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Poteli Sampl yn Rhad I o Veno's Lightning Cough Cure. Y mae y cyflymder rhyfeddot gyda pha un y mae Veno's Lightning Cough Cure yn gwella yr achosion gwaethaf o Beswch, Dolur Gwddf, Pfis, Anwydwst, Pen-ddyferiad, a Pheswch Plant, wedi enill iddo safon wyddonol a chymeradwyaethau lawer gan awdurdodau enwog. Dywed Granville H. Sharpe, F.C.S., Dosranwr, 11 a 12, Gt. Tower St Llundain, y* ei dystysgrif dosraniad "Yr wyf o'farn y prawf Veno's Lightning Cough Cure yn feddyginiaeth werthfawr mewn gwella Peswch, Anwyd, Dolur Gwddf, Caethder, ac anhwyl- derau gyddfaidd eraill." Gofynwch am Veno'a Lightning Cough Cure, l/H a 2s, gan y ffervllwyr, A nfoner 3 stamp i dalu cludiad potelaid fawr rad. Cyfeiriad, The Veno Drug uo., Hulme, Manchester. ) Had Anemia from 18 to 26. SO WEAK SHE COULD NOT WALK! BILE BEANS RESTORED HER TO PERFECT HEALTH. That period when girlhood gives place to womanhood is fraught with danger; and mothers cannot guard to carefully the health of their daughters at this time, when Anaemia either seriously weakness, or fatally attacks over 50 per cent. of girls. As a cure for this insidious disease Chas. Forde's Bile Beans F fjp are unequa lied. Miss Annie Rog- Hfff ers, of the Queens 1\\ Head Beacons- field (Berks,) says "Tu —"Eightyearsago when I was eight- een years old, I was in service, and overwork at this important period of my life brought on anaemia. I became weak, and was often so dazed that I hardly knew what I was doing, my face was pale, I was out of breath with the least effort, and I could not eat nourishing food to get up my strength. So reduced did I become that I was actually too weak to walk to the doctor's surgery! Of course, I could not keep my situation, and for a long time I was unable to do any work whatever. Frequently I wood go so dizzy that I could hardly stand, At night my sleep was fitful and unrefreshing, and I would awaken as tired and worn out as when I re- tired. So I went on through eight long years! I am now well and hearty, and I owe my recovery solely to Chas. Forde's Bile Beans. A few months ago I was introduced to try them, and with every box I have improved until I am now quite cure. I firmly believe I owe my life to them, and you have my permission to publish my case as a guide to other sufferers." It is cures of this kind, effected when all else failed, that have made Bile Beans world- famed. For anasemia, biliousness, indigest- ion, liver and kidney troubles, rheumatism, hedache, debility, and all female ailments, they are unequalled. For colds and chills, and as a preventive of rheumatism, they are also most useful. Obtainable from all chem- ists at 1/1 i or 2/9 per box, or post fre from the Bile Bean Manufacturing Co., Red Cross Street, London E.C., on receipt of prices. /•■* £ ?/ "■ f.FO.RTKRE "pnWD^ DAVIES'S HORSE Aahebgorol i At ystwytho'r cyi# At y dwfr. da. At eu cadw naewn J.. At godi ysbryd a#1 At wella'r blewyn- Diogel HUGH PA-ti COUGH MIXTURE—At l)dlf/|a COUGH MIXTURE—At Anwya COUGH MIXTURE—At An*y.hitis. COUGH MIXTURE—At 2r0"!hitiS' COUGH MIXTURE—At Bronc COUGH MIXTURE—At a. ( COUGH MIXTURE—At COUGH MIXTURE—At D<Jolfl COUGH MIXTURE—At ?wyjr gft0 jLddJ#? COUGH MIXTURE—Cymeradwy COUGH MIXTURE—Cymerad J Q& COUGH COUGH MIXTURE—At ^eS^;h' COUGH MIXTUPvE— At BeflJ COUGH MIXTURE At'PdiD^ .0t. l/Si • 2/9 DBU! SARZI^qC BLOOD MKjg The Marvellous BtoodPJ > Cleanses the Blood ^romc,a,ir)tioOs' •„ removes all Blotches, and Pimples fr0 .^ntioB^' acquired 0^^ Mewn potelau l/ljc. y' uD Anffaeledig at Buro y Lly8aifttn oddiwrth bob Toriad AH Pimples, Doluriau ar y DALIWCH SYLW-AT jji MYNWCH SAB^I Cofiwch 'SARZINE BhOV lllic y Botel, gyda'r Post 3e. yn Sold by Grpcers every*b wholesale D- Perchenog-HUGHD^r DIFFYfi /^BflKTABLE A" /TAtmBILiOUSPlLLS- II Price —jj \hu"H DAVlEy x> TONIC ANTIBIU^e1)LIAP' Davtos'* Pill* § £ ??«» KtovlM P « gurtJ y%t0<+ si" J Da vies's W» Y*0* r Davles's_P1«» 15 f>razKi*t i* jfl/" 1/. tin bob WJ' anrbyw gyfeinxl "r d" —,igt. HUGH