipts- Hire of Piano o 8 o Compensation for breach of contract 3 15 0 Bank Interest 1 9 5 ? 5 LLJ TOTAL RECEIPTS 319 17 9j -I ,fS90 10 3 EXPENDITURE. £ s. d. 6 s. d. A Expenditure other than out of Loans:- Expenses of Administration- Salaries of Oiffcers of Board 8 o o OtherExpenses of Administration 10 11 4 18 11 4 Expenses of Maintenance ot PublicElem en tarySchools- Salaries and Remuneration of Teachers 220 2 o Books and Stationery IS 11 o Apparatus and Furniture II 60 Fuel and Light and Cleaning I I 6 6 Repairs to Buildings 3*5 Rent,Rates, Taxes & Insurance on o Other Expenses of Maintenance 3193 265 17 2 In Respect of Loans- Principal 6 o o Interest 5 12 11 II 12 II Other Payments- Contribution to Sarnau School. 41 7 6 Total Expenditure other than out of Loans 337 8 11 B Expenditure out oj Loa,-is: In purchase of Land & Erection, Enlargement, or Alteration of School Buildings ISI 3 6 Furnishing of School Buildings 24 4 6 Total Expenditure out of Loans 175 8 o TOTAL EXPENDITURE. SI2 16 II Balance in hand on 29th Septem- ber, 1902 77 13 4 459O 10 3 29th day of September, 1902. JOHN R. JORDAN, CLERK. I certify that this Account has been examined and passed by the School Board as provided by Section 17 of the Act 36 and 37 Vict. c. 86. 3rd day of November, 1902. FLORENCE M. ROBERTSON, CHAIRMAN. I hereby certify that I have compared the entries in the above Statement with the Vouchers and other » Docuirerts 1 elating thereto, and that the Regulations with respect to such Statement have been duly complied with. I hereby further ceitify that I have ascertained by Audit the correctness of such Statement, and that the Fxpendituje of the School Board during the Year ended the 29th day of September, 1902, included in such Statement, and allowed by me at the Audit is Five hundred and twelve pounds, sixteen shillings and eleven pence. As witness my hand this 24th day of February, 1903. WILLIAM GRIFFITH, DISTRICT AUDITOR. 1Jo:1I! u.JllDUYr" /1<