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Vk N0 hope of a cure.


Vk N0 hope of a cure. made her well. LIVER DISORDER, %r USNESS ROUTED. h SUc« ^any yearsi trying scores iK'^t afSn'0tJ of SSm§ trough the hands Kn iSt- (ft1? a«d being an in- bp ee^sj all v/fLosP'tal» London, for KV1' MUt the Slightest aP- !e^bvrPwyn fur ^ary Owen, of Siren has been lib uSiie^ y years T 1S HER story teer^s S'^digec;t: endured agony from \SS>PlS n' and jaundice. My J J* doL ^ailed L°,Ut of order» and at last if pd that a s,? me that 1 had gall~ tLetlt t0V^r 1 wished1?1 °Peration was nec' ,better" Wel1' st 0tl. but vt H°spital, London, for 1 a lVe fnste^d of ey put me under special as nobforthirte^0perating, and I had to iSli an? Weeks- my chagrin V?en^ A»anie.from the hospital f?1 Ce- The" y after taking any food I ^bomiL?1? 06 had increased Ka80Qy an n e colour'and I was ••N?rm>i "s1"side with ^ih 0nu 8ave mp e- d?ct°r Who then V of l^^ct'on's of morphia, 4 geh Pa$Sei while I §lving me relief from > Rail? Under this treatment ""Who I»ae» In March last nown for some years told me that Chas. Forde's Bile Beans had done him a lot of good. His enthusiasm led me to try them. The first few doses made me feel a little better, and I determined to persevere. The improvement thus began continued from day to day. I had not long been taking Bile Beans before I began to have good appettite. I grew stronger and found the pains of indiges- tion less frequent, until they ceased altogether The liver complaint and jaundice also dis- appeared from my system,: and the nasty bilious feelings left me. In the end Bile Beans cured me completely, and I have since enjoyed the best of health." All sufferers from liver troubles, ansemia, rheumatism, debility, headache, constipation, piles and female ailments who try Bile Beans will find in them a cure. You'll get them from any chemist at lilt or 2/9 per box, or post free by sending prices to the-Bile Bean Manufacturing Co., Red Cross Street, London E.C.